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eslint/eslint is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

ESLint Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to ESLint

  • GitHub repo prettier

    Prettier is an opinionated code formatter.

  • GitHub repo PMD

    An extensible multilanguage static code analyzer.

  • GitHub repo TypeScript-Website

    The Website and web infrastructure for learning TypeScript

  • GitHub repo Next.js

    The React Framework

  • GitHub repo jest

    Delightful JavaScript Testing.

  • GitHub repo husky

    Modern native Git hooks made easy 🐶 woof!

  • GitHub repo javascript

    JavaScript Style Guide

  • GitHub repo webpack

    A bundler for javascript and friends. Packs many modules into a few bundled assets. Code Splitting allows for loading parts of the application on demand. Through "loaders", modules can be CommonJs, AMD, ES6 modules, CSS, Images, JSON, Coffeescript, LESS, ... and your custom stuff.

  • GitHub repo nvm

    Node Version Manager - POSIX-compliant bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions

  • GitHub repo Tailwind CSS

    A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

  • GitHub repo Cypress

    Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.

  • GitHub repo PostCSS

    Transforming styles with JS plugins

  • GitHub repo

    :partly_sunny: The right way to check the weather

  • GitHub repo infer

    A static analyzer for Java, C, C++, and Objective-C

  • GitHub repo berry

    📦🐈 Active development trunk for Yarn ⚒

  • GitHub repo eslint-plugin-import

    ESLint plugin with rules that help validate proper imports.

  • GitHub repo opengraph

    A python module to parse the Open Graph Protocol

  • GitHub repo lodash

    A modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance, & extras.

  • GitHub repo Gradle

    Adaptable, fast automation for all

  • GitHub repo Checkstyle

    Checkstyle is a development tool to help programmers write Java code that adheres to a coding standard. By default it supports the Google Java Style Guide and Sun Code Conventions, but is highly configurable. It can be invoked with an ANT task and a command line program.

NOTE: The number of mentions on this list indicates mentions on common posts. Hence, a higher number means a better ESLint alternative or higher similarity.


Posts where ESLint has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-05-04.
  • Announcing Rome Tools Inc, an open source first company
    Rome is designed to replace Babel, ESLint, webpack, Prettier, Jest, and others.
  • Parsing error: The keyword 'let' is reserved | 2021-05-01
    If you are using eslint check out this:
  • JavaScript Developer Lessons: Code Styling Guide | 2021-04-30
  • 10 Signs Your Salesforce Code Needs Attention | 2021-04-23
    If you are a developer or have access to someone who knows Salesforce development, there are analysis tools that can help you take stock of your situation directly. PMD, CPD, ESLint, Apex tests, and Jest tests are a few of these.
  • 🔥 NextJS Portfolio Template Free with Tailwind CSS and TypeScript [Open Source] 🚀 | 2021-04-21
    🚀 Next.js Blog Boilerplate is starter code for your blog based on Next.js 10+ framework with Tailwind CSS 2.0. ⚡️ Made with Next.js, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS.
  • The semicolon in JavaScript / TypeScript: pros and cons | 2021-04-17
    Linter - allows you to detect errors at the compilation stage.
  • An amazing template for your React application | 2021-04-12
  • Start template for a Vue project | 2021-04-11
    The linter is eslint with the preset airbnb.
  • Design an Effective Build Stage for Continuous Integration | 2021-04-08
    As you can imagine, the language changed a lot over time, and not all its parts are good. Using a linter will help us stay away from the bad parts of JavaScript. In my experience, the ESlint and JSHint linters integrate very well into the CI environment. Any of these can be installed with npm install --save-dev.
  • Tools to ensure code quality | 2021-04-07
  • From CommonJS to ES Modules: How to modernize your Node.js app | 2021-04-07
    I had to rename my eslintrc.js to eslintrc.cjs, because ESLint doesn’t support ES Modules, yet. Using a JSON instead of a JS configuration also does the job | 2021-04-07
    I recommend to use prettier and eslint. It’s optional, but it will make your life a lot easier. We need to modify every single file and those tools help us to keep the formatting consistent, while also checking errors we overlooked. Especially the eslint plugin “eslint-plugin-import” has rules that are relevant for us. Rules that verify our imports. Make sure to configure at least import/no-unresolved, import/no-commonjs and import/extensions.
  • How to create a custom lint rule for Markdown and MDX using remark and ESLint | 2021-04-07
    ESLint: the most popular tool for linting JavaScript code.
  • Eslint vs Performance | 2021-04-03
    Nowadays, eslint is a very popular tool in the frontend world. It helps you to enforce different code style rules, prevent bugs, and encourage your team to use best practices as you write code.
  • Errors as Values: Free Yourself From Unexpected Runtime Exceptions | 2021-04-02
    In dynamic and typed languages, linters are used. These are used before you run or compile the code. They vary in purpose, but all typically format code, help find common errors, and help guide on language best practices. For typed languages, these tools work alongside the compiler, giving you extra quality checks that the compiler doesn’t provide natively. Examples include PyLint for Python, ESLint for JavaScript, Vet for Go, and PMD originally for Java. These can prevent many runtime exceptions.