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Mentions Stars Project Description
7 0 Federated Real Time Communication Using Open Protocols
6 80 My home Kubernetes (k3s) cluster managed by GitOps (Flux)
3 153 An Ansible AWX operator for Kubernetes built with Operator SDK and Ansible.
2 1,989 Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker
2 6 CIS Baseline Ansible Role for Ubuntu 18
1 2,147 This Ansible collection provides battle tested hardening for Linux, SSH, nginx, MySQL
1 1,346 A VM for Drupal development
1 984 Training Course for Ansible Automation Platform
1 207 Internet-in-a-Box - Build your own LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA with a Raspberry Pi !
1 80 Ansible role to set up Borg and Borgmatic
1 58 Ansible Role to Automate CIS Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS Remediation
1 49 Official Arch Linux Infrastructure Repository (read-only mirror)
1 10 Ansible collection to install self hosted services
1 8
1 4 Ilkilabs Kubernetes Engine(ILKE) is an open-source Kubernetes lightweight Distribution built on top of CNCF ecosystem that provides an enterprise grade solution following best practices to manage a conformant Kubernetes cluster for on-premise and public cloud providers.
1 3 k3s-cluster files for homelab
1 2 The FortiGate Ansible Zero-Touch-Provisioning (ZTP) Role is a toolset for deploying FortiGates through the FortiManager API. It is designed to help shape organizational workflows by providing pre-configured examples of each step in the process.
1 1 Deploy Rails to AWS.
1 0 Publications and documentation
1 0

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