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Mentions Stars Project Description
5 255 Infinite canvas drawing/notetaking app for Windows, Linux and Mac. Made with Godot.
4 1,900 Demonstration and Template Projects
4 634 An interactive Git learning game!
3 423 Quake .map support for Godot.
2 767 ๐Ÿ’ฌ Create dialogs, characters and scenes to display conversations in your Godot games.
2 555 Point & click adventure game framework for Godot Engine
2 105 A GDScript hexagonal grid implementation for Godot.
2 17 This should be all my stuff, let me know if something is missing
2 9 ObjectPooling Plugin for Godot
2 8 Example of combining a nodejs server with a Godot client via websockets and compiling it to Android.
2 5 Personal attempt at remaking the classic arcade game, Space Invaders. A project used to learn more about Godot and preparing myself for Ludum Dare 49.
2 4 Drawing application with support for transparent background, working both as a drawing board or on-screen annotation tool
2 3
2 0 The game I'm developing that uses Neural Networks, but I don't know how it will turn out. Enjoy!
1 1,061 A procedural textures authoring and 3D model painting tool based on the Godot game engine
1 203 Implementations of Firebase for Godot using GDScript
1 132 Implementation of inkle's Ink in pure GDScript for Godot, with editor support.
1 40 Renderer for OpenSeeFace data made with Godot 3.3
1 30
1 23 A turn-based Roguelike game made with Godot engine.

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