Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js (by axios)

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  • GitHub repo Vue.js

    🖖 Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

  • GitHub repo React

    A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

  • GitHub repo Express

    Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node.

  • GitHub repo react-query

    ⚛️ Hooks for fetching, caching and updating asynchronous data in React

  • GitHub repo react-native

    A framework for building native apps with React.

  • GitHub repo create-react-app

    Set up a modern web app by running one command.

  • GitHub repo node

    Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

  • GitHub repo Next.js

    The React Framework

  • GitHub repo Bootstrap

    The most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

  • GitHub repo Gatsby

    Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React

  • GitHub repo lodash

    A modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance, & extras.

  • GitHub repo Svelte

    Cybernetically enhanced web apps

  • GitHub repo Tailwind CSS

    A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

  • GitHub repo Strapi

    🚀 Open source Node.js Headless CMS to easily build customisable APIs

  • GitHub repo request

    🏊🏾 Simplified HTTP request client.

  • GitHub repo Mongoose

    MongoDB object modeling designed to work in an asynchronous environment.

  • GitHub repo SWR

    React Hooks for remote data fetching

  • GitHub repo chalk

    🖍 Terminal string styling done right

  • GitHub repo hint.css

    A CSS only tooltip library for your lovely websites.

  • GitHub repo Stripe

    PHP library for the Stripe API.

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Posts where axios has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-07-24.
  • Get Data using Query Parameters (Strings) in React | 2021-07-24
    The data that we will have in our application comes from the jsonplaceholder API and http requests will be made using axios.
  • About async functions | 2021-07-24
    You might have seen this in example code involving the fetch API, as fetch will not automatically give you a failed promise on erroneous status codes like other libraries, e.g. axios, do. To get to a failed promise, you just throw an Error (or anything, really), which will then be transformed into a failed promise. This is happening because, again, an async function always needs to return a promise:
  • How to Build a To-do app with Svelte, Strapi & Tailwind CSS | 2021-07-22
    We will use Axios to make our HTTP request to get our data from the backend. Run the following command in your Svelte project directory to install Axios:
  • Create react form without making multiple requests | 2021-07-21
    Axios Documentation
  • Send cookie with request? | 2021-07-20
    Yes, this issue outlines how.
  • Test GraphQL API's easily | 2021-07-20
    I'll give you a brief introduction to today's example. I made an Api using Fastify and mercurius (formerly fastify-gql), this because it already has support for async middleware support and is quite simple to configure. In addition, axios is used to make http requests to the jsonplaceholder Api to get a user and posts from that same user.
  • How To COLLECT PAYMENTS With STRIPE + NEXT.Js (Step-By-Step Tutorial) | 2021-07-09
    So inside that function, start by creating the Stripe checkout sessions using axios to perform a POST request to the /api/checkout_sessions API endpoint we just created.
  • Promises or async/await, Which Is Better? | 2021-07-08
    (Note: in the examples, I'm using Axios, a library to make HTTP requests.)
  • All API routes returning 401 | 2021-07-07
    I'm using axios and my requests typically look something like this:
  • What framework for displaying data on a webpage? should be enough, otherwise axios but that shouldn't be necessary
  • A cheat sheet for JavaScript's Axios library to consume APIs | 2021-06-30
    Cancellable promises, Interceptors and Adapters are the big ones but there's list of other features you could find on the Github.
  • Ratios — yet another React hook library for axios, but this one handles cancel token for you | 2021-06-28
    Many of us have used axios — a Promise based HTTP client for the browser and NodeJS in React projects. There are a lot of React hook libraries that do something similar, but none of them handle cancel token for you.
  • Setting Up a Custom 404 Page with GitHub Pages | 2021-06-25
    To break that down quickly: a static site is a website made up entirely of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Everything the site needs to render is contained within these files, so there’s no need for server technology like PHP, Node.js, or Python. If the static site needs extra data from a server, it makes an asynchronous HTTP request with tools like fetch api or axios. And you’ll probably want to make sure that static site has a 404 page.
  • Integrating Webflow and Next.js | 2021-06-24
    First let's try to just get the Next.js project's homepage looking like the Webflow homepage. To do this we're going to need to fetch Webflow content. We can do this with Axios. We'll also need a library called Cheerio to parse HTML with Node.
  • Making a URL Shortener website using Axios | 2021-06-24


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