Trending Swift Projects

This page lists the top trending projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every week. The last update was on 20 Sep 2021.
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Top 50 Trending Swift Projects

  • GitHub repo swift-atomics

    Low-level atomic operations for Swift

  • GitHub repo epoxy-ios

    Epoxy is a suite of declarative UI APIs for building UIKit applications in Swift

  • GitHub repo MonitorControl

    πŸ–₯ Control your external monitor brightness & volume on your Mac

  • GitHub repo purchases-ios

    In-app purchases and subscriptions made easy. Support for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and Mac.

  • GitHub repo swift-algorithms

    Commonly used sequence and collection algorithms for Swift

  • GitHub repo XcodesApp

    The easiest way to install and switch between multiple versions of Xcode - with a mouse click.

  • GitHub repo swift-collections

    Commonly used data structures for Swift

  • GitHub repo Popup View

    Toasts and popups library written with SwiftUI

  • GitHub repo Tuist

    πŸš€ Create, maintain, and interact with Xcode projects at scale

  • GitHub repo SDWebImageSwiftUI

    SwiftUI Image loading and Animation framework powered by SDWebImage

  • GitHub repo SwiftUI-Introspect

    Introspect underlying UIKit components from SwiftUI

  • GitHub repo ActivityIndicatorView

    A number of preset loading indicators created with SwiftUI

  • GitHub repo Tokamak

    SwiftUI-compatible framework for building browser apps with WebAssembly and native apps for other platforms

  • GitHub repo SwiftBar

    Powerful macOS menu bar customization tool

  • GitHub repo CombineCocoa

    Combine publisher bridges for UIKit

  • GitHub repo SwiftUIX

    An extension to the standard SwiftUI library.

  • GitHub repo swift-composable-architecture

    A library for building applications in a consistent and understandable way, with composition, testing, and ergonomics in mind.

  • GitHub repo ConcentricOnboarding

    SwiftUI library for a walkthrough or onboarding flow with tap actions

  • GitHub repo xcodes

    The best command-line tool to install and switch between multiple versions of Xcode.

  • GitHub repo SwiftyButton

    Simple and customizable button in Swift

  • GitHub repo CombineExt

    CombineExt provides a collection of operators, publishers and utilities for Combine, that are not provided by Apple themselves, but are common in other Reactive Frameworks and standards.

  • GitHub repo Grid

    The most powerful Grid container missed in SwiftUI (by exyte)

  • GitHub repo Needle

    Compile-time safe Swift dependency injection framework

  • GitHub repo iGlance

    Free system monitor for OSX and macOS. See all system information at a glance in the menu bar.

  • GitHub repo CotEditor

    Lightweight Plain-Text Editor for macOS

  • GitHub repo isowords

    Open source game built in SwiftUI and the Composable Architecture.

  • GitHub repo openhaystack

    Build your own 'AirTags' 🏷 today! Framework for tracking personal Bluetooth devices via Apple's massive Find My network.

  • GitHub repo brave-ios

    Brave iOS Browser

  • GitHub repo Mocker

    Mock Alamofire and URLSession requests without touching your code implementation

  • GitHub repo OpenCombine

    Open source implementation of Apple's Combine framework for processing values over time.

  • GitHub repo Swift Argument Parser

    Straightforward, type-safe argument parsing for Swift

  • GitHub repo iOS

    DuckDuckGo iOS Application (by duckduckgo)

  • GitHub repo hidden

    An ultra-light MacOS utility that helps hide menu bar icons

  • GitHub repo Playbook

    πŸ“˜A library for isolated developing UI components and automatically taking snapshots of them.

  • GitHub repo BookPlayer

    Player for your DRM-free audiobooks

  • GitHub repo gureum

    더 νŽΈλ¦¬ν•œ macOS ν•œκΈ€ μž…λ ₯κΈ°

  • GitHub repo SnapshotTesting

    πŸ“Έ Delightful Swift snapshot testing.

  • GitHub repo periphery

    A tool to identify unused code in Swift projects.

  • GitHub repo atlantis

    A little and powerful iOS framework for intercepting HTTP/HTTPS Traffic. (by ProxymanApp)

  • GitHub repo Cabbage

    A video composition framework build on top of AVFoundation. It's simple to use and easy to extend.

  • GitHub repo iOS

    :iphone: Home Assistant for Apple platforms (by home-assistant)

  • GitHub repo NetNewsWire

    RSS reader for macOS and iOS.

  • GitHub repo HeliPort

    Intel Wi-Fi Client for itlwm

  • GitHub repo Tabman

    ℒ️ A powerful paging view controller with interactive indicator bars

  • GitHub repo blokada

    The official repo for Blokada for Android and iOS.

  • GitHub repo fuzzilli

    A JavaScript Engine Fuzzer

  • GitHub repo Clipy

    Clipboard extension app for macOS.

  • GitHub repo OverlayContainer

    Non-intrusive iOS UI library to implement overlay based interfaces

  • GitHub repo SwiftCSV

    CSV parser for Swift

  • GitHub repo SwiftyRSA

    RSA public/private key encryption in Swift

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source Swift projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 swift-atomics 21.3%
2 epoxy-ios 19.7%
3 MonitorControl 14.3%
4 purchases-ios 12.1%
5 swift-algorithms 10.8%
6 XcodesApp 10.6%
7 swift-collections 9.7%
8 Popup View 8.2%
9 Tuist 7.6%
10 SDWebImageSwiftUI 6.6%
11 SwiftUI-Introspect 6.3%
12 ActivityIndicatorView 6.0%
13 Tokamak 5.9%
14 SwiftBar 5.7%
15 CombineCocoa 5.5%
16 SwiftUIX 5.5%
17 swift-composable-architecture 5.4%
18 ConcentricOnboarding 5.4%
19 xcodes 4.7%
20 SwiftyButton 4.7%
21 CombineExt 4.5%
22 Grid 4.3%
23 Needle 4.3%
24 iGlance 4.2%
25 CotEditor 4.2%
26 isowords 4.0%
27 openhaystack 4.0%
28 brave-ios 4.0%
29 Mocker 3.9%
30 OpenCombine 3.8%
31 Swift Argument Parser 3.8%
32 iOS 3.8%
33 hidden 3.7%
34 Playbook 3.7%
35 BookPlayer 3.5%
36 gureum 3.4%
37 SnapshotTesting 3.3%
38 periphery 3.2%
39 atlantis 3.2%
40 Cabbage 3.1%
41 iOS 3.0%
42 NetNewsWire 3.0%
43 HeliPort 3.0%
44 Tabman 3.0%
45 blokada 3.0%
46 fuzzilli 2.9%
47 Clipy 2.9%
48 OverlayContainer 2.8%
49 SwiftCSV 2.8%
50 SwiftyRSA 2.7%