Trending Kotlin Projects

This page lists the top trending Kotlin projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every day. The last update was on 6 Dec 2021.
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Top 50 Trending Kotlin Projects

  • GitHub repo chains

    provides metadata for networkIDs and chainIDs

  • GitHub repo skiko

    Kotlin MPP bindings to Skia

  • GitHub repo jetpack-compose-awesome

    📝 A curated list of awesome Jetpack Compose libraries, projects, articles and resources

  • GitHub repo AnXray

    Another Xray for Android.

  • GitHub repo compose-jb

    Jetpack Compose for Desktop and Web, a modern UI framework for Kotlin that makes building performant and beautiful user interfaces easy and enjoyable.

  • GitHub repo batect

    Build And Testing Environments as Code Tool

  • GitHub repo workflow-kotlin

    A Swift and Kotlin library for making composable state machines, and UIs driven by those state machines.

  • GitHub repo TwidereX-Android

    Next generation of Twidere for Android

  • GitHub repo ksp

    Kotlin Symbol Processing API

  • GitHub repo stream-chat-android

    Official Android SDK for Stream Chat. Powerful client, offline support, and UI component libraries for awesome in-app chat features. Kotlin-first, Open-Source, free for Makers.

  • GitHub repo accompanist

    A collection of extension libraries for Jetpack Compose

  • GitHub repo VancedManager

    Vanced Installer

  • GitHub repo gradle-recipes

    Ready-to-use recipes for common build customizations that showcase the Android Gradle plugin's public APIs and DSL.

  • GitHub repo logcat


  • GitHub repo projector-client

    Common and client-related code for running Swing applications remotely

  • GitHub repo Shizuku

    Using system APIs directly with adb/root privileges from normal apps through a Java process started with app_process.

  • GitHub repo iceraven-browser

    Iceraven Browser

  • GitHub repo AirGuard

    Protect yourself from being tracked 🌍 by AirTags 🏷 and Find My accessories 📍

  • GitHub repo mpv-android

    #mpv-android @

  • GitHub repo EitherNet

    A pluggable sealed API result type for modeling Retrofit responses.

  • GitHub repo Seedvault

    A backup application for the Android Open Source Project.

  • GitHub repo SagerNet

    The universal proxy toolchain for Android

  • GitHub repo ort

    A suite of tools to assist with reviewing Open Source Software dependencies.

  • GitHub repo florisboard

    An open-source keyboard for Android which respects your privacy. Currently in early-beta.

  • GitHub repo turbine

    A small testing library for kotlinx.coroutines Flow

  • GitHub repo compose-samples

    Official Jetpack Compose samples.

  • GitHub repo molecule

    Build a StateFlow stream using Jetpack Compose (by cashapp)

  • GitHub repo element-android

    A glossy Matrix collaboration client for Android.

  • GitHub repo KorGE

    KorGE Game Engine. Multiplatform Kotlin Game Engine

  • GitHub repo projector-server

    Server-side library for running Swing applications remotely

  • GitHub repo android

    :iphone: Home Assistant Companion for Android (by home-assistant)

  • GitHub repo radiography

    Text-ray goggles for your Android UI.

  • GitHub repo storage-samples

    Multiple samples showing the best practices in storage APIs on Android.

  • GitHub repo LiquidBounce

    A free mixin-based injection hacked client for Minecraft using the Fabric API

  • GitHub repo Kaspresso

    Great UI test framework

  • GitHub repo Ktorm

    A lightweight ORM framework for Kotlin with strong-typed SQL DSL and sequence APIs.

  • GitHub repo RetroMusicPlayer

    Best Material You Design music player for Android

  • GitHub repo android-kotlin-fundamentals-apps


  • GitHub repo kotlinx-datetime

    KotlinX multiplatform date/time library

  • GitHub repo chucker

    🔎 An HTTP inspector for Android & OkHTTP (like Charles but on device)

  • GitHub repo Android

    DuckDuckGo Android App (by duckduckgo)

  • GitHub repo UserLAnd

    Main UserLAnd Repository

  • GitHub repo kotlin-wrappers

    Kotlin wrappers for popular JavaScript libraries

  • GitHub repo tasks

    Bringing Astrid Tasks back from the dead

  • GitHub repo Shot

    Screenshot testing library for Android

  • GitHub repo Simple-File-Manager

    Easy app for managing your files without ads, respecting your privacy & security

  • GitHub repo kmongo

    KMongo - a Kotlin toolkit for Mongo

  • GitHub repo kotlinx-cli

    Pure Kotlin implementation of a generic CLI parser.

  • GitHub repo vlc-android

    VLC for Android, Android TV and ChromeOS

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source Kotlin projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 chains 24.6%
2 skiko 23.8%
3 jetpack-compose-awesome 16.2%
4 AnXray 11.6%
5 compose-jb 11.1%
6 batect 8.1%
7 workflow-kotlin 7.9%
8 TwidereX-Android 7.6%
9 ksp 7.5%
10 stream-chat-android 7.5%
11 accompanist 6.9%
12 VancedManager 6.7%
13 gradle-recipes 6.6%
14 logcat 6.4%
15 projector-client 6.4%
16 Shizuku 6.3%
17 iceraven-browser 6.2%
18 AirGuard 6.1%
19 mpv-android 5.5%
20 EitherNet 5.4%
21 Seedvault 5.2%
22 SagerNet 5.0%
23 ort 4.8%
24 florisboard 4.8%
25 turbine 4.8%
26 compose-samples 4.8%
27 molecule 4.4%
28 element-android 4.3%
29 KorGE 4.3%
30 projector-server 4.1%
31 android 4.0%
32 radiography 4.0%
33 kmm-production-sample 4.0%
34 storage-samples 4.0%
35 LiquidBounce 4.0%
36 Kaspresso 3.9%
37 Ktorm 3.9%
38 RetroMusicPlayer 3.7%
39 android-kotlin-fundamentals-apps 3.7%
40 kotlinx-datetime 3.7%
41 chucker 3.6%
42 Android 3.6%
43 UserLAnd 3.5%
44 kotlin-wrappers 3.5%
45 tasks 3.4%
46 Shot 3.4%
47 Simple-File-Manager 3.4%
48 kmongo 3.3%
49 kotlinx-cli 3.3%
50 vlc-android 3.2%