Trending Jinja Projects

This page lists the top trending Jinja projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every day. The last update was on 29 Nov 2021.
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Top 25 Trending Jinja Projects

  • GitHub repo benchmark-operator

    The Chuck Norris of cloud benchmarks

  • GitHub repo awx-operator

    An Ansible AWX operator for Kubernetes built with Operator SDK and Ansible. 🤖

  • GitHub repo selfhost

    Selfhost your Forem Community on your own infrastructure 🎉

  • GitHub repo ansible-avd

    Ansible Arista Validated Design

  • GitHub repo ansible-role-k3s

    Ansible role for installing k3s as either a standalone server or HA cluster.

  • GitHub repo k3s-ansible

  • GitHub repo addon-aircast

    AirCast - Home Assistant Community Add-ons

  • GitHub repo AnsiMail

    Fullstack, security focused mailserver based on OpenSMTPD for OpenBSD using ansible

  • GitHub repo flask-blueprint-tutorial

    :blue_book: :package: Structure your Flask apps in a scalable and intelligent way using Blueprints.

  • GitHub repo addon-unifi

    UniFi Network Application - Home Assistant Community Add-ons

  • GitHub repo attack_range

    A tool that allows you to create vulnerable instrumented local or cloud environments to simulate attacks against and collect the data into Splunk

  • GitHub repo ocp4-helpernode

    This playbook helps set up an "all-in-one" node, that has all the infrastructure/services in order to install OpenShift 4.

  • GitHub repo addon-tasmoadmin

    TasmoAdmin - Home Assistant Community Add-ons

  • GitHub repo

    Your favorite operating systems in one place. A network-based bootable operating system installer based on iPXE.

  • GitHub repo postgres

    Unmodified Postgres with some useful plugins (by supabase)

  • GitHub repo debops

    DebOps - Your Debian-based data center in a box

  • GitHub repo RHEL7-CIS

    Ansible role for Red Hat 7 CIS Baseline (by ansible-lockdown)

  • GitHub repo ansible-collection-hardening

    This Ansible collection provides battle tested hardening for Linux, SSH, nginx, MySQL

  • GitHub repo workshops

    Training Course for Ansible Automation Platform (by ansible)

  • GitHub repo iiab

    Internet-in-a-Box - Build your own LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA with a Raspberry Pi !

  • GitHub repo agnosticd

    Documentation: AgnosticD - Ansible Deployer for multiple Cloud Deployers

  • GitHub repo DevSecOps-Studio

    DevSecOps Distribution - Virtual Environment to learn DevSecOps

  • GitHub repo kubespray

    Deploy a Production Ready Kubernetes Cluster

  • GitHub repo infrastructure

    The infrastructure monorepo for the Rocky Linux project

  • GitHub repo docker

    Official docker-composer for wallabag. (by wallabag)

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source Jinja projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 benchmark-operator 14.1%
2 awx-operator 9.1%
3 selfhost 7.3%
4 ansible-avd 7.0%
5 ansible-role-k3s 6.5%
6 k3s-ansible 6.4%
7 addon-aircast 6.0%
8 AnsiMail 4.9%
9 flask-blueprint-tutorial 4.6%
10 addon-unifi 4.3%
11 attack_range 3.6%
12 ocp4-helpernode 3.1%
13 addon-tasmoadmin 3.1%
14 2.3%
15 postgres 2.1%
16 debops 2.1%
17 RHEL7-CIS 2.0%
18 ansible-collection-hardening 1.6%
19 workshops 1.6%
20 iiab 1.4%
21 agnosticd 1.3%
22 DevSecOps-Studio 1.2%
23 kubespray 1.1%
24 infrastructure 0.8%
25 docker 0.6%