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void-linux/void-packages is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 or later which is an OSI approved license.

Void-packages Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to void-packages
  • GitHub repo ly

    display manager with console UI

  • GitHub repo mkcert

    A simple zero-config tool to make locally trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.

  • GitHub repo s2n

    s2n : an implementation of the TLS/SSL protocols

  • GitHub repo dwm

    My new fork of dwm (by salahdin-ahmed)

  • GitHub repo neovim

    Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

  • GitHub repo Vim

    The official Vim repository

  • GitHub repo OpenSSL

    TLS/SSL and crypto library

  • GitHub repo mpv

    🎥 Command line video player

  • GitHub repo nnn

    n³ The unorthodox terminal file manager

  • GitHub repo sway

    i3-compatible Wayland compositor

  • GitHub repo cmus

    Small, fast and powerful console music player for Unix-like operating systems.

  • GitHub repo rustls

    A modern TLS library in Rust

  • GitHub repo haskell-language-server

    Successor of ghcide & haskell-ide-engine. One IDE to rule them all.

  • GitHub repo linux-surface

    Linux Kernel for Surface Devices (by linux-surface)

  • GitHub repo st

    Luke's fork of the suckless simple terminal (st) with vim bindings and Xresource compatibility. (by LukeSmithxyz)

  • GitHub repo waymonad

    A wayland compositor based on ideas from and inspired by xmonad

  • GitHub repo wine-tkg-git

    The wine-tkg build systems, to create custom Wine and Proton builds

  • GitHub repo snooze

    run a command at a particular time (by leahneukirchen)

  • GitHub repo rust-tls-api

    TLS API for Rust, and API implementations over native-tls and openssl in separate crates

  • GitHub repo sof-bin

    Firmware and topology binaries

NOTE: The number of mentions on this list indicates mentions on common posts. Hence, a higher number means a better void-packages alternative or higher similarity.


Posts where void-packages has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-09.
  • How to get minikube to work with podman?
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-04-13
    I even tried what u/ahesford suggested here, which is to install crun in place of runc.
  • How to implement systemd's one-shot services with runit?
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-04-09
    Oneshot services are done by pausing the service after the executable invoked. See alsa as an example.
  • Brave using xbps-src?
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-04-08
    git clone "https://github.com/void-linux/void-packages.git" cd void-packages Setup ./xbps-src for building packages: ./xbps-src binary-bootstrap I recommend using the xtools package to make things easier: xnew brave Then fill out the template with stuff like where to get the source, build_style, etc. ./xbps-src pkg brave Then xbps-install --repository=hostdir brave or point --repository to where the package got built. If the versioning is weird, add an update file with pattern= to check for updates and update the template and checksum.
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-04-08
    The `ripgrep` package doesn't use an update file. For an example, have a look at the jamulus package I made: https://github.com/void-linux/void-packages/blob/master/srcpkgs/jamulus/update
  • RSS feed for voidlinux news?
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-04-06
    There is also the packages feed. Not hugely useful, but sometimes you wanna know if a new package came out.
  • [Software Development][Linux] The bitter fight over how Linux should run
    Here’s the manual.
  • Ly display manager issues
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-04-05
    Use the files supplied by this PR, it should get you up and running.
  • [Uni] Basic Guide to choosing laptops for students
    reddit.com/r/SGExams | 2021-04-05
    Here, follow my lead and Enter the Void :) (or use PopOS for a more friendly starting distro if you feel intimidated by the command line)
  • Reverting Nvidia drivers
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-04-03
    Clone the "void-packages" repo from GitHub, then navigate to the directory you cloned.
  • Confused about xbps-src and xtools
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-04-03
    https://github.com/void-linux/void-packages#requirements -> In quick start it says I can use xtools to install software instead of xbps-src. I'm hella confused right now about this. Should I just use xtools or xbps-src? I thougt xbps-src is something like aur.
  • No jack-pipewire or similar package?
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-04-02
    However, I notice there's no pipewire-jack/jack-pipewire package like in other distros. Is it included in the general pipewire package? I looked in the template and I can't tell.
  • Gentoo, KDE Neon or Solus Plasma?
    I haven't installed Gentoo in ages, but I think Void is a good balance between Gentoo and something like Solus or KDE Neon. It's a binary-based distro, but the xbps-src component lets you compile things if you want. It also supports flatpaks.
  • Picked up an Eee PC 701SD
    reddit.com/r/EeePC | 2021-03-31
    Nice clean example, especially for a white one! You can replace the operating system with something more modern and secure, like Q4OS Trinity or EXE Linux (which have the same look and feel as the original O/S) or maybe Void, antiX or Refracta. For speed, you might like Haiku OS.
  • How to install festival TTS in void
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-03-30
    If you want festival, you can request it or build it youself.
  • Template help (gkraken)
    reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-03-28
    resources i've used were https://github.com/void-linux/void-packages/blob/master/Manual.md