Trending Makefile Projects

This page lists the top trending projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every week. The last update was on 26 Jul 2021.
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Top 50 Trending Makefile Projects

  • GitHub repo hcert-spec

    Electronic Health Certificates Specification

  • GitHub repo license-list-XML

    This is the repository for the master files that comprise the SPDX License List

  • GitHub repo opentelemetry-proto

    Protobuf definitions for the OpenTelemetry protocol (OTLP)

  • GitHub repo Jumpdrive

    Flash/Rescue SD Card image for PinePhone and PineTab

  • GitHub repo EmuELEC

    EmuELEC, retro emulation for Amlogic devices. Based on CoreELEC. or join us on Discord:

  • GitHub repo opentelemetry-specification

    Specifications for OpenTelemetry

  • GitHub repo riscv-elf-psabi-doc

    A RISC-V ELF psABI Document

  • GitHub repo Procursus

    Modern *OS Bootstrap

  • GitHub repo private-click-measurement

    Private Click Measurement

  • GitHub repo layout-instability

    A proposal for a Layout Instability specification

  • GitHub repo dockerfiles

    Dockerfiles for various pandoc images (by pandoc)

  • GitHub repo wlr-protocols

    Wayland protocols designed for use in wlroots (and other compositors)

  • GitHub repo device_arpi_rpi4

    Device build-config for Raspberry Pi 4

  • GitHub repo floc


  • GitHub repo golang-standards/project-layout

    Standard Go Project Layout

  • GitHub repo getting-started

    This repository is a getting started guide to Singer.

  • GitHub repo unifi-poller

    Application: Collect ALL UniFi Controller, Site, Device & Client Data - Export to InfluxDB or Prometheus

  • GitHub repo freedom-tools

    Tools for SiFive's Freedom Platform

  • GitHub repo turtledove


  • GitHub repo webextensions

    Charter and administrivia for the WebExtensions Community Group (WECG)

  • GitHub repo libretro-thumbnails

    Thumbnails for RetroArch

  • GitHub repo i3-gnome

    Use i3wm/i3-gaps with GNOME Session infrastructure.

  • GitHub repo smi-spec

    Service Mesh Interface

  • GitHub repo Lakka-LibreELEC

    Lakka is a lightweight Linux distribution that transforms a small computer into a full blown game console.

  • GitHub repo spec

    Container Storage Interface (CSI) Specification. (by container-storage-interface)

  • GitHub repo twemoji-color-font

    Twitter Unicode 13.1 emoji color OpenType-SVG font for Linux/MacOS/Windows

  • GitHub repo ecs-refarch-cloudformation

    A reference architecture for deploying containerized microservices with Amazon ECS and AWS CloudFormation (YAML)

  • GitHub repo crystal-book

    Crystal docs at

  • GitHub repo liberation-fonts

    The Liberation(tm) Fonts is a font family which aims at metric compatibility with Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier New.

  • GitHub repo buildroot

    Buildroot, making embedded Linux easy. Note that this is not the official repository, but only a mirror. The official Git repository is at Do not open issues or file pull requests here.

  • GitHub repo helmfiles

    Comprehensive Distribution of Helmfiles for Kubernetes

  • GitHub repo packages

    Community maintained packages for OpenWrt. Documentation for submitting pull requests is in

  • GitHub repo android-libjpeg-turbo

    Standalone configuration for libjpeg-turbo.

  • GitHub repo spksrc

    Cross compilation framework to create native packages for the Synology's NAS

  • GitHub repo buildroot

    Tesla's buildroot repository (by teslamotors)

  • GitHub repo

    Just enough OS for KODI

  • GitHub repo nvidia-docker

    Build and run Docker containers leveraging NVIDIA GPUs

  • GitHub repo theos

    A cross-platform suite of tools for building and deploying software for iOS and other platforms.

  • GitHub repo picture-in-picture

    Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

  • GitHub repo paint-timing

    Paint Timing

  • GitHub repo PostgresApp

    The easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL on the Mac

  • GitHub repo noobs

    NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) - An easy Operating System install manager for the Raspberry Pi

  • GitHub repo Tatoeba-Challenge

  • GitHub repo iso

    Pop!_OS ISO production (by pop-os)

  • GitHub repo docker-ce-packaging

    Packaging scripts for Docker CE

  • GitHub repo jmap

    JSON Meta Application Protocol Specification (JMAP)

  • GitHub repo webappsec-change-password-url

    A Well-Known URL for Changing Passwords

  • GitHub repo league-gothic

    A revival of an old classic, Alternate Gothic #1

  • GitHub repo redox

    Mirror of

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source Makefile projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 hcert-spec 73.0%
2 license-list-XML 17.0%
3 opentelemetry-proto 13.4%
4 Jumpdrive 8.7%
5 EmuELEC 8.3%
6 opentelemetry-specification 7.9%
7 riscv-elf-psabi-doc 7.7%
8 Procursus 7.6%
9 private-click-measurement 7.5%
10 layout-instability 7.4%
11 dockerfiles 5.9%
12 wlr-protocols 5.5%
13 device_arpi_rpi4 5.3%
14 floc 5.1%
15 golang-standards/project-layout 5.0%
16 getting-started 4.9%
17 unifi-poller 4.8%
18 freedom-tools 4.7%
19 turtledove 4.6%
20 webextensions 4.4%
21 libretro-thumbnails 3.9%
22 i3-gnome 3.9%
23 smi-spec 3.3%
24 Lakka-LibreELEC 3.1%
25 spec 3.0%
26 twemoji-color-font 2.9%
27 ecs-refarch-cloudformation 2.7%
28 crystal-book 2.6%
29 liberation-fonts 2.6%
30 buildroot 2.5%
31 helmfiles 2.3%
32 packages 2.1%
33 displaylink-rpm 2.1%
34 android-libjpeg-turbo 2.0%
35 spksrc 2.0%
36 buildroot 1.9%
37 1.9%
38 nvidia-docker 1.9%
39 theos 1.6%
40 picture-in-picture 1.4%
41 paint-timing 1.3%
42 PostgresApp 1.3%
43 noobs 1.0%
44 Tatoeba-Challenge 0.9%
45 iso 0.9%
46 docker-ce-packaging 0.9%
47 jmap 0.7%
48 webappsec-change-password-url 0.7%
49 league-gothic 0.3%
50 redox 0.0%