Decentralized SkyDB-based alternative to Twitter, YouTube and Instagram with a native iOS, Android and web app. (by redsolver)


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redsolver/skyfeed is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

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Posts where skyfeed has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-30.
  • Sia practical apps | 2021-05-07
    The easiest way to support the network is to begin using Skynet. You could use something like Filebase, Skyspace's, or MARStorage to begin transferring the data you currently store on something like Google Drive or Dropbox and store it on the Sia network. Additionally you could take a look at the current applications and begin using things like Skyfeed which all require Siacoin to be used as they all run off the Sia network via Skynet. You could also begin looking in to becoming a host for the Sia network if that is your kind of thing which would allow you to earn Siacoin for renting out your unused hard drive space. But ultimately the best way to help grow the network is to begin using it any way you can and to encourage everyone you know to do so as well. It would be worth while explaining to people you know why Skynet is important to them and how it will benefit all our lives. Once people know what the project is about there will be nothing stopping it from going mainstream.
  • Have you stored de-data using siacoin? how was/is the experience for you? | 2021-05-06
    If you go to Siasky and upload a file, or Skyfeed and make a post you have just used Siacoin to do so. Additionally you could download the Sia-UI and rent personal storage using Siacoin yourself. However, since Skynet's inception it is no longer necessary for a person to purchase Siacoin to rent storage. You could use something like Filebase, MARStorage, or Skyspace to store your files on the Sia network without needing to worry about purchasing Siacoin. So since the end user no longer needs Siacoin to use the Sia network, it doesn't make sense for them to buy it unless they are wanting to invest in the coin. The people who are buying Siacoin with the intention of using it are mostly hosts and portal operators.
  • Thankful for decentralization! | 2021-05-04
    Everything I possibly can! But what this post is about is the Sia host I am running which provides storage space to the network. I also use the Sia network via Skynet to store my files, send files and even some social media (Skyfeed. Eventually I'll be using Sia and Skynet for everything I do once the appropriate skapps are made.
  • Welcome to SiaTechTalk - START HERE, READ FIRST -- SiaTech 101
    #8 SkyFeed - More on this later (Cause we don't know enough yet) - Contributors welcome...
  • OK, consider this a fork from my previous post | 2021-04-29
    It seems to me that the reason you have met criticism from others is because you are arguing for features that already exist. It is just that they exist as third party applications on the layer 2 Skynet. It is the exact same thing as how you are currently interacting with the internet. Right now you are on Reddit which is a means of simplifying the use of the internet so anyone, no matter their level of technical expertise, can post their thoughts online. That is where sites like Filebase, Skyspace, and SkyFeed come in to play. The purpose these sites play in their relationship with Skynet is no different then Reddit's relationship with the internet. So when you try to say that is to complicated and that it needs to be more like dropbox. This is where people get agitated because that is the same thing as asking for the internet to be more like dropbox. is simply a portal which allows you to connect to Skynet and as such is not meant to be a dropbox replacement. It is a place for developers to easily upload their sites to Skynet, to quickly share files, or as a free means to access content on Skynet.
  • This company is working on changing the internet for the better. Go make a SkyID now to get in before the crowds. Be the early adopter. Help build the community. If you use Twitter, then there is already an app for you. SkyFeed is a Skapp that is already up an running.
    I do have a SkyFeed, but I am just a nobody who is trying to spread the word. Here is a link to SkyFeed Official. This is not Twitter. This is decentralized social media.
  • Does Sia not follow the market trend? | 2021-04-10
    Yes hosting spare hard drive space is one way you could help Sia grow. Just be aware that you will want to keep a 95% uptime and the SiaUI can cut in to your resources a bit. So depending on what kind of computer hardware you have it might be a hassle for you. But it is definitely something I encourage you to look in to. You could optionally get yourself a Raspberry PI with an external hard drive and set it up to be a host by following my guide at But there are also plenty of other ways to help the network grow like joining the Built to Explore hackathon which is open to developers and non-developers. The second phase is open to the general public and even gives you the chance to win up to $3000 in prizes just by using the new applications developed during the hackathon. However the easiest way to support the network is simply by using it. Grab yourself an account at Skyspace, Skyfeed, MARStorage, Filebase (make sure to select Skynet as your hosting service), etc and start uploading data! Everytime you use Skynet to send/receive data, talk to friends, build a website, you are helping the network grow. So get out there and find new ways in which you can use it an encourage all of your friends to do the same! The future is here, welcome to Skynet.
  • I started to try using skynet. And i see there’s all these things called “skapps” which are like apps for skynet. I know skynet is trying to be a new internet but i don’t quite understand how? | 2021-04-09
    Now as for it needing it's own browser you have answered that for yourself by checking out some of the skapps. If for example you went to or you are effectively using Skynet in your current browser with no needed modification. The only thing that needs to be done on the browser end is to add HNS domain resolution which will allow you to visit those same sites by simply typing in skyfeed/ or skyspace/ into your browser. Since they are top level domain names you no longer need a .com.
  • Anyone working on a Facebook Skynet clone? | 2021-04-05
    I'm not aware of any Facebook clone but is a twitter style app on Skynet.
  • Sia has serious potential. | 2021-04-03
    You can for example use SkyFeed on daily basis, a decentralized twitter for example.
  • What's your opinion on SiaCoin?
    Skyfeed: Decentralized Twitter
  • Filecoin's fully diluted marketcap is $417 Billion, greater than Walmart, Disney, Mastercard. For a product that no one seems to be using. All the Filecoin tokens are vesting will enter circulating supply. Think twice before jumping onto this train
    Decentralized social media Skyfeed
  • The future of skynet? | 2021-03-31
  • I’m really considering buy a ton of this. And just sitting on it for a year. | 2021-03-30
    Correct link:
  • Kin Giveaway on SkyFeed