CockroachDB - the open source, cloud-native distributed SQL database. (by cockroachdb)


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cockroachdb/cockroach is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 or later which is an OSI approved license.

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Posts where cockroach has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-03-31.
  • Create and manage N customer databases from one backend? | 2021-04-01
    Seems this use case still has some limitations with cockroachdb
  • Any postgres server library for golang? | 2021-03-31
    From looking around this is what I think it is : may have more parts to it..
  • A "Better C" Benchmark (comparing Zig, Rust, Go, C++) | 2021-03-24
    Go was built to write large scale codebases with ease. Check out | 2021-03-24
  • Go Statement Considered Harmful | 2021-03-19
    This is timely. Cockroach has recently decided to lint against the go statement. We also don’t like errgroup because its context propagation is implicit.


  • My Ruby on Rails stack for side projects in 2021 | 2021-03-01
    Use a relational database such as PostgreSQL or MySQL. I do not recommend using document databases such as MongoDB because there is really no reason for it in my opinion. PostgreSQL is plenty fast and you probably won't need things like horizontal scaling for a side project. You can of course try something fancy like FaunaDB, CockroachDB, or any of the many database flavors.
  • What In The World Is Dremio And Why Is It Valued At 1 Billion Dollars? | 2021-02-15
    Cockroach Labs has a scalable database management system that allows developers to take advantage of both classic RDBMS benefits while also allowing for the scalability of NoSQL systems. It scales horizontally and can survive disk, machine, rack, and even datacenter failures with minimal latency disruption and no manual intervention.
  • [SL] MangaDex Third Anniversary - Staff AMA | 2021-01-24
    However if you ever fancy going for a newer tech, CockroachDB is a recent take on distributed SQL databases that's built with scalability in mind. Though from i gathered, deploying it is kind of an experiment in itself.
  • AWS is forking Elasticsearch
    Not quite, that's what CockroachDB's license does.
  • Amazon: Not OK – why we had to change Elastic licensing
    They've made an additional post since this one, suggesting that they're considering the BSL. The BSL, with a reasonable usage grant, is a little more promising. Logically, it doesn't seem too problematic given the right usage clause (like CockroachDB's, which at least includes contractors in their "third-party" restriction-- unlike the SSPL). It ultimately falls back to open source and gains all of those advantages, is still usable by most open-source projects and doesn't strictly conflict with the GPL licenses. It looks like the OSI member might have some concerns over some things like revokability-- it'd be great if some of that can get resolved.
  • Gopher Gold #11 - Wed Sep 16 2020 | 2020-09-16
    cockroachdb/cockroach (Go): CockroachDB - the open source, cloud-native distributed SQL database.