i3-compatible Wayland compositor (by swaywm)

Sway Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to sway
  • GitHub repo neovim

    Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

  • GitHub repo alacritty

    A cross-platform, OpenGL terminal emulator.

  • Scout

    Get performance insights in less than 4 minutes. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo Waybar

    Highly customizable Wayland bar for Sway and Wlroots based compositors. :v: :tada:

  • GitHub repo wlroots

    A modular Wayland compositor library

  • GitHub repo gtk-theme

    System76 Pop GTK+ Theme

  • GitHub repo settei

    configs / dotfiles / scripts for Linux

  • GitHub repo GitHub-Dark

    :octocat: Dark GitHub style

  • GitHub repo wf-recorder

  • GitHub repo xdg-desktop-portal-wlr

    xdg-desktop-portal backend for wlroots

  • GitHub repo archweb

    Arch Linux website code

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

  • GitHub repo mpv

    🎥 Command line video player

  • GitHub repo deskreen

    Deskreen turns any device with a web browser into a secondary screen for your computer

  • GitHub repo onedark.vim

    A dark Vim/Neovim color scheme inspired by Atom's One Dark syntax theme.

  • GitHub repo mako

    A lightweight Wayland notification daemon

  • GitHub repo pfetch

    🐧 A pretty system information tool written in POSIX sh.

  • GitHub repo imv

    Image viewer for X11/Wayland

  • GitHub repo SimplerentFox

    🦊 A Userstyle theme for Firefox minimalist, transparent and Keyboard centered

  • GitHub repo emacs

    Mirror of GNU Emacs (by masm11)

  • GitHub repo wlr-protocols

    Wayland protocols designed for use in wlroots (and other compositors)

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Posts where sway has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-03-02.
  • [sway] catgirl
    reddit.com/r/unixporn | 2021-03-02
    The rest of the system is as follows: - Window Manager: sway - Status Bar: waybar - Notification daemon: mako - Launcher: wofi - Image Viewer: imv
  • Launch sway without a display manager on login?
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-02-28
  • Any developers of Phosh here?
    reddit.com/r/Purism | 2021-02-27
    I mean there are also other window managers using Qt (for example KDE mobile). I also would actually think, you could have a look at sway which is a tiling window manager using Wayland (especially if you are considering reducing resources like i3).
  • 4K Sway default background?
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-02-26
    Is there a version of the Sway default background that is made for 4K screens (3840 x 2160)? I could only see up to 2048 x 1536 here
  • [sway] Dark low-contrast terminal-based work environment
    Bar: swaybar with custom shell script
    Bar: swaybar with custom shell script
  • A Wayland protocol to disable VSync is under development
    Oh, and Sway also has adaptive sync support.
  • Wayland software
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-02-23
    Most desktop programs support Wayland, as GTK and Qt support it (Electron support is coming with v12). I think you're looking for this.
  • does Sway offer a way to save the session so that the windows setup is saved for the next boot?
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-02-23
    I think others are talking about saving application states, which is a bit different. Could be wrong, though. Anyway, it looks like sway developers cannot/do not want to implement the feature: https://github.com/swaywm/sway/issues/1005
  • [Sway] Long time lurker, first time poster
    reddit.com/r/unixporn | 2021-02-22
    WM: Sway
  • [Sway] Assassin Inkling
    reddit.com/r/unixporn | 2021-02-20
    WM: Sway
  • Change xfce for another desktop environment
    reddit.com/r/GalliumOS | 2021-02-19
  • Possible to Switch Desktop Environment?
    reddit.com/r/GalliumOS | 2021-02-19
    Bonus: for light af desktop environment, check out i3: https://i3wm.org/ or sway: https://swaywm.org/
  • How is the performance of sway?
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-02-19
    Sway also supports variable refresh rate.
  • swappy 1.3.0 released
    reddit.com/r/swaywm | 2021-02-18


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