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Top 23 JavaScript Performance Projects

  • react-virtualized

    React components for efficiently rendering large lists and tabular data

    Project mention: Effectively rendering lists using the `useMemo` hook in React.js | | 2022-05-05

    If you have trouble rendering a huge list of items, what you probably want to do is to only render a subset of it. This can by achieved by doing infinite scroll, or by using heavier stuff like react-virtualized and react-window are great libs to achieve this.

  • fastify

    Fast and low overhead web framework, for Node.js

    Project mention: Better Backend DX: Fastify + ESBuild = ⚡️ | | 2022-05-09

    Why did I choose Fastify?

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support . Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

  • sharp

    High performance Node.js image processing, the fastest module to resize JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF and TIFF images. Uses the libvips library.

    Project mention: Need to mass compress gifs | | 2022-05-09

    If you have some Node and command line experience, check out Sharp. It’s an amazingly powerful image optimization tool used as the backbone of many image optimization services/apps.

  • ava

    Node.js test runner that lets you develop with confidence 🚀

    Project mention: Meta Open Source is transferring Jest to the OpenJS Foundation | | 2022-05-12

    JavaScript data grid with a spreadsheet look & feel. Works with React, Angular, and Vue. Supported by the Handsontable team ⚡

    Project mention: Trying to recommend a library for data tables. Does anyone know an excellent data table library that goes hard into data table stuff? Working on a data heavy product where people need to do a lot with data tables. Wondering if there are any stand out libraries peeps have used first hand. | | 2022-04-30

    handsontable is pretty decent, as long as you don't attach too much custom stuff to it.

  • lazysizes

    High performance and SEO friendly lazy loader for images (responsive and normal), iframes and more, that detects any visibility changes triggered through user interaction, CSS or JavaScript without configuration.

    Project mention: Native lazyload images vs other libraries | | 2021-12-07

    Since browsers support native lazy-loading, do we need libraries like this

  • inferno

    :fire: An extremely fast, React-like JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces

    Project mention: Solid vs React - the Fastest VS the Most Popular UI Library | | 2021-06-30

    Some might argue that React’s relatively poor performance (it’s still plenty-fast for many apps) is due to Virtual DOM and prioritization of development experience, i.e., clarity over complexity. To counter the first argument - there’s React-like Inferno. For the second one - there’s Solid.

  • Scout APM

    Less time debugging, more time building. Scout APM allows you to find and fix performance issues with no hassle. Now with error monitoring and external services monitoring, Scout is a developer's best friend when it comes to application development.

  • why-did-you-render

    why-did-you-render by Welldone Software monkey patches React to notify you about potentially avoidable re-renders. (Works with React Native as well.)

    Project mention: Is component getting rerendered multiple times such a big deal | | 2022-04-14
  • uPlot

    📈 A small, fast chart for time series, lines, areas, ohlc & bars

    Project mention: It's always been you, Canvas2D | | 2022-03-04

    you can use matchMedia to detect devicePixelRatio changes and re-sync:

    everything stays crisp even as you browser-zoom. e.g.

  • Clusterize.js

    Tiny vanilla JS plugin to display large data sets easily

    Project mention: Rendering large datasets in Vue.js | | 2021-09-10

    The difference in performance after adding this plugin is remarkable. However, if you need to be sure, there’s a compelling example at the top of their website that allows you to easily compare a regular table to a Clusterize.js-optimized table. Make sure you check out their playground, too, for even more proof.

  • lozad.js

    🔥 Highly performant, light ~1kb and configurable lazy loader in pure JS with no dependencies for responsive images, iframes and more

    Project mention: 15 JavaScript GitHub Repos You Should Check Out | | 2022-01-31


  • FuseBox

    A blazing fast js bundler/loader with a comprehensive API :fire:

    Project mention: Building a Webpack alternative in F# | | 2021-12-16

    At the time I had been exploring alternatives to Webpack like fuse-box, parcel, and esbuild. Around the same time I was made aware aware that browsers had already implemented [ESM modules], so technically as long as you produced HTML, CSS, and JS you didn't need any kind of pre-processing at all.

  • Cider

    A new cross-platform Apple Music experience based on Electron and Vue.js written from scratch with performance in mind. 🚀

    Project mention: which app will you install first? | | 2022-05-13

    For Apple Music you can use Cider.

  • aws-lambda-power-tuning

    AWS Lambda Power Tuning is an open-source tool that can help you visualize and fine-tune the memory/power configuration of Lambda functions. It runs in your own AWS account - powered by AWS Step Functions - and it supports three optimization strategies: cost, speed, and balanced.

    Project mention: Optimize your workloads for Sustainability | | 2022-05-02

    Use tools like AWS lambda power tuning, and AWS Compute Optimizer to right-size your resources. In addition, you should use Auto Scaling to automatically scale up and down based on demand. To improve the overall resource efficiency and reduce idle capacity in the entire Cloud AWS, use Amazon EC2 Spot Instances. Spot Instances are unused EC2 capacity in AWS, this instance also gives you up to a 90% discount compared to On-Demand prices. If you are using EKS you should follow the EKS Best Practices Guides - especially the Auto Scaling guide to improve the utilization of your nodes. Moreover, you should generally adopt a serverless, event-driven architecture to maximize overall resource utilization.

  • react-virtual

    ⚛️ Hooks for virtualizing scrollable elements in React

    Project mention: React Hyper Scroller v3 released! | | 2021-11-24

    One thing to keep in mind is that React Hyper Scroller may not be the best for all use-cases. If it doesn't work for you, there are very cool alternatives like react-window, react-virtualized or react-virtual.

  • aimeos

    Integrated online shop based on Laravel 8 and the Aimeos e-commerce framework for ultra-fast online shops, scalable marketplaces, complex B2B applications and #gigacommerce

  • taskr

    A fast, concurrency-focused task automation tool.

  • react-lite

    An implementation of React v15.x that optimizes for small script size

  • react-performance

    Let's make our apps fast ⚡

    Project mention: Why do we use Context API with useMemo when we pass State to it? I can't get my head around it. | | 2022-03-19
  • React Lifecycle Visualizer

    Real-time visualizer for React lifecycle methods

  • three-mesh-bvh

    A BVH implementation to speed up raycasting and enable spatial queries against three.js meshes.

    Project mention: Super Soldier Battle Game - Three.js - AWS Serverless | | 2022-03-28

    The game is currently unplayable for me (10fps) and I can run Witcher 3, so I definitely should be able to run this. You need to do some heavy optimizations. Looking at the console, while there is a high amount of time spent on rendering, over half the frame is spent on raycasting. You have to either reduce the amount of raycasters in your game, reduce the number of objects raycast against, divide meshes into smaller chunks (default raycast loops through entire geometry, so highpoly large meshes are really bad for you) and/or use BVH to speed up raycasting

  • import-cost

    displays the import size of the package you are importing inside the code editor

    Project mention: Good import cost plugin | | 2021-09-21

    coc-import-cost seem have been maintained better.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-05-13.

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What are some of the best open-source Performance projects in JavaScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 react-virtualized 23,591
2 fastify 23,051
3 sharp 22,230
4 ava 19,779
6 lazysizes 16,109
7 inferno 15,383
8 why-did-you-render 8,576
9 uPlot 7,096
10 Clusterize.js 7,038
11 lozad.js 7,013
12 FuseBox 4,051
13 Cider 3,630
14 aws-lambda-power-tuning 3,482
15 react-virtual 2,730
16 aimeos 2,644
17 taskr 2,431
18 js-search 1,967
19 react-lite 1,732
20 react-performance 1,389
21 React Lifecycle Visualizer 1,250
22 three-mesh-bvh 1,158
23 import-cost 1,156
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