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  • Previous Serverless Version 0.5.x

    ⚡ Serverless Framework – Build web, mobile and IoT applications with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google CloudFunctions & more! –

    Project mention: Triggering AWS Lambda with SNS Messaging | | 2022-01-11

    Build the API with the Serverless Framework

  • github-readme-stats

    :zap: Dynamically generated stats for your github readmes

    Project mention: How many github projects should i have before applying for and entry level jobs as a Software developer? | | 2022-01-09

    Use this to make your profile look better at glance(for HR specifically, if they decide to look at your profile)

  • OPS

    OPS - Build and Run Open Source Unikernels. Quickly and easily build and deploy open source unikernels in tens of seconds. Deploy in any language to any cloud.

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite is a secure end-to-end backend server for Web, Mobile, and Flutter developers that is packaged as a set of Docker containers for easy deployment 🚀

    Project mention: Introduction To Appwrite: The Open-Source Firebase Alternative That Is Easy to Self-Host 🚀 | | 2022-01-24

    Appwrite is a new open-source, end-to-end service that enables developers of front-end and mobile applications to build apps more quickly. Developers can build advanced apps faster with REST APIs and tools that abstract and simplify common development tasks.

  • functions-samples

    Collection of sample apps showcasing popular use cases using Cloud Functions for Firebase

    Project mention: What is the best way to store user variables such as isSignedIn? | | 2022-01-17
  • examples

    Serverless Examples – A collection of boilerplates and examples of serverless architectures built with the Serverless Framework on AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Functions, and more. (by serverless)

    Project mention: How I created URL shortener using Serverless and MongoDB | | 2022-01-07

    This template does not include any kind of persistence (database). For a more advanced examples check out the examples repo which includes Typescript, Mongo, DynamoDB and other examples.

  • formidable

    The most used, flexible, fast and streaming parser for multipart form data. Supports uploading to serverless environments, AWS S3, Azure, GCP or the filesystem. Used in production.

    Project mention: Best methods of processing file uploads (NodeJS)? | | 2021-09-26 Here's a pretty in depth tutorial that explains the data, and how you can parse it using a third party library.

  • react-firebase-starter

    Boilerplate (seed) project for creating web apps with React.js, GraphQL.js and Relay

    Project mention: 12+ React Boilerplates & Starter Kits For Developers In 2021 | | 2021-05-11


  • Scout APM

    Less time debugging, more time building. Scout APM allows you to find and fix performance issues with no hassle. Now with error monitoring and external services monitoring, Scout is a developer's best friend when it comes to application development.

  • serverless-offline

    Emulate AWS λ and API Gateway locally when developing your Serverless project

    Project mention: Developing against the Cloud | | 2021-06-01

    There are some great tools such as serverless offline, SAM local, and the architect framework, but I propose that we consider a different way forward - a cloud development environment.

  • serverless-express

    Run Node.js web applications and APIs using existing application frameworks on AWS #serverless technologies such as Lambda, API Gateway, [email protected], and ALB.

    Project mention: AWS Lambda: Can you have too many? Or is it more nuanced than that? | | 2021-12-08

    Some people like the Unix philosophy of "Do one thing and do it well" for Lambdas, others would build a monolithic app using a single Lambda with built in "routes". Both designs have pros and cons.

  • lib

    Autocode CLI and standard library tooling

  • aws-serverless-workshops

    Code and walkthrough labs to set up serverless applications for Wild Rydes workshops

    Project mention: Getting Experience with Cloud Services | | 2021-11-06

    Personally, the most time-efficient way to learn AWS services has been by taking some of the hands-on workshops like these:

  • Grant

    OAuth Proxy

    Project mention: Made an API(Express, Node)and Frontend(React). Now i want to add Authentication feature so that when user logs in, only then he lands on my Home Page.Sugggest good Resouces for these steps... | | 2021-12-11

    An alternative to passport is

  • embark-framework

    Framework for serverless Decentralized Applications using Ethereum, IPFS and other platforms

    Project mention: Top 5 decentralized app development frameworks | | 2021-11-29

    Embark has slightly more stars from the GitHub community than Hardhat, coming in at about 3.4k stars. It also comes with a UI dashboard that gives a survey of the processes Embark is working on for those interested in deploying to the web rather than a console.

  • aws-lambda-power-tuning

    AWS Lambda Power Tuning is an open-source tool that can help you visualize and fine-tune the memory/power configuration of Lambda functions. It runs in your own AWS account - powered by AWS Step Functions - and it supports three optimization strategies: cost, speed, and balanced.

    Project mention: How to Use Source Maps in TypeScript Lambda Functions (with Benchmarks) | | 2022-01-24

    I used autocannon to test the function at 100 concurrent executions for 30 seconds. I also used Lambda Power Tuning to find the ideal memory configuration, which proved to be 512MB. All the results are available.

  • middy

    🛵 The stylish Node.js middleware engine for AWS Lambda

    Project mention: First Look at Lambda Powertools TypeScript | | 2022-01-10

    I'm a big fan of TypeScript and in fact co-authored a book about it. I don't find myself using Java or Python much, so while I've been interested in Lambda Powertools, I never tried it out until now. Lambda Powertools TypeScript joins middy and DAZN Lambda Powertools in the Lambda tooling space for the Node.js runtime. Two things that differentiate Lambda Powertools TypeScript from comparable libraries are it is sponsored by AWS and it supports decorators.

  • components

    The Serverless Framework's new infrastructure provisioning technology — Build, compose, & deploy serverless apps in seconds... (by serverless)

  • architect

    The simplest, most powerful way to build serverless applications

    Project mention: How to Use Source Maps in TypeScript Lambda Functions (with Benchmarks) | | 2022-01-24

    Alternately, use Architect. Architect is a 3rd party developer experience that builds on top of AWS SAM. Architect includes a TypeScript plugin.

  • MoonMail

    Email marketing platform for bulk emailing via Amazon SES (Google Cloud Platform and Azure coming soon)

    Project mention: What does your tech stack look like for onboarding & user data? | | 2021-10-28

    Moonmail last updated 3 years ago so dont recommend it

  • serverless-webpack

    Serverless plugin to bundle your lambdas with Webpack

    Project mention: Package your NodeJS Lambda functions individually with esbuild for faster cold-start times | | 2022-01-04

    The serverless framework supports an excellent workflow with the serverless-webpack plugin to package your functions individually with webpack. For AWS SAM, it's probably worth checking out the aws-sam-webpack-plugin, but I've found it far simpler to configure esbuild to perform the same task.

  • formio

    A Form and Data Management Platform for Progressive Web Applications.

    Project mention: A self-hosted form-builder? | | 2021-08-09

    Ive used this professionally before


    Encrypt and Decrypt files securely in your browser.

    Project mention: Major file encryption software now accepts monero donations. | | 2021-12-30
  • oc

    OpenComponents, serverless in the front-end world for painless micro-frontends delivery

    Project mention: Choosing a Micro Frontend Framework | | 2021-04-04

    Open Components - Although this one technically supports client-side composition, the registry piece requires more backend services. It also allows server-side rendering, and seems to be well-supported over time. Their documentation setup seemed similar to single-spa in simple complexity and succinct, easy-to-understand documentation.

  • lambda-api

    Lightweight web framework for your serverless applications

    Project mention: Sharing my Serverless Starter Template with Serverless Framework + Live Reload + Offline Support + ExpressJS + TypeScript + ESLint + Prettier + Husky + Lint-Staged + Dotenv + VSCode | | 2021-07-02
NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-01-24.

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What are some of the best open-source Serverless projects in JavaScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Previous Serverless Version 0.5.x 41,755
2 github-readme-stats 36,227
3 Appwrite 15,881
4 functions-samples 10,642
5 examples 9,808
6 formidable 6,125
7 react-firebase-starter 4,373
8 serverless-offline 4,366
9 serverless-express 4,294
10 lib 3,772
11 aws-serverless-workshops 3,546
12 Grant 3,534
13 embark-framework 3,514
14 aws-lambda-power-tuning 3,114
15 middy 2,667
16 components 2,268
17 architect 1,967
18 MoonMail 1,775
19 serverless-webpack 1,594
20 formio 1,449
21 1,233
22 oc 1,211
23 lambda-api 1,070
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