Oculus Quest Mixed Reality app for iOS (by fabio914)


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  • Daily Deal - Synth Riders VR
    Filmed on iPhone 12 Pro with reality mixer iOS app. I notice that if I film during day light, the video is more blurry. Probably too much sun light coming in. Not sure though. But this one is more clear and I filmed in the same manner, just at night. https://youtu.be/Rc2vkccIiPk So that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. Git hub for app: https://github.com/fabio914/OculusQuestMixedRealityForiOS
  • Beat Saber with “Reality Mixer” application on iPhone
  • Mixed Reality Recording Experimentation - Playing #EleventTableTennis on the #OculusQuest using @RealityMixer to record it - Using MRC affects the game performance - ball toss no longer functions
  • Mixed Reality video of our rhythm-platformer game on the Oculus Quest. (Shot with Reality Mixer and an iPhone 12 Pro)
    reddit.com/r/oculus | 2021-01-13
    We shot this with Reality Mixer (https://github.com/fabio914/OculusQuestMixedRealityForiOS) and an iPhone 12 Pro. No green screen required, and we were set up in <5 minutes!
    reddit.com/r/VRGaming | 2021-01-13
    We shot this with Reality Mixer (https://github.com/fabio914/OculusQuestMixedRealityForiOS) and an iPhone 12 Pro. No green screen required, and we were set up in <5 minutes!
  • Beatsaber where have you been expert+ capture. Acting like a fool monkey 🤣🤣🤣 chorus instrumental abit crazy
    If you have a new iOS device you can use this app. https://github.com/fabio914/OculusQuestMixedRealityForiOS
  • Knocked my pc over in beatsaber this morning.
    Reality Mixer: https://github.com/fabio914/OculusQuestMixedRealityForiOS
  • Beat Saber from Outer space
    reddit.com/r/beatsaber | 2021-01-01
    This mixed reality video was recorded from the (unmodified) Quest version of Beat Saber with my own Reality Mixer app for iOS. It is similar to my augmented reality recording, however, in this case, I've replaced the transparent background with the color green and then I edited the video and replaced that color with these other videos and photos from NASA.
  • Experimenting with Beat Saber in “augmented reality” with a Quest 2
    It’s simply an iPad Pro 2020 running a modified version of my own Reality Mixer app.
  • Experimenting with mixed reality and recording gameplay at the same time on the quest 2 no pcvr
    reddit.com/r/beatsaber | 2020-12-25
    You could try to record using an iPhone or iPad without a green screen if you don't have a PC with a beefy Nvidia GPU: GitHub project
  • My first attempt at recording Beat Saber outside in "augmented reality"
    reddit.com/r/beatsaber | 2020-12-24
    This is my second attempt at recording Beat Saber in "augmented reality" and my first time while playing (freezing) outside. This recording was made using an iPad Pro 2020 with a modified version of the Reality Mixer app.


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