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GreenSock's GSAP JavaScript animation library (including Draggable). (by greensock)


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GreenSock-JS Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to GreenSock-JS

  • GitHub repo React

    A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

  • GitHub repo Next.js

    The React Framework

  • GitHub repo framer/motion

    Open source, production-ready animation and gesture library for React

  • GitHub repo redux

    Predictable state container for JavaScript apps

  • GitHub repo fabric.js

    Javascript Canvas Library, SVG-to-Canvas (& canvas-to-SVG) Parser

  • GitHub repo velocity

    Accelerated JavaScript animation.

  • GitHub repo Mo.js

    The motion graphics toolbelt for the web

  • GitHub repo Masonry

    :love_hotel: Cascading grid layout plugin (by desandro)

  • GitHub repo Snap.svg

    The JavaScript library for modern SVG graphics.

  • GitHub repo ScrollMagic

    The javascript library for magical scroll interactions.

  • GitHub repo paper.js

    The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting – Scriptographer ported to JavaScript and the browser, using HTML5 Canvas. Created by @lehni & @puckey

  • GitHub repo raphael

    JavaScript Vector Library

  • GitHub repo Isotope

    :revolving_hearts: Filter & sort magical layouts

  • GitHub repo svg.js

    The lightweight library for manipulating and animating SVG

  • GitHub repo progressbar.js

    Responsive and slick progress bars

  • GitHub repo two.js

    A renderer agnostic two-dimensional drawing api for the web.

  • GitHub repo Konva

    Konva.js is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework that extends the 2d context by enabling canvas interactivity for desktop and mobile applications.

  • GitHub repo move.js

    CSS3 backed JavaScript animation framework

  • GitHub repo Odoo

    Javascript and SVG odometer effect library with motion blur

  • GitHub repo motus

    Animation library that mimics CSS keyframes when scrolling.

NOTE: The number of mentions on this list indicates mentions on common posts. Hence, a higher number means a better GreenSock-JS alternative or higher similarity.


Posts where GreenSock-JS has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-09.
  • Where can i learn to make Navbar like this? | 2021-04-09
    I would do this with
  • Flying an kite around a webpage | 2021-03-29
    Have you checked out GSAP?
  • Animations and Art in JavaScript
    GreenSock is incredible for animations.
  • Progress Button Microinteractions with ReactJS | 2021-03-27
    I made the animation using GSAP. This library is really helping me a lot in animation. I really could do a "snappy" animation if I use this. Compare to my old one, by just using CSS. The performance is nice as well.
  • Does anyone know of a free way to animate an image or a text only when the user is scrolling through a certain point of a site? | 2021-03-25
    You mean this GSAP, no?
  • What if LinkedIn was beautiful? | 2021-03-19
    No need to say that GreenSock is one of the most complete animation javascript library we have available today. The framework was used as the main source of animations that come directly from user interactions, like tabs, popups, drop-downs, etc.
  • Creating Directionally Lit 3D Buttons with CSS | 2021-03-18
    We're going to use GreenSock today for convenience. They have some neat utilities for what we want. But, we could achieve the same result with vanilla JavaScript. Because we're using scripts with type "module", we can take advantage of SkyPack.
  • #CodepenChallenge 'Add To Cart' Button Microinteraction | 2021-03-03
    I created the animation effect using GreenSock Timeline.
  • Web Effect | 2021-03-01
    GSAP - JavaScript animation library.
  • How did they make these intricate animations in webflow? | 2021-02-10
    I disagree. This seems really complex compared to basic interactions. Someone else said it may be individual elements animated independently with
  • How to recreate these effects? | 2021-02-10
    This site uses the GSAP animation framework. Check out
  • How to get intellisense for third-party JavaScript libraries in VS Code | 2020-12-28
    One drawback is that not all the packages are up-to-date. I found @types/gsap to be incomplete. It does not include a definition for the gsap object. The gsap npm package covers the entire API, and the function descriptions have more detail. So, you can install that as a dependency instead - npm install --save-dev gsap.