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  • GitHub repo gitlab

  • GitHub repo wlroots

    A modular Wayland compositor library

  • GitHub repo emacs

    Mirror of GNU Emacs (by masm11)

  • GitHub repo gitlab-org

  • GitHub repo obs-studio

    OBS Studio - Free and open source software for live streaming and screen recording

  • GitHub repo sway

    i3-compatible Wayland compositor

  • GitHub repo jetson-inference

    Hello AI World guide to deploying deep-learning inference networks and deep vision primitives with TensorRT and NVIDIA Jetson.

  • GitHub repo appsmith

    Build custom CRUD apps that talk to any API or database. All without HTML or CSS.

  • GitHub repo tensorrt_demos

    TensorRT YOLOv4, YOLOv3, SSD, MTCNN, and GoogLeNet

  • GitHub repo grim

    Grab images from a Wayland compositor

  • GitHub repo wl-clipboard

    Command-line copy/paste utilities for Wayland

  • GitHub repo kanshi

    Dynamic display configuration

  • GitHub repo wayvnc

    A VNC server for wlroots based Wayland compositors

  • GitHub repo clipman

    A simple clipboard manager for Wayland

  • GitHub repo ffmpeg-templates

    a video editor without a gui

  • GitHub repo v4

  • GitHub repo ci_cd

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Posts where gitlab-foss has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-05.
  • GITLAB pipeline : Implement wait until previous commit pipeline has finished the execution | 2021-04-05
  • Your E-Mail Validation Logic is Wrong
    One of my pet peeves. GitLab gets this wrong, automatically downcasing all email addresses. This normally wouldn't be a big deal except that it breaks PGP key handling and other sorts of strict checks.
  • configuring GitLab Shell's config.yml for https | 2021-03-26
    item 2 at Using HTTPS states to change the gitlab_url to https, and to also set the certificates I'm using. The file itself references Unicorn, not Puma. Either way, my question is if I am using a unix socket, does item 2 still apply? I currently have it configured as
  • Gitlab 13.10 Released | 2021-03-22
    every day I wish I could just drop a comment in the webIDE for an MR..

  • How to run manual jobs in Gitlab CI/CD | 2021-03-15
    Assuming you haven't ripped apart your Gitlab instance and installed Jenkins, and you're still asking yourself "So how does one trigger manual jobs for Gitlab?", the main (and surprisingly the simplest) suggestion is to build a form for each job and use Gitlab API to trigger it - from the discussion for this issue from four years ago (remember, Google is your friend). Why don't we give that a shot? Sounds simple enough, right?
  • Cannot connect to the Docker daemon | 2021-02-27
    try this
  • Gitlab 13.9 Released | 2021-02-22
    Is there a RSS feed for Gitlab (Community) releases?

    I found the releases page here

    But /rss or /atom (or .atom like GitHub does) do not have the feed.

  • gitlab webhook 500 erro | 2021-02-12
    Thanks anyway the issue is resolved by following instructions given in following link
  • I'm tired of this anti-Wayland horseshit | 2021-02-02
    > Individually, these things are small, but the small impedances these changes introduce does take a toll on people, especially when you're trying to just get stuff done.

    One of the problems is a parity disconnect. A developer/PM often has very different perspective from their users: They see the new changes as they're happening and so they're all small, incremental changes, plus they're closely following development.

    A lot of users only infrequently update and/or infrequently use certain features, and so for them, all these small incremental features add up to be massive change for the sake of change. This will often manifest as "Every time I go to do x, it's totally different and I have to re-learn everything!".

    I find a lot of software -- especially FOSS -- also communicates change poorly. Release notes are the primary way to get across changes, yet there are several bad things people do that make it basically impossible to read:

    * List every change or commit message, especially without categorizing or simplifying the wording

    * Don't properly highlight feature changes (eg with screenshots and/or reasoning)

    * Have dozens of betas/pre-releases, but don't consolidate the release notes into a final "here's what's changed since the last main release" document

    Some examples of exceptionally good release notes: Visual Studio Code [1], Jira [2], Gitlab [3] (though if they only provided their changelog [4] it would be a good example of being overly verbose to the point of unusable).





  • Slackbot to the Rescue: Keeping GitLab Branches in Sync with a Slackbot | 2021-01-28
    For my initial attempt, I decided to write a Bash shell script so I could use Git's CLI to diff QA and Dev and skip the GitLab API calls if the branches are already synced. (I used this command: DIFFCOUNT=$(git diff origin/dev..origin/qa | wc -m | tr -d " ")). That ended up being more trouble than it was worth, both because it's easier to manage multiple repos using only GitLab's API, and because GitLab's diffing algorithm is different than the diff command above, leading to unmergeable empty MRs. (See these issues.)
  • Configuring Gitlab CI and Private Go Modules | 2021-01-17
    The reason behind defining a new token instead of using CI_JOB_TOKEN is that this token does not have enough permissions for accessing the Gitlab API used to determine the right repository when calling go mod behind the scenes.
  • When will gitlab be A grade on FSF ? When will it will support librejs? | 2021-01-09
    B2 is
  • GitLab - what's so special? | 2020-12-28
    Some problems we've immediately had with GitLab are 4 years old and just aren't getting fixed: