Textual: Rapid Application Development Framework for Python

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  • textual

    The lean application framework for Python. Build sophisticated user interfaces with a simple Python API. Run your apps in the terminal and a web browser.

    Did a cursory dive through, check: https://textual.textualize.io/tutorial/ and https://github.com/Textualize/textual/blob/main/docs/example...

    ...what have people had success with in golang-world? Anything reasonably equivalent someone could recommend? There's a fair amount of "stuff" for TUI's in golang, the thing that's very attractive about 'textualize' is it feels very "web-browser-y" and has a nice (scrollable!) table view.

    `tview` seems interesting (eg: check `brew install dbui`), but feels a bit more like _you're_ doing all the imperative `if KeyPress.A: do_something()` instead of declarative, nesting navigation, etc. (perhaps that's the difference between an "application-centric/SPA" view of "control all the things!" vs. a document centric: "add components to a page and let them flow").

    Any feedback on the items in this list? https://codeberg.org/tecras/awesome-go#advanced-console-uis

  • Lanterna

    Java library for creating text-based GUIs

    This looks really cool.

    In the past I used lanterna (https://github.com/mabe02/lanterna/tree/master) to develop a text UI for a critical process at the trading firm I worked at. It was essentially a process that would take updated market data and handle things that changed between the last trading session and today - like symbol renames (PCLN to BKNG), changes to market cap that make it change what "category" it fell into (they were based on market cap and volatility measures etc). Things of that nature, that the realtime system didn't handle but happened too often or were too hairy for us to just handle manually.

    The system had a desktop UI component that was oriented towards use by our trading staff. We didn't really have notion of a "server UI" and the server was headless.

    Nobody at our firm was a frontend developer, just backend, systems and data programmers who occasionally dabbled in frontend. So web UIs were very simplistic or highly specific to their use-case, we had no shared tooling.

    In 2023 with things like create-react-app and whatever next.js does, I probably would've opted for one of those. I could've made another desktop app but I wanted to be able to easily get to this from a shitty ssh connection over tethered 4g when I was on-call. So X11 forwarding and RDP were out. So i looked around for a TUI-builder in the project's language, Java.

    What i really liked about Lanterna was that it had a Swing-based implementation which meant I could easily run it from IntelliJ, and that would let me iterate rapidly, and then in production I could run it in a terminal via SSH directly on the machine the server was on (which had certain advantages).

    I'll keep an eye on this to see if I can think of anything neat to build on it. I still generally don't like web apps because they feel like they take a lot of effort to get something compared to a functionally-equivalent product built in something non-browser-based like a TUI or desktop GUI.

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  • textual-paint

    :art: MS Paint in your terminal.

    My favourite Textual demo at the moment is this one: https://github.com/1j01/textual-paint

    It's a very decent Microsoft Paint imitation that runs in your terminal!

  • rich

    Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal.

    I am working on a new python project and one of the first things I added was https://github.com/Textualize/rich because of how easy it is to make things look good in the terminal.

  • termui

    Golang terminal dashboard

    I used termui for a project and have no complaints.


  • console

    A rust console and terminal abstraction (by console-rs)

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