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Top 23 Eslint Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo javascript

    JavaScript Style Guide

    Project mention: Can someone explain this C naming convention to me? Book author uses lower case letters before custom struct types and names (t, s, g, etc.) | reddit.com/r/learnprogramming | 2021-05-07

    Expect to have to follow someone else's style (see e.g. https://github.com/airbnb/javascript), but it shouldn't really matter. I've been programming for a few decades and still keep mutating my style to explore different ways of going about it.

  • GitHub repo nodebestpractices

    :white_check_mark: The Node.js best practices list (May 2021)

    Project mention: Any resources on best structuring practices for Express projects? | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-04-29

    node best practices

  • GitHub repo Standard

    🌟 JavaScript Style Guide, with linter & automatic code fixer

    Project mention: Ask HN: Do you consider Standard.js a real standard? | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-12

    Standard.js doesn't even consider itself to be a "real standard".


  • GitHub repo ESLint

    Find and fix problems in your JavaScript code.

    Project mention: Automatically Remove Unused Imports From Your JS Projects | dev.to | 2021-05-16

    ESLint is a static code analyzer and will prevent you from making a lot of dummy mistakes, like using undeclared variables or expecting an output from a function that doesn't have any.

  • GitHub repo electron-react-boilerplate

    A Foundation for Scalable Cross-Platform Apps

    Project mention: 12+ React Boilerplates & Starter Kits For Developers In 2021 | dev.to | 2021-05-11


  • GitHub repo front-end-guide

    📚 Study guide and introduction to the modern front end stack.

    Project mention: Front-end guide from Grab | reddit.com/r/u_hasanlock | 2021-03-02
  • GitHub repo typescript-eslint

    :sparkles: Monorepo for all the tooling which enables ESLint to support TypeScript

    Project mention: Help needed | reddit.com/r/typescript | 2021-04-27

    'state' is assigned a value but never used. Allowed unused vars must match /^jsx$/[email protected]/no-unused-vars

  • GitHub repo lint-staged

    🚫💩 — Run linters on git staged files

    Project mention: Aplicando Padrões de Código com Pré-Commit Hook usando Husky | dev.to | 2021-04-26
  • GitHub repo eslint-plugin-react

    React specific linting rules for ESLint

    Project mention: React Style Guide | dev.to | 2021-04-29

    List itemExtensions: Use .jsx extension for React components. eslint: react/jsx-filename-extension

  • GitHub repo XO

    ❤️ JavaScript/TypeScript linter (ESLint wrapper) with great defaults

    Project mention: JavaScript Influencers to Follow in 2021🤩 | dev.to | 2021-04-01

    Projects: awesome, awesome-nodejs, avajs/ava, xojs/xo

  • GitHub repo lsp-mode

    Emacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol

    Project mention: [lsp-mode] lsp-signature using a popup instead of a temporary buffer at the bottom of the frame | reddit.com/r/emacs | 2021-05-10
  • GitHub repo prettier-eslint

    Code :arrow_right: prettier :arrow_right: eslint --fix :arrow_right: Formatted Code :sparkles:

    Project mention: I always have a hard time configuring my projects | reddit.com/r/webdev | 2021-02-19

    side note: you can use prettier-eslint (as opposed to the prettier eslint plugin) which runs prettier and then eslint --fix. that way you won't get annoyed by a shit ton red lines from eslint linting with prettier.

  • GitHub repo eslint-config-prettier

    Turns off all rules that are unnecessary or might conflict with Prettier.

    Project mention: The secret to configuring eslint, prettier, prettier-eslint plugin in VsCode for Angular, Ts, and Js Project | dev.to | 2021-01-21

    eslint-config-prettier: Disables ESLint rules that might conflict with prettier

  • GitHub repo rushstack

    Monorepo for tools developed by the Rush Stack community

    Project mention: JavaScript Monorepo Implemented by Lerna with Yarn Workspaces and Git Submodules | dev.to | 2020-11-21

    I've also investigated the Rushstack a bit, another monorepo implementation from Microsoft. It works best with pnpm and has many conceptual differences from Lerna. For me the most significant is it doesn't encourage root package.json, and they have their ideas on husky and pre-commit git hooks. Moreover its configs are somehow complicated, should be suitable for LARGE monorepos, in things like even detailed file permissions, I think.

  • GitHub repo awesome-eslint

    A list of awesome ESLint plugins, configs, etc.

    Project mention: ¿Qué es Linting y ESLint? | dev.to | 2021-01-26

    Awesome ESLint: Una lista de configuraciones, parsers, plugins y otras herramientas para mejorar tu propia configuración de ESLint.c

  • GitHub repo eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y

    Static AST checker for a11y rules on JSX elements.

    Project mention: Accessibility Despite Design | dev.to | 2021-03-13

    Earlier, I mentioned that you shouldn't use a widget that automatically modifies your site and makes it accessible in one go. While this is true, there are tools to augment the development process and help you stay within the Web Content guidelines without having to memorize or to always have the guidelines as shorthand. Examples include Eslint's JSX-A11y Plugin for React users that helps you write more inclusive markup, alternatives exist for Vue, Angular and probably whatever framework or library you're using as well.

  • GitHub repo eslint-plugin-unicorn

    Various awesome ESLint rules

    Project mention: How can I change my code to make it appropiate for a newer Node version? | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-04-25
  • GitHub repo fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin

    Webpack plugin that runs typescript type checker on a separate process.

    Project mention: Why Is Esbuild Fast? | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-02-16

    You may want to check out this webpack plugin [1], though I'm not sure how much it could get you there.

    [1] https://github.com/TypeStrong/fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin...

  • GitHub repo gatsby-themes

    Get high-quality and customizable Gatsby themes to quickly bootstrap your website! Choose from many professionally created and impressive designs with a wide variety of features and customization options.

    Project mention: My client wants a Gatsby template edited, but I never used Gatsby ... | reddit.com/r/webdev | 2021-01-13

    Which would shadow this file in the theme. (notice the path above matches the path in the theme in GitHub)

  • GitHub repo starter

    Opinionated SaaS quick-start with pre-built user account and organization system for full-stack application development in React, Node.js, GraphQL and PostgreSQL. Powered by PostGraphile, TypeScript, Apollo Client, Graphile Worker, Graphile Migrate, GraphQL Code Generator, Ant Design and Next.js

    Project mention: SAME BACKEND FOR WEB APP AND MOBILE APP ? | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-03-25

    Here’s a full stack, batteries included example: https://github.com/graphile/starter it doesn’t have mobile app yet but could be added relatively easily.

  • GitHub repo angular-eslint

    :sparkles: Monorepo for all the tooling related to using ESLint with Angular

    Project mention: TSLint to ESLint migration | reddit.com/r/Angular2 | 2021-03-13

    I don’t know about the migration from vscode’s site, but I can suggest you to try this one from the angular-eslint project: https://github.com/angular-eslint/angular-eslint#migrating-an-angular-cli-project-from-codelyzer-and-tslint

  • GitHub repo eslint-plugin-node

    Additional ESLint's rules for Node.js

    Project mention: Import and export declarations are not supported yet (in TS) | dev.to | 2021-03-14

    GitHub issue

  • GitHub repo eslint-plugin-jest

    ESLint plugin for Jest

    Project mention: Testing - Extract render and assertion to function gives eslint error | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2021-03-04

    I ended up adding a the function name in a rule https://github.com/jest-community/eslint-plugin-jest/blob/master/docs/rules/expect-expect.md

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What are some of the best open-source Eslint projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 javascript 108,840
2 nodebestpractices 65,323
3 Standard 25,466
4 ESLint 18,489
5 electron-react-boilerplate 17,534
6 front-end-guide 13,643
7 typescript-eslint 9,552
8 lint-staged 8,506
9 eslint-plugin-react 7,054
10 XO 5,721
11 lsp-mode 3,339
12 prettier-eslint 3,249
13 eslint-config-prettier 2,976
14 rushstack 2,640
15 awesome-eslint 2,460
16 eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y 2,384
17 eslint-plugin-unicorn 1,785
18 fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin 1,394
19 gatsby-themes 1,295
20 starter 1,138
21 angular-eslint 806
22 eslint-plugin-node 760
23 eslint-plugin-jest 729