This is a full computer management web site. With MeshCentral, you can run your own web server and it to remotely manage and control computers on a local network or anywhere on the internet. Once you get the server started, will create a mesh (a group of computers) and then download and install a mesh agent on each computer you want to manage. A minute later, the new computer will show up on the web site and you can take control of it, etc. MeshCentral includes full web-based remote desktop, terminal and file management capability. (by Ylianst)


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Ylianst/MeshCentral is an open source project licensed under Apache License 2.0 which is an OSI approved license.

MeshCentral Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to MeshCentral
  • GitHub repo Remotely

    A remote control and remote scripting solution, built with .NET Core, SignalR Core, and WebRTC.

  • GitHub repo tacticalrmm

    A remote monitoring & management tool, built with Django, Vue and Go.

  • GitHub repo postgres

    Docker Official Image packaging for Postgres (by docker-library)

  • GitHub repo checkmk

    Checkmk - Best-in-class infrastructure & application monitoring

  • GitHub repo MeshCentral-ScriptTask

    Scripting plugin for MeshCentral

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Posts where MeshCentral has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-03-28.
  • Meshcentral Router tool login does not work with U2F
    You can find all of the config.json keys in the JSON schema here. The key you are looking for is here. I did not think anyone would ever use the Yubikey OTP. Not sure what you mean about the installation not allowing you to configure this? You will have to edit the config.json in "meshcentral-data" to add it.
  • Pricing Update & Big Releases Coming To Syncro | 2021-03-31
    I guess I never thought of that. Syncro Live looked a lot like No cost for that software, and I doubt it's very resource intensive.
  • List of terms available to filter devices by?
    You can take a look at the code here. The full list currently is: u:, user:, ip:, group:, g:, tag:, t:, atag:, os:, amt:, desc:, wsc:
  • Finding a good bare-metal/IoT management solution for a hobbyist and clearing up my mental model. | 2021-03-28
    meshcentral does most of what you want, I manage about 200 linux clients in there. Won't automatically maintain stuff, but you can see status, batch run scripts, that kind of thing.
  • No Credentials on AMT
  • Remote Desktop - it's 2021 why is it still terrible? | 2021-03-25
  • Agent installation blocked by Windows Defender Smartscreen
    A few years back I got a Sectigo (ex-Comodo) personal certificate and signed the MeshAgent with it, but after a month Google's site reported that the MeshAgent was a virus and Sectigo revoked my certificate along with 100's of others without any warning or communication. I tried to contact Sectigo, never got a response and went back to self-signing. The story is all on GitHub as it happened and another company that lost it's certificate in the same event was on Slashdot that same day.
  • Configuring plugins
    Yes, "plugin" needs to be within the "settings" section of the config.json file. You placed it one level too high at the root of the document. For a big example config.json, look here.
  • Strange 32 / 64 bit user space issue in Admin Powershell
    Done :) #2382
  • Filter Options
    You can also take a look at the code directly here. Hope that helps.
  • Need Self-Hosted TeamViewer Alternative
  • Is this RDP method secure
    You might want to look into Intel's open source MeshCentral project.
  • Self hosted for family pc support?!
    { "__comment__" : "This is a sample configuration file, edit a section and remove the _ in front of the name. Refer to the user's guide for details.", "settings": { "Cert": "", "AgentCoreDump": true, "agentConfig": [ "coreDumpEnabled=1" ], "_MongoDb": "mongodb://", "WANonly": true, "_LANonly": true, "_Minify": 1, "__SessionTimecomment" : "is how long you are able to keep the browswer session open and not need to log back in", "_SessionTime": 30, "_SessionKey": "MyReallySecretPassword1", "_DbEncryptKey": "MyReallySecretPassword2", "_DbExpire": { "events": 1728000, "powerevents": 864000 }, "Port": 4430, "AliasPort": 443, "_RedirPort": 800, "__browserPing and browserPong comment" : "were recommended to keep sessions with the website open, like remote desktop, didn't have an affect on Terminal", "browserPing": 60, "browserPong": 60, "__AgentPong comment" : "is broken for doing ClickOnce support from the browswer, but we need it for terminal and file pushing to stay going. Get this running as soon as we can", "AgentPong": 30, "__AgentIdleTimeout comment" : "is a setting to send packets to agents that aren't repsonding int he specified amount of time, but it kept disconnecting and reconnecting everyone, it was nuts", "_agentIdleTimeout": 60, "__ignoreagenthastcheck comment" : "this should make it where the agents don't check the hash and just connect helping us troubleshoot, keep turned off by default", "__IFBROKETHISISIT comment" : "I haven't tested the below option on the boot to see what will happen, so if it breaks, this is likely the offender", "_ignoreagenthashcheck" : true, "_AllowLoginToken": true, "_AllowFraming": true, "WebRTC": true, "__ClickOnce comment" : "now disabled in the new version but left here in case we need to roll back", "_ClickOnce": true, "_SelfUpdate": "0.6.56", "__VersionInfoWebsite__" : "", "_UserAllowedIP": ",", "_UserBlockedIP": ",::1", "_AgentAllowedIP": "", "_AgentBlockedIP": ",::1", "_LocalDiscovery": { "_name": "Local server name", "_info": "Information about this server" }, "TlsOffload": true, "_MpsTlsOffload": true, "_No2FactorAuth": true, "_WebRtConfig": { "iceServers": [ { "urls": "" }, { "urls": "" } ] } }, "domains": { "": { "Title": "Meshcentral", "Title2": "biswb", "_TitlePicture": "title-sample.png", "_UserQuota": 1048576, "_MeshQuota": 248576, "NewAccounts": false, "_NewAccountEmailDomains": [ "" ], "welcomeText": " simple, different, clever.", "welcomePicture": "sdc.jpg", "Footer": "", "CertUrl": "", "PasswordRequirements": { "min": 8, "max": 128, "upper": 1, "lower": 1, "numeric": 1, "nonalpha": 1}, "_AgentNoProxy": true, "_GeoLocation": true, "_UserAllowedIP": ",", "_UserBlockedIP": ",::1", "_AgentAllowedIP": "", "_AgentBlockedIP": ",::1", "__UserConsentFlags__" : "Set to: 1 for desktop, 2 for terminal, 3 for files, 7 for all", "UserConsentFlags" : 0, "_Limits": { "_MaxUserAccounts": 100, "_MaxUserSessions": 100, "_MaxAgentSessions": 100, "_MaxSingleUserSessions": 10 }, "_httpheaders": { "Strict-Transport-Security": "max-age=360000" }, "_agentConfig": [ "webSocketMaskOverride=1" ] } }, "smtp": { "host": "", "port": 465, "from": "[email protected]", "user": "[email protected]", "pass": "supersecretmailpassword", "tls": true, "__verifyemail__" : "same domain email seems to have a problem if it can't resolve the mx record correctly, this fixes mesh checking in the first place", "verifyemail": false } }
  • What do you guys use for internal remote assistance? | 2021-03-04
  • Teamviewer 'Paid' Alternative | 2021-03-03
    You should look at MeshCentral. I've set up a server for it to help manage family PC's and I think it works great. I'm big into open source especially and sometimes self hosted for privacy/security stuff and this fits both those.