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Top 23 Collaboration Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo Rocket.Chat

    The ultimate Free Open Source Solution for team communications.

    Project mention: If Signal and Discord had a baby. . . | reddit.com/r/privacy | 2021-05-10


  • GitHub repo Mattermost

    Open source Slack-alternative in Golang and React - Mattermost

    Project mention: Ask HN: Who is hiring? (May 2021) | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-03

    * Senior Product Marketing Manager

    Please submit your application here: https://mattermost.com/careers/ or send your resume to [email protected]

    To learn about all the ways to get involved with our community visit https://mattermost.com/contribute/

  • GitHub repo excalidraw

    Virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams

    Project mention: Excalidraw+ | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-04

    Excalidraw is horrible for this purpose! Don't use it!

    There are 2 huge issues.

    1. The biggest issue, it does not propagate selections so the interviewee selects something to highlight what they are talking about but doesn't realize that the indication the object is selected does not appear on the interviewer's version of the document. It makes talking about your diagram nearly impossible.

    Google Slides doesn't have this problem


    2. Excalidraw has this horrible design where placing a shape actually places 2 objects, a shape object and a text object. You type some text and then try to move the "labeled object" and only one of them moves. This is different than every drawing program in existence for the last ~35 years and is a bad UX

  • GitHub repo Nextcloud

    ☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data

    Project mention: Babel is used by millions, so why are we running out of money? · Babel | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-11

    Another option is to offer the code for free, but charge for support and a managed instance.

    I can provide an example: NextCloud.


  • GitHub repo Zulip

    Zulip server and webapp - powerful open source team chat

    Project mention: Zulip - Open Source group chat application | reddit.com/r/opensource | 2021-04-27
  • GitHub repo Bit

    Build modular projects with components in harmony.

    Project mention: React Storybook alternative without build infrastructure | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2021-05-11

    you can try also https://bit.dev/

  • GitHub repo Etherpad

    Etherpad: A modern really-real-time collaborative document editor.

    Project mention: Automatically transcribe an interview, meeting or video | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-10

    I wonder if you could transcribe really-real time into something like Etherpad? https://etherpad.org

  • GitHub repo dvc

    🦉Data Version Control | Git for Data & Models

    Project mention: [P] Integrating Git, DVC, and MLflow into one | reddit.com/r/MachineLearning | 2021-04-26

    Hey r/MachineLearning. I'm one of the creators of DAGsHub, and I wanted to share something cool that we've been working on. DVC (dvc.org) and MLflow (mlflow.org) are two open-source projects that are very widely adopted, each for its own specialty. DVC excels at data versioning, and MLflow is used for many things (it's actually multiple tools combined into one), but mainly for its experiment tracking capabilities. Both tools have a built-in tradeoff – since they are open source, setting up storage for DVC and a central tracking server for MLflow can be a pain – requiring you to create cloud accounts, add permissions, and more.

  • GitHub repo HackMD

    CodiMD - Realtime collaborative markdown notes on all platforms.

    Project mention: Open source + Markdown + True WYSIWYG (not split-view) + Mobile responsive + Table support + Bulk import/export .md files + Folder structure & tag support + Email login/registration support | reddit.com/r/selfhosted | 2021-02-21
  • GitHub repo BigBlueButton

    Complete open source web conferencing system.

    Project mention: Berufsschule digital koloriert 2021 | reddit.com/r/de | 2021-03-04
  • GitHub repo SparkleShare

    Share and collaborate by syncing with any Git repository instantly. Linux, macOS, and Windows.

  • GitHub repo yjs

    Peer-to-peer shared types

    Project mention: Kanban board in one HTML using localstorage | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-02-15

    For shared use and remote storage, I'd consider using CRDTs like yjs [1] for instance.

    Should be pretty easy, local-first, and allow synchronous as well as asynchronous collaboration and syncing. Even p2p over LAN, webrtc or whatever (I'm unsure how to do local peer discovery in a web browser, on the desktop you'd simply use link-local multicast/avahi (DNS-SD)).

    [1] https://github.com/yjs/yjs

  • GitHub repo focalboard

    Focalboard is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana.

    Project mention: Offline, open-source Notion | reddit.com/r/Notion | 2021-04-15


  • GitHub repo Hub

    Fastest unstructured dataset management for TensorFlow/PyTorch. Stream data real-time & version-control it. http://activeloop.ai (by activeloopai)

    Project mention: [N] Access Google Objectron (~1.92 TBs) in less than 5 seconds with Activeloop Hub | reddit.com/r/MachineLearning | 2021-05-04

    Install Hub, the open-source package that converts computer vision datasets into cloud-native NumPy-like arrays and enables a few nifty features like streaming to PyTorch and TensorFlow, dataset version-control, collaboration, etc.

  • GitHub repo FluidFramework

    Library for building distributed, real-time collaborative web applications

    Project mention: The Lost Apps of the 80s | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-04

    Within the context of the Microsoft-verse, Fluid Framework (https://fluidframework.com) is supposed to be solving similar problems in web apps, although I haven't personally played with it.

  • GitHub repo Openfire

    An XMPP server licensed under the Open Source Apache License.

  • GitHub repo ONLYOFFICE

    ONLYOFFICE Document Server is an online office suite comprising viewers and editors for texts, spreadsheets and presentations, fully compatible with Office Open XML formats: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and enabling collaborative editing in real time.

    Project mention: Heading keeps going to new page | reddit.com/r/OnlyOffice | 2021-05-12

    For reporting problems with the online version- https://github.com/ONLYOFFICE/DocumentServer/issues

  • GitHub repo HedgeDoc

    HedgeDoc - The best platform to write and share markdown.

    Project mention: I am hosting free, open-source, privacy respecting web services! (Searx, Invidious, Matrix, etc) | reddit.com/r/opensource | 2021-05-08

    Hedgedoc - Collaborative markdown editor source-code

  • GitHub repo live-share

    Real-time collaborative development from the comfort of your favorite tools

    Project mention: What neovim plugins do you wish existed? | reddit.com/r/neovim | 2021-02-13

    The API is closed and the visual code binaries prohibit reverse engineering. See also https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/live-share/issues/3299

  • GitHub repo goodwork

    Self hosted project management and collaboration tool powered by TALL stack

  • GitHub repo CommunityServer

    Free open source office suite with business productivity tools: document and project management, CRM, mail aggregator.

    Project mention: Where can I follow the official changelog for community edition? | reddit.com/r/OnlyOffice | 2021-03-05

    Community Server (collaboration platform): https://github.com/ONLYOFFICE/CommunityServer/releases/tag/v11.0.0

  • GitHub repo Documize

    Modern Confluence alternative designed for internal & external docs, built with Golang + EmberJS (by documize)

    Project mention: How to replace a decades worth of documents on network shares with "something better"? | reddit.com/r/sysadmin | 2021-05-10

    https://www.documize.com/ FOSS w/ enterprise edition

  • GitHub repo terminusdb

    Open source graph database and document store. Designed for collaboratively building data-intensive applications and knowledge graphs.

    Project mention: Ideas to improve the user and developer experiences of databases | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-03-10
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What are some of the best open-source Collaboration projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Rocket.Chat 30,184
2 Mattermost 20,293
3 excalidraw 20,131
4 Nextcloud 14,093
5 Zulip 13,441
6 Bit 13,386
7 Etherpad 10,735
8 dvc 7,884
9 HackMD 7,053
10 BigBlueButton 6,676
11 SparkleShare 4,566
12 yjs 3,602
13 focalboard 3,470
14 Hub 3,192
15 FluidFramework 2,965
16 Openfire 2,324
18 HedgeDoc 1,903
19 live-share 1,779
20 goodwork 1,542
21 CommunityServer 1,399
22 Documize 1,316
23 terminusdb 1,294