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Cubitect/cubiomes-viewer is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 only which is an OSI approved license.


Posts where cubiomes-viewer has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-05-05.
  • The first 25 tile Ocean seed has been found! Biggest square ocean yet. Java 1.16+
    I believe this was in the Cubiomes Viewer but it could be Amidst. There's a mapping tool website you can use called Chunkbase for which you don't need to download anything.
    Seed found with Cubiomes.
  • How to find Guaranteed Islands SEEDS with whatever Biome/Structure on it you want Java & Bedrock!
    here's a way how to get seeds like this guaranteed for Java & Bedrock by using a simple tool called Cubiomes if you dont know what Cubiomes is, Here is a link/guide made by Plebiain all about it.
  • Spawn on a Flower Forest Island with 3 Ocean Monuments surrounding you in the center of a Massive 7 tile Mesa Donut! Java 1.16+ (see2d screenshot for full mapview)
    I found this seed by using Cubiomes i searched for Temperatures Special+Warm with 7 tiles, 7 tiles means the more tiles the bigger the biome gets, and 7-8 tiles for a Mesa biome is as big as it can get :)
  • Mushroom island ~310 blocks from land at it's closest point!
    The map was generated and the seed was found using Cubiomes Viewer. You can download it by clicking on that text there.
  • Triple Mansion
    Chunkbase is so random :), you should check out the new tool wich was not so long ago released, you can find anything you want pretty much and extremly fast, best seed finding tool ever + it has map viewing aswell on it so you dont have to re copy/paste seeds all the time into chunkbase/amidst heres a download
  • Spawn In Fully Landlocked Mushroom Biome Surrounded By Normal Biomes (because it's more common to see it surrounded by rare biomes on this sub now)
    I found this with SASSA, though I use Cubiomes Viewer way more often now.
  • Spawn in Plains surrounded by Mountains, next to Ocean, WITH OR WITHOUT Village (20+ More Seeds)!
    Convert the seed into the shadow seed with SeedCandy or Cubiomes Viewer. All biomes are in the same places on this seed but terrain and structures are different.
  • Spawn on island with village and FIVE buried treasure chests! (SISTER SEED DERIVED FROM PLEBIAIN'S SEED)
    There are 65536 sister seeds of any given seed, they generate the same structures in the same locations if the right conditions are met. You can use SeedCandy to list out all sister seeds. I used Cubiomes Viewer to find these.
  • Spawn next to a Mushroom Island with a Mansion, Village and Desert Temple next to it! Java 1.16+
    Tool i used to find this seed: Cubiomes
  • When starting a new world what's most important for you?
    when i start a new HC world after i die, its like im going with my favorite biomes wich are : Mushroom/Mesa(Bryce) Jungle, and favorite structure wich is the Woodland Mansion, i try to get a good looking nether to with fortress at spawn (if portal is in center of spawn chunks), so its really up to you what you like the most? i wouldnt care to much myself about if its a hard or easy start or if its hard to get the first log/wood, i would try to play around it, give yourself 3 biomes and one structure you like the most and try from there maybe? it works great for me. if you need help getting any seed just let me know i will help you find a seed you like, just list me the biomes and structures (if you do need help finding a seed that is) or you can try finding the seed yourself by using the recent new tool: Cubiomes :)
  • Mansion at 0,0 of World Spawn, with Jungle+Desert Temple, 3 Villages, 2 Witch Huts, 3 Ruined Portals, in a 4x4 World Region
    Extremly Fast seed Searching Tool + Map viewer:
  • All 6 types of wood and Mesa within 250 blocks of 0,0. Ice Spikes, Mega Taiga, Flower Forest, and Sunflower plains within 1,000.
    I found this seed using Cubitect's program.