rust VS Elixir

Compare rust vs Elixir and see what are their differences.


Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. (by rust-lang)


Elixir is a dynamic, functional language for building scalable and maintainable applications (by elixir-lang)
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Posts with mentions or reviews of rust. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-04-07.
  • Rust Weird Exprs
    1 project | | 11 Apr 2024
  • Critical safety flaw found in Rust on Windows (CVE-2024-24576)
    1 project | | 10 Apr 2024
  • Unformat Rust code into perfect rectangles
    2 projects | | 7 Apr 2024
    Almost fixed the compiler:
  • Implement React v18 from Scratch Using WASM and Rust - [1] Build the Project
    5 projects | | 7 Apr 2024
    Rust: A secure, efficient, and modern programming language (omitting ten thousand words). You can simply follow the installation instructions provided on the official website.
  • Show HN: Fancy-ANSI – Small JavaScript library for converting ANSI to HTML
    6 projects | | 3 Apr 2024
    Recently did something similar in Rust but for generating SVGs. We've adopted it for snapshot testing of cargo and rustc's output. Don't have a good PR handy for showing Github's rendering of changes in the SVG (text, side-by-side, swiping) but has newly added SVGs.

    To see what is supported, see the screenshot in the docs:

  • Upgrading Hundreds of Kubernetes Clusters
    17 projects | | 3 Apr 2024
    We strongly believe in Rust as a powerful language for building production-grade software, especially for systems like ours that run alongside Kubernetes.
  • What Are Const Generics and How Are They Used in Rust?
    3 projects | | 25 Mar 2024
    The above Assert<{N % 2 == 1}> requires #![feature(generic_const_exprs)] and the nightly toolchain. See for more info.
  • Enable frame pointers for the Rust standard library
    1 project | | 24 Mar 2024
  • Learning Rust: Structuring Data with Structs
    1 project | | 18 Mar 2024
    Another week, another dive into Rust. This time, we're delving into structs. Structs bear resemblance to interfaces in TypeScript, enabling the grouping of intricate data sets within an object, much like TypeScript/JavaScript. Rust also accommodates functions within these structs, offering a semblance of classes, albeit with distinctions. Let's delve into this topic.
  • Algorithms for Modern Hardware
    2 projects | | 13 Mar 2024
    There’s also other reasons. For example, take binary search:

    * prefetch + cmov. These should be part of the STL but languages and compilers struggle to emit the cmov properly (Rust’s been broken for 6 years: Prefetch is an interesting one because while you do optimize the binary search in a micro benchmark, you’re potentially putting extra pressure on the cache with “garbage” data which means it’s a greedy optimization that might hurt surrounding code. Probably should have separate implementations as binary search isn’t necessarily always in the hot path.

    * Eytzinger layout has additional limitations that are often not discussed when pointing out “hey this is faster”. Adding elements is non-trivial since you first have to add + sort (as you would for binary search) and then rebuild a new parallel eytzinger layout from scratch (i.e. you’d have it be an index of pointers rather than the values themselves which adds memory overhead + indirection for the comparisons). You can’t find the “insertion” position for non-existent elements which means it can’t be used for std::lower_bound (i.e. if the element doesn’t exist, you just get None back instead of Err(position where it can be slotted in to maintain order).

    Basically, optimizations can sometimes rely on changing the problem domain so that you can trade off features of the algorithm against the runtime. These kinds of algorithms can be a bad fit for a standard library which aims to be a toolbox of “good enough” algorithms and data structures for problems that appear very very frequently. Or they could be part of the standard library toolkit just under a different name but you also have to balance that against maintenance concerns.


Posts with mentions or reviews of Elixir. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-03-18.
  • Perfect Elixir: Environment Setup
    3 projects | | 18 Mar 2024
    I’m on MacOS and,, and all suggest installation via Homebrew, which is a very popular package manager for MacOS.
  • Reliability in Legacy Software
    1 project | | 18 Mar 2024
    But regardless of their reasons, they'll note that the service is easily meeting its SLOs. It was written in a highly performant, if idiosyncratic language, and uses patterns which give it a high level of resilience and the ability to recover from many situations automatically. The service is steady as a rock, and left to its own devices will more or less chug along indefinitely once deployed.
  • Top Paying Programming Technologies 2024
    19 projects | | 6 Mar 2024
    6. Elixir - $96,381
  • What's New in Elixir 1.16
    1 project | | 9 Jan 2024
    The Elixir 1.16 release candidate is out now, and it comes with some compelling improvements to diagnostics, documentation, and a few other enhancements that make Elixir an even better choice for developers.
  • Definindo item ativo no menu no Phoenix Framework usando Short-circuit Evaluation
    1 project | | 30 Dec 2023
  • Elixir v1.16 Released
    1 project | | 23 Dec 2023
    You can find more examples in the PR
  • Meet entr, the standalone file watcher
    4 projects | | 2 Nov 2023
    As you might have guessed, one of the main use cases for entr is to rerun tests whenever files change. I'm an Elixir engineer, and I use entr to run mix test continuously whenever I save an Elixir file.
  • Good Bye CRUD APIs, Hello Sync: Realtime PostgreSQL with ElectricSQL
    1 project | | 29 Oct 2023
    The diagram demonstrates the communication pathway between the browser and the Postgres database through the Electric service. Essentially, Electric Sync Service, an Elixir application, orchestrates active-active data replication between the user's local DB and Postgres.
  • Building Apps with Tauri and Elixir
    14 projects | | 19 Oct 2023
    The Elixir programming language is no stranger to desktop applications as the language actually supports building them out of the box. It uses wxWidgets: a C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, macOS, Linux and other platforms with a single code base. But wxWidgets has a very complex API, and doesn’t solve issues that usually come with desktop applications around packaging.
  • Show HN: Podsee – AI tool for podcast listeners
    3 projects | | 18 Oct 2023
    Hi everyone, I just launched Podsee( for podcast listeners, lovers. You can search and listen to podcasts at Podsee. What makes it different is that you can get the AI transcript for an episode.

    It started as a side project after I resigned my job one year ago. As a programmer, I love Elixir ( and Phoenix LiveView(, and want to make a product with it. So I build Podsee.

    I'm planning to add more AI features to it, like summarize the episode audio, episode to comics, etc.

    I'd love to invite you all to try out the product and would appreciate hearing your feedback! Thanks!

What are some alternatives?

When comparing rust and Elixir you can also consider the following projects:

carbon-lang - Carbon Language's main repository: documents, design, implementation, and related tools. (NOTE: Carbon Language is experimental; see README)

solidity - Solidity, the Smart Contract Programming Language

zig - General-purpose programming language and toolchain for maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software.

crystal - The Crystal Programming Language

Nim - Nim is a statically typed compiled systems programming language. It combines successful concepts from mature languages like Python, Ada and Modula. Its design focuses on efficiency, expressiveness, and elegance (in that order of priority).

rust - Rust for the xtensa architecture. Built in targets for the ESP32 and ESP8266

Odin - Odin Programming Language

Akka - Build highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications on the JVM

Rustup - The Rust toolchain installer

React - The library for web and native user interfaces.

rust-analyzer - A Rust compiler front-end for IDEs [Moved to:]

Phoenix - Peace of mind from prototype to production