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Stars Project Description
9 1 This repo covers Ansible with LABs: Multipass, Commands, Modules, Playbooks, Tags, Managing Files and Servers, Users, Roles, Handlers, Host Variables, Templates and details.
8 393 The infrastructure monorepo for the Rocky Linux project. This project will be archived/deprecated in the future.
6 3,479 Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker
4 26,485 Set up a personal VPN in the cloud
4 3,683 Your favorite operating systems in one place. A network-based bootable operating system installer based on iPXE.
3 13,179 Deploy a Production Ready Kubernetes Cluster
3 234 Ansible-based solution for rapidly deploying a Docker containerized cloud media server.
2 1,179
2 88 A self-generating story that gets longer the more stars it gets
2 13 Simple Raspberry gateway environment with Pi-Hole, OpenVPN + UI and Internet monitoring, all managed by Portainer.
2 9 A small Python project that generates a minimalistic news site from Reddit posts.
2 2 list of flake8 plugins and their codes
1 1,334 A tool that allows you to create vulnerable instrumented local or cloud environments to simulate attacks against and collect the data into Splunk
1 343 Use a Raspberry Pi, old computer or VM as network storage for different retro computers and consoles
1 179 [mirror] Install and manage self-hosted services/applications, on your own server(s) - ansible collection and utilities
1 29 Ansible playbook for bootstrapping macOS/Linux workstations and managing dotfiles.
1 7 GCP Deployment Manager templates for easy and automated deployments of various Fortigate architectures in Google Compute.
1 7 Ansible playbooks for UPI installation of OpenShift 4 on KVM
1 5 Automatically set up Jellyfin on Hetzner Cloud using Terraform, Ansible and Docker Compose
1 0 An Ansible role to configure a system as a controller node

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