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  • WHATWG HTML Standard

    HTML Standard

    Project mention: A Blog Post with Every HTML Element | | 2023-08-13

    The article is interesting, but I often come across resources that talk about or reference the HTML5 specification by the W3C. Since 2019, HTML has become a living standard (and therefore no longer has a version number). It is available through Whatwg here:

  • wpt

    Test suites for Web platform specs — including WHATWG, W3C, and others

    Project mention: We're building a browser when it's supposed to be impossible | | 2023-04-11

    We have our own test suite (orginally derived from the test suite of Meta's Yoga layout library [0]) which consists of text fixtures that are small HTML snippets [1] and a test harness [2] that turns those into runnable tests, utilising headless chrome both to parse the HTML and to generate the assertions based on the layout that Chrome renders (so we are effectively comparing our implementation against Chrome). We currently have 686 generated tests (covering both Flexbox and CSS Grid).

    We would like to utilise the Web Platform Test suite [3], however these are not in a standard format and many of the tests require JavaScript so we are not currently able to do that.





  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The open-source backend cloud platform. The open-source backend cloud platform for developing Web, Mobile, and Flutter applications. You can set up your backend faster with real-time APIs for authentication, databases, file storage, cloud functions, and much more!

  • fetch

    Fetch Standard (by whatwg)

    Project mention: Node.js fetch() vs. Deno fetch(): Implementation details... | /r/Deno | 2023-08-02

    I've been testing full duplex streaming from and to the browser using fetch() in a Native Messaging host. (No browser currently support full duplex streaming even though HTTP/2 does, see Fetch body streams are not full duplex #1254).

  • dom

    DOM Standard

    Project mention: Using XPath in 2023 | | 2023-07-16

    Domenic Denicola (the man who ruined promises) probably will as well.

  • streams

    Streams Standard (by whatwg)

    Project mention: Are you using generators? | /r/learnjavascript | 2023-06-30

    // AudioWorkletStream // Stream audio from Worker to AudioWorklet // guest271314 2-24-2020 let port; onmessage = async e => { 'use strict'; if (!port) { [port] = e.ports; port.onmessage = event => postMessage(; } const { urls } =; // const { readable, writable } = new TransformStream(); (async _ => { for await (const _ of (async function* stream() { while (urls.length) { yield (await fetch(urls.shift(), {cache: 'no-store'})).body.pipeTo(writable, { preventClose: !!urls.length, }); } })()); })(); port.postMessage( { readable, }, [readable] ); };

  • url

    URL Standard

    Project mention: When URL parsers disagree (CVE-2023-38633, librsvg) | | 2023-09-07

    Browsers have discrepancies too of course. Here's an interesting Chromium bug I've been following: and an associated WHATWG discussion:

    Some multiple examples of browsers disagreeing:

  • encoding

    Encoding Standard (by whatwg)

    Project mention: Transcoding Latin 1 strings to UTF-8 strings at 12 GB/s using AVX-512 | | 2023-08-21

    Be aware that with the WHATWG Encoding specification [1], that says that latin1, ISO-8859-1, etc. are aliases of the windows-1252 encoding, not the proper latin1 encoding. As a result, browsers and operating systems will display those files differently! It also aliases the ASCII encoding to windows-1252.


  • Mergify

    Tired of breaking your main and manually rebasing outdated pull requests?. Managing outdated pull requests is time-consuming. Mergify's Merge Queue automates your pull request management & merging. It's fully integrated to GitHub & coordinated with any CI. Start focusing on code. Try Mergify for free.

  • console

    Console Standard (by whatwg)

    Project mention: script.js:27 Uncaught TypeError: console is not a function at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (script.js:27:5) Why is it showing error? | /r/learnjavascript | 2023-02-27 is the link so you can tell them they are wrong.

  • HTMLKit

    An Objective-C framework for your everyday HTML needs.

  • fs

    File System Standard (by whatwg)

    Project mention: persistent storage API on Firefox temporary extension | /r/learnjavascript | 2023-07-24

    You can use File System Standard to write data for that origin (Firefox doesn't implement File System Access API, nonetheless a File object can still be written to local disk using File API).

  • notifications

    Notifications API Standard

    Project mention: [AskJS] What is the purpose of in Notifications API? | /r/javascript | 2022-12-17 is defined here

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2023-09-07.

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What are some of the best open-source Whatwg projects in HTML? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 WHATWG HTML Standard 7,126
2 wpt 4,403
3 fetch 2,027
4 dom 1,470
5 streams 1,300
6 url 479
7 encoding 262
8 console 259
9 HTMLKit 237
10 fs 150
11 notifications 125
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