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  • android-showcase

    💎 Android application following best practices: Kotlin, Coroutines, JetPack, Clean Architecture, Feature Modules, Tests, MVVM, DI, Static Analysis...

    Project mention: Is Jetpack Compose ready for production development? | dev.to | 2022-11-09

    Compose Example App

  • gradle-play-publisher

    GPP is Android's unofficial release automation Gradle Plugin. It can do anything from building, uploading, and then promoting your App Bundle or APK to publishing app listings and other metadata.

    Project mention: Is mobile CI/CD real? | reddit.com/r/androiddev | 2022-10-04

    Kinda. You can set up say a CI on circle ci, and on successful build and tests run it's gonna use this https://github.com/Triple-T/gradle-play-publisher to push to internal test track in play console. And that internal track is available to qa and if we get a green light we can elevate it to release manually

  • SonarQube

    Static code analysis for 29 languages.. Your projects are multi-language. So is SonarQube analysis. Find Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, and Code Smells so you can release quality code every time. Get started analyzing your projects today for free.

  • kotlin-android-template

    Android + Kotlin + Github Actions + ktlint + Detekt + Gradle Kotlin DSL + buildSrc = ❤️

    Project mention: My Github Android Template | dev.to | 2022-03-22

    This happened to me all the time when I wanted to create a new project on my own and it's something that should have a solution to improve the development speed. That's why I researched on the internet and found some examples about it like this. There were plenty of it but no one fit for me since most of them were oriented to use MVP and I'm more into MVVM. That's why I decided to create my own template on github

  • Gradle buildSrcVersions

    Life is too short to google for dependencies and versions

    Project mention: Easy way to migrate to Gradle's version catalog | reddit.com/r/androiddev | 2022-07-21

    As somebody with a deep personal hatred of TOML I recommend refreshVersions https://github.com/jmfayard/refreshVersions just a million times better and will support version catalogs soon maybe

  • material-chip-view

    Material Chip view. Can be used as tags for categories, contacts or creating text clouds

  • MinecraftDev

    Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that gives special support for Minecraft modding projects.

  • ktlint-gradle

    A ktlint gradle plugin

    Project mention: Ktlint automation for a team | reddit.com/r/Kotlin | 2022-03-28

    Ktlint Gradle has a task addKtlintFormatGitPreCommitHook. Never used it though.

  • Scout APM

    Truly a developer’s best friend. Scout APM is great for developers who want to find and fix performance issues in their applications. With Scout, we'll take care of the bugs so you can focus on building great things 🚀.

  • deep-clean

    When Gradle or the IDE let you down, just --nuke all them caches

  • gradle-maven-publish-plugin

    A Gradle plugin that publishes your Android and Kotlin libraries, including sources and javadoc, to Maven Central or any other Nexus instance.

    Project mention: KMM is Awesome ❤️ | reddit.com/r/androiddev | 2022-09-06

    For publishing, I'd say many teams are moving to this: https://github.com/vanniktech/gradle-maven-publish-plugin

  • reposilite

    Lightweight and easy-to-use repository management software dedicated for the Maven based artifacts in the JVM ecosystem 📦

    Project mention: A new tool-author-friendly way to distribute Gradle/Maven dependencies | reddit.com/r/Kotlin | 2022-10-20
  • RocketX

    🔥🔥 android 端编译加速插件🚀 动态识别未改动 module 并在编译流程中替换为 aar ,只编译改动模块,加速 Android apk 的编译速度。

    Project mention: Android build speed optimized cool Tech-Rocketx | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-01-13
  • GitToolBox

    GitToolBox IntelliJ plugin

  • hexagon

    Hexagon is a microservices toolkit written in Kotlin. Its purpose is to ease the building of services (Web applications or APIs) that run inside a cloud platform.

  • Swagger Gradle Codegen

    💫 A Gradle Plugin to generate your networking code from Swagger (by Yelp)

  • marathon

    Cross-platform test runner written for Android and iOS projects (by Malinskiy)

  • JRAW

    The Java Reddit API Wrapper

  • custom-floating-action-button

    This view is for replacement of standard Floating Action Button from Google Support Library. It is easy to use, customizable and you can also add text to button

  • publish-plugin

    Gradle plugin for publishing to Nexus repositories

  • spring-petclinic-kotlin

    Kotlin version of Spring Petclinic

    Project mention: Deploy a Spring Boot Kotlin application with Docker | dev.to | 2022-03-31

    The project we will clone is the Spring Petclinic sample appication in Kotlin. You can find the repository here.

  • hidden-secrets-gradle-plugin

    🔒 Deeply hide secrets on Android

    Project mention: Hiding API keys | reddit.com/r/androiddev | 2022-07-12

    Same, but I use https://github.com/klaxit/hidden-secrets-gradle-plugin for that.

  • idiomatic-gradle

    How do I idiomatically structure a large build with Gradle 7.2+?

    Project mention: For builds: Gradle vs Maven vs IntelliJ | reddit.com/r/Kotlin | 2022-05-25

    I'd suggest getting rid of buildSrc, and just using build composition. I mentioned in another response, but check out https://github.com/jjohannes/idiomatic-gradle for how to use precompiled script plugins that are connected to the project via includedBuilds. The only issues I've had with this are generally resolved by just running the sub-build independently to resolve any caching issues in the 'primary' build. A simple gradlew build --settings-file ./build-logic/settings.gradle.kts run will generally resolve that, and that issue seems largely because of the 'root' build being a peer or anscestor of the included build (due to legacy structure of the project, an issue the linked example repo does not have).

  • CleanArchitecture

    Kotlin backend based on the Clean Architecture principles. Ktor, JWT, Exposed, Flyway, OpenAPI/REST & KGraphQL/GraphQL generated endpoints, Gradle. (by ESchouten)

    Project mention: Any examples of a well designed Java web backend? | reddit.com/r/java | 2022-11-19

    This is my filtered list of open-source projects that I use for learning: https://github.com/codurance/academy-walking-skeleton/blob/main/simpleWebservice/src/main/java/com/kata/SimpleWebservice/UserRepository.java https://github.com/bwajtr/java-persistence-frameworks-comparison https://github.com/thombergs/code-examples/tree/master/spring-boot/spring-boot-testing https://github.com/codurance/all-aboard-backend https://github.com/codurance/gandalf https://github.com/codurance/hotel-kata-boot https://github.com/codurance/hotel-kata-monolith https://github.com/codurance/hotel-kata-raw https://github.com/codurance/mementor https://github.com/codurance/pouch https://github.com/codurance/Retropolis-BE https://github.com/codurance/SalarySlipKata https://github.com/codurance/sessionize https://github.com/codurance/task-list https://github.com/ddd-by-examples/factory https://github.com/doctore/Spring5Microservices https://github.com/eventuate-examples/eventuate-examples-java-customers-and-orders https://github.com/gitpushforcemain/nerdy-jokes-app https://github.com/gothinkster/spring-boot-realworld-example-app https://github.com/gtiwari333/spring-boot-web-application-sample https://github.com/hamvocke/spring-testing https://github.com/hmcts/spring-boot-template https://github.com/IBM/template-java-spring https://github.com/isd-soft https://github.com/jitterted/mobreg https://github.com/jref/covid-19-demo https://github.com/jref/vaccination-start https://github.com/lpalma/merlin https://github.com/mechero/full-reactive-stack https://github.com/mohamed-taman/Springy-Store-Microservices https://github.com/nelkinda https://github.com/OlgaMaciaszek/spring-cloud-netflix-demo https://github.com/pavelfomin/spring-boot-rest-example https://github.com/PravSonawane/fakes-over-mocks https://github.com/remal/java-tools https://github.com/remal/oss-template-java-gradle https://github.com/pavelfomin/resume/blob/master/resume.html.pdf https://github.com/richardjwild/how-to-java https://github.com/rieckpil/java-testing-ecosystem https://github.com/rieckpil/testing-spring-boot-applications-masterclass https://spring.io/guides https://www.javaguides.net/2022/03/spring-boot-unit-testing-service-layer.html?spref=tw https://github.com/spring-petclinic https://github.com/stratospheric-dev/stratospheric https://github.com/tericcabrel/spring-user-management https://github.com/thombergs/buckpal https://github.com/Throyer/springboot-api-rest-example https://github.com/TomSpencerLondon/Quiz https://github.com/vladmihalcea/high-performance-java-persistence https://github.com/Vukan-Markovic/Distributed-information-systems https://github.com/yacekmm/testingDemo https://github.com/kamaruzzaman https://github.com/evrentan?tab=repositories https://github.com/ConstantinKV/demo-sca-provider https://github.com/sqshq/piggymetrics https://github.com/ESchouten/CleanArchitecture https://github.com/CodelyTV/java-ddd-example https://github.com/lsoares/clean-architecture-sample https://github.com/mattia-battiston/clean-architecture-example https://github.com/techyourchance https://github.com/ttulka/ddd-example-ecommerce-microservices https://github.com/ttulka/ddd-example-ecommerce https://github.com/victorrentea/clean-architecture https://github.com/victorrentea/clean-code-java https://github.com/victorrentea/ddd https://github.com/victorrentea/integration-testing-spring

  • Grazel

    A tool to migrate Android projects from Gradle to Bazel incrementally and automatically

    Project mention: Distributed build clusters | reddit.com/r/androiddev | 2022-05-10

    Grazel might be of interest to you if looking to try bazel.

  • InfluxDB

    Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.. InfluxDB is the Time Series Data Platform where developers build real-time applications for analytics, IoT and cloud-native services in less time with less code.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-11-19.

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What are some of the best open-source Gradle projects in Kotlin? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 android-showcase 5,705
2 gradle-play-publisher 3,879
3 kotlin-android-template 1,463
4 Gradle buildSrcVersions 1,452
5 material-chip-view 1,306
6 MinecraftDev 1,083
7 ktlint-gradle 1,083
8 deep-clean 874
9 gradle-maven-publish-plugin 827
10 reposilite 795
11 RocketX 694
12 GitToolBox 509
13 hexagon 409
14 Swagger Gradle Codegen 398
15 marathon 383
16 JRAW 345
17 custom-floating-action-button 344
18 publish-plugin 283
19 spring-petclinic-kotlin 282
20 hidden-secrets-gradle-plugin 263
21 idiomatic-gradle 255
22 CleanArchitecture 250
23 Grazel 222
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