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  • Prisma

    Next-generation ORM for Node.js & TypeScript | PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB and CockroachDB

  • Project mention: Deploy Full-Stack Next.js T3App with Cognito and Prisma using AWS Lambda | dev.to | 2024-04-15

    generator client { provider = "prisma-client-js" binaryTargets = ["native", "rhel-openssl-1.0.x"] } datasource db { provider = "postgresql" // NOTE: When using mysql or sqlserver, uncomment the @db.Text annotations in model Account below // Further reading: // https://next-auth.js.org/adapters/prisma#create-the-prisma-schema // https://www.prisma.io/docs/reference/api-reference/prisma-schema-reference#string url = env("DATABASE_URL") } model Post { id Int @id @default(autoincrement()) name String createdAt DateTime @default(now()) updatedAt DateTime @updatedAt createdBy User @relation(fields: [createdById], references: [id]) createdById String @@index([name]) } // ... rest of the schema

  • TypeORM

    ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SAP Hana, WebSQL databases. Works in NodeJS, Browser, Ionic, Cordova and Electron platforms.

  • Project mention: NodeJS Security Best Practices | dev.to | 2024-02-19

    If you use Sequalize, TypeORM or for MongoDB, we have Mongoose these types of ORM tools, then you are safe by default because these help us against the SQL query injection attacks by default.

  • SurveyJS

    Open-Source JSON Form Builder to Create Dynamic Forms Right in Your App. With SurveyJS form UI libraries, you can build and style forms in a fully-integrated drag & drop form builder, render them in your JS app, and store form submission data in any backend, inc. PHP, ASP.NET Core, and Node.js.

    SurveyJS logo
  • Sequelize

    Feature-rich ORM for modern Node.js and TypeScript, it supports PostgreSQL (with JSON and JSONB support), MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Snowflake, Oracle DB (v6), DB2 and DB2 for IBM i.

  • Project mention: Full Stack Web Development Concept map | dev.to | 2024-03-23

    Sequelize - modern Typescript and NodeJS ORM for Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, SQL Server+docs

  • Directus

    The Modern Data Stack 🐰 — Directus is an instant REST+GraphQL API and intuitive no-code data collaboration app for any SQL database.

  • Project mention: Headless CMS: Directus vs Payload vs Strapi in 2024 | dev.to | 2024-04-05

    As of April 2024, Directus' GitHub repository has accumulated 25.2k stars and 3.5k forks, showcasing its active community. The project has secured $8+ million in funding, further fueling its growth and development.

  • RxDB

    A fast, local first, reactive Database for JavaScript Applications https://rxdb.info/

  • Project mention: Ask HN: How Can I Make My Front End React to Database Changes in Real-Time? | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-04-17

    I'm interested in this problem also!

    I think there is a large overlap with projects that market/focus on offline-first experiences.

    AFAIK this problem can be solved by:

    1) Considering a client-side copy of the database that gets synced with the remote DB. This is an approach [PowerSync](https://www.powersync.com/) and [ElectricSql](https://electric-sql.com/) and [rxdb](https://rxdb.info/) take!

  • beekeeper-studio

    Modern and easy to use SQL client for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, SQL Server, and more. Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

  • Project mention: Using migrations with Golang | dev.to | 2024-04-17

    If we access a client like PgAdmin or Beekeeper, or accessing its container via bash and checking via CLI, we can see that the table was created successfully:

  • Redis

    🚀 A robust, performance-focused, and full-featured Redis client for Node.js.

  • Project mention: Is `ioredis` still actively maintained? | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-03-22
  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

    InfluxDB logo
  • MongoDB

    The Official MongoDB Node.js Driver

  • kysely

    A type-safe typescript SQL query builder

  • Project mention: Show HN: Tsynamo – Type-friendly DynamoDB query builder for TypeScript | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-04-10

    Hello HN! I was recently introduced to Kysely (https://github.com/kysely-org/kysely), a type-safe Typescript SQL query builder, and instantly fell in love! I got inspired and wanted to make something similar for AWS DynamoDB.

    Thus, I developed Tsynamo! Instead of calling it type-safe, I decided to go with type-friendly, because the library is still in an early stage, and is not 100% type-safe.

    Under the hood, Tsynamo compiles the built queries into AWS SDK v3 commands. I feel that Tsynamo simplifies the AWS SDK API quite a lot since the developer doesn't have to mess around with condition/filter expressions or attribute names/values themselves, and as a bonus gets autocompletion for building the queries!

    There's also a playground to test it out in your browser: https://try.tsynamo.dev. It might not have the most up-to-date API of the library in use yet, but you can get the library's main idea from there.

    Since the project is still in its early stages, it doesn't yet have 100% support for all DynamoDB features, like querying indexes. The next steps will be increasing the support coverage and perhaps adding automatic type generation as inspired by kysely-codegen (https://github.com/RobinBlomberg/kysely-codegen).

    Would love to get some feedback, thanks in advance!

  • nhost

    The Open Source Firebase Alternative with GraphQL.

  • Project mention: Database Review: Top Five Missing Features from Database APIs | dev.to | 2023-09-14

    Hasura ❌ (technically yes with Nhost)

  • MikroORM

    TypeScript ORM for Node.js based on Data Mapper, Unit of Work and Identity Map patterns. Supports MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQLite/libSQL databases.

  • Project mention: Rust GraphQL APIs for NodeJS Developers: Introduction | dev.to | 2024-02-08

    In my usual NodeJS tech stack, which includes GraphQL, NestJS, SQL (predominantly PostgreSQL with MikroORM), I encountered these limitations. To overcome them, I've developed a new stack utilizing Rust, which still offers some ease of development:

  • grist-core

    Grist is the evolution of spreadsheets.

  • Project mention: Ask HN: Who is hiring? (March 2024) | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-03-01

    and poke around. If the words battery correct horse staple mean something to you, you might have an advantage.

    The heart of the software you'll be working with: https://github.com/gristlabs/grist-core/

  • teable

    ✨ A Super fast, Real-time, Professional, Developer friendly, No code database

  • Project mention: Show HN: I just made my profitable online form builder open-sourced | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-04-01

    I use nestjs in my open source no-code database https://github.com/teableio/teable, and I really like it, especially the dependency injection capability.

  • sqlectron-gui

    A simple and lightweight SQL client desktop with cross database and platform support.

  • Project mention: AWS RDS: Crea tu Base de Datos y Realiza tus Primeras Consultas en un Laboratorio Práctico | dev.to | 2024-02-21
  • slonik

    A Node.js PostgreSQL client with runtime and build time type safety, and composable SQL.

  • Project mention: Sneakiest development trap: making easy easier... | dev.to | 2024-01-04

    And sometimes invest instead in learning a technology rather than hide it: for example slonik encourages you to write normal SQL queries by making SQL templating easier and safer. In turn, your IDE would be able to understand those queries and give you support based on the database schemas you actually have.

  • vuefire

    🔥 Firebase bindings for Vue.js

  • Project mention: Struggling to get persistent auth to work with Pinia + Firebase, logged out whenever I refresh? | /r/vuejs | 2023-08-23

    This is what you need: https://vuefire.vuejs.org/

  • express-typescript-boilerplate

    A delightful way to building a RESTful API with NodeJs & TypeScript by @w3tecch

  • cloudbeaver

    Cloud Database Manager

  • Project mention: Do you use pgAdmin? Why? | /r/PostgreSQL | 2023-07-08
  • liveblocks

    Liveblocks is a platform to ship collaborative features like comments, notifications, text editors in minutes instead of months.

  • Project mention: Edit This Blog Post | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-02-06

    Absolutely! The real complexity comes from conflict resolution. If someone edits the top, and someone else edits the bottom, which version do you go with? What if they're editing the same area? Entire companies exist to provide elegant solutions to this[0], so it's no simple task.

    0: https://liveblocks.io/

  • tad

    A desktop application for viewing and analyzing tabular data

  • Project mention: Show HN: Open-source, browser-local data exploration using DuckDB-WASM and PRQL | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-03-15

    Very impressive project and vision! Love the demo!

    I am also ex-GS and worked on what I am fairly sure is the table display tool you're describing. I tried to carry the essential aspects of that work (multi-level pivots, with drill-down to the leaf level, and all interactive events and analytics supported by db queries) to Tad (https://www.tadviewer.com/, https://github.com/antonycourtney/tad), another open source project powered by DuckDb.

    An embeddable version of Tad, powered by DuckDb WASM, is used as the results viewer in the MotherDuck Web UI (https://app.motherduck.com/).

    If you're interested in embedding Tad in Pretzel, or leveraging pieces of it in your work, or collaborating on other aspects of DuckDb WASM powered UIs, please get in touch!

  • sequelize-auto

    Automatically generate bare sequelize models from your database.

  • datastation

    App to easily query, script, and visualize data from every database, file, and API.

  • supabase-js

    An isomorphic Javascript client for Supabase. Query your Supabase database, subscribe to realtime events, upload and download files, browse typescript examples, invoke postgres functions via rpc, invoke supabase edge functions, query pgvector.

  • Project mention: Chrome Extension MV3 Template : Supabase Auth, Plasmo, Tailwinds CSS & Shadcn UI | dev.to | 2023-08-13
  • WorkOS

    The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS. The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

    WorkOS logo
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What are some of the best open-source Database projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Prisma 37,076
2 TypeORM 33,253
3 Sequelize 29,026
4 Directus 25,279
5 RxDB 20,542
6 beekeeper-studio 15,240
7 Redis 13,845
8 MongoDB 9,951
9 kysely 9,240
10 nhost 7,512
11 MikroORM 7,122
12 grist-core 6,192
13 teable 5,035
14 sqlectron-gui 4,471
15 slonik 4,367
16 vuefire 3,791
17 express-typescript-boilerplate 3,205
18 cloudbeaver 3,042
19 liveblocks 3,029
20 tad 3,013
21 sequelize-auto 2,858
22 datastation 2,853
23 supabase-js 2,782

The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS
The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.