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Mentions Stars Project Description
6 45,324 nocode The best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.
6 244 docker-swag Nginx webserver and reverse proxy with php support and a built-in Certbot (Let's Encrypt) client. It also contains fail2ban for intrusion prevention.
4 1 drop-in-docker-php Drop-in Docker-based development environment starter for PHP.
4 3,015 dockerfile Dockerfile best-practices for writing production-worthy Docker images.
4 256 w64devkit Portable C and C++ Development Kit for x64 Windows
4 122 Assistant-Relay-for-Hassio Send commands (including broadcasts) to the Google Assistant via Home Assistant
3 79 nginx_proxy NGinx forward proxy
3 1 docker_monero Personal, unprivileged, Docker Image to run a full Monero Node in one line
3 496 compose-spec The Compose specification
3 57 grafito Portable, Serverless & Lightweight SQLite-based Graph Database in Arturo
3 546 docker-plex
2 160 docker-jackett
2 0 rust-cross-release Automated cross-platform/architecture CI/CD project template
2 0 simple-xmrig Docker container with simple interface to XMRig Miner
2 107 octoprint-docker The dockerized snappy web interface for your 3D printer!
2 80 wpa_supplicant-udmpro
2 6,182 docker-node Official Docker Image for Node.js :whale: :turtle: :rocket:
2 50 docker-openvpn-client-socks Expose an OpenVPN tunnel as a SOCKS proxy
2 10,667 dockerfiles Various Dockerfiles I use on the desktop and on servers.
2 59 Hassio-Addons The repository for my Home Assistant Supervisor Add-ons.

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