Trending Go Projects

This page lists the top trending projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every week. The last update was on 26 Jul 2021.
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Top 50 Trending Go Projects

  • GitHub repo wiretrustee

    Connect your devices into a single secure private WireGuard®-based mesh network.

  • GitHub repo CBL-Mariner

    Linux OS for Azure 1P services and edge appliances

  • GitHub repo devtron

    Software Delivery Workflow For Kubernetes

  • GitHub repo drago

    ☁️ Securely connect anything with WireGuard® and manage all your networks from a single place.

  • GitHub repo bee

    Bee is a Swarm client implemented in Go. It’s the basic building block for the Swarm network: a private; decentralized; and self-sustaining network for permissionless publishing and access to your (application) data.

  • GitHub repo earthly

    Build automation for the container era

  • GitHub repo turbo-geth

    Ethereum implementation on the efficiency frontier

  • GitHub repo kopia

    Cross-platform backup tool for Windows, macOS & Linux with fast, incremental backups, client-side end-to-end encryption, compression and data deduplication. CLI and GUI included.

  • GitHub repo portmaster

    🏔 Love Freedom - ❌ Block Mass Surveillance

  • GitHub repo harvester

    Open source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software

  • GitHub repo yggdrasil-go

    An experiment in scalable routing as an encrypted IPv6 overlay network

  • GitHub repo Elkeid

    Elkeid is a Cloud-Native Host-Based Intrusion Detection solution project to provide next-generation Threat Detection and Behavior Audition with modern architecture.

  • GitHub repo netmaker

    Netmaker makes networks. Netmaker makes networking easy, fast, and secure across all environments.

  • GitHub repo immudb

    immudb - world’s fastest immutable database

  • GitHub repo vcluster

    vcluster - Create fully functional virtual Kubernetes clusters - Each vcluster runs inside a namespace of the underlying k8s cluster. It's cheaper than creating separate full-blown clusters and it offers better multi-tenancy and isolation than regular namespaces.

  • GitHub repo wild-workouts-go-ddd-example

    Go DDD example application. Complete project to show how to apply DDD, Clean Architecture, and CQRS by practical refactoring of a Go project.

  • GitHub repo cloudpods

    A cloud-native open-source unified multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud platform. 开源、云原生的多云管理及混合云融合平台

  • GitHub repo pterm

    ✨ #PTerm is a modern Go module to beautify console output. Featuring charts, progressbars, tables, trees, and much more 🚀 It's completely configurable and 100% cross-platform compatible.

  • GitHub repo drpc

    drpc is a lightweight, drop-in replacement for gRPC

  • GitHub repo porter

    Porter enables you to package your application artifact, client tools, configuration and deployment logic together as a versioned bundle that you can distribute, and install with a single command. (by getporter)

  • GitHub repo chanify

    Chanify is a safe and simple notification tools. This repository is command line tools for Chanify.

  • GitHub repo compose-cli

    Easily run your Compose application to the cloud with compose-cli

  • GitHub repo cosign

    Container Signing

  • GitHub repo karmada

    Open, Multi-Cloud, Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Orchestration

  • GitHub repo erda

    An enterprise-grade Cloud-Native application platform for Kubernetes.

  • GitHub repo bsc

    A Binance Smart Chain client based on the go-ethereum fork

  • GitHub repo stash

    An organizer for your porn, written in Go (by stashapp)

  • GitHub repo domain-list-community

    Community managed domain list. Generate geosite.dat for V2Ray.

  • GitHub repo kyverno

    Kubernetes Native Policy Management

  • GitHub repo grype

    A vulnerability scanner for container images and filesystems

  • GitHub repo v2rayA

    A Linux web GUI client of Project V which supports V2Ray, Xray, SS, SSR, Trojan and Pingtunnel 🚀

  • GitHub repo optimism

    Monorepo implementing the Optimistic Ethereum protocol

  • GitHub repo garble

    Obfuscate Go builds

  • GitHub repo lakeFS

    Git-like capabilities for your object storage

  • GitHub repo go-zero

    go-zero is a web and rpc framework written in Go. It's born to ensure the stability of the busy sites with resilient design. Builtin goctl greatly improves the development productivity.

  • GitHub repo go-mysql-server

    A MySQL-compatible relational database with a storage agnostic query engine. Implemented in pure Go.

  • GitHub repo ScareCrow

    ScareCrow - Payload creation framework designed around EDR bypass.

  • GitHub repo gotraining-studyguide

    This repo contains the Ultimate Go Study Guide for students taking the Ultimate Go class.

  • GitHub repo actions-runner-controller

    Kubernetes controller for GitHub Actions self-hosted runnners

  • GitHub repo gocron

    Easy and fluent Go cron scheduling. This is a fork from

  • GitHub repo milvus

    An open source vector database powered by Faiss, NMSLIB and Annoy

  • GitHub repo kcp

    kcp is a prototype of a Kubernetes API server that is not a Kubernetes cluster - a place to create, update, and maintain Kube-like APIs with controllers above or without clusters. (by kcp-dev)

  • GitHub repo oapi-codegen

    Generate Go client and server boilerplate from OpenAPI 3 specifications

  • GitHub repo Geziyor

    Geziyor, a fast web crawling & scraping framework for Go. Supports JS rendering.

  • GitHub repo create-go-app

    ✨ Create a new production-ready project with backend, frontend and deploy automation by running one CLI command! (by create-go-app)

  • GitHub repo Databunker

    Secure vault for customer records built to comply with GDPR

  • GitHub repo nerdctl

    Docker-compatible CLI for containerd, with support for Compose (by containerd)

  • GitHub repo kubevela

    The Modern Application Deployment System Based on OAM.

  • GitHub repo opentelemetry-collector

    OpenTelemetry Collector

  • GitHub repo v2ray-core

    A platform for building proxies to bypass network restrictions. (by v2fly)

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source Go projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 wiretrustee 94.1%
2 CBL-Mariner 77.8%
3 devtron 74.5%
4 drago 59.7%
5 bee 47.8%
6 earthly 44.4%
7 turbo-geth 42.3%
8 kopia 34.2%
9 portmaster 33.3%
10 harvester 32.7%
11 yggdrasil-go 31.9%
12 Elkeid 28.3%
13 netmaker 26.9%
14 immudb 24.8%
15 vcluster 22.0%
16 wild-workouts-go-ddd-example 21.7%
17 cloudpods 21.3%
18 pterm 20.8%
19 drpc 20.0%
20 porter 19.8%
21 chanify 19.7%
22 compose-cli 19.4%
23 cosign 18.8%
24 karmada 18.5%
25 erda 18.4%
26 bsc 17.9%
27 stash 17.3%
28 domain-list-community 17.2%
29 kyverno 17.1%
30 grype 16.9%
31 v2rayA 16.1%
32 optimism 15.4%
33 garble 15.2%
34 lakeFS 15.1%
35 go-zero 15.0%
36 go-mysql-server 14.9%
37 ScareCrow 14.9%
38 gotraining-studyguide 14.6%
39 actions-runner-controller 14.0%
40 gocron 13.9%
41 milvus 13.6%
42 kcp 13.6%
43 oapi-codegen 13.2%
44 Geziyor 13.2%
45 create-go-app 12.8%
46 Databunker 12.5%
47 nerdctl 12.1%
48 kubevela 12.1%
49 opentelemetry-collector 12.0%
50 v2ray-core 11.9%