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  • GitHub repo awesome-cheatsheets

    👩‍💻👨‍💻 Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools. They include everything you should know in one single file.

    Project mention: Cheatsheets | | 2021-11-18

    Expected to see Pyhthon there, but didn't. Then I looked in the repo, and there it was, just not linked on the front?

  • GitHub repo Portainer

    Making Docker and Kubernetes management easy.

    Project mention: Kubernetes Cluster API v1.0, Production Ready | | 2021-11-27

    Here's a tutorial about stacks:

    You'll probably want to read up on the Compose specification and the values that Docker Swarm and Docker Compose support since last i checked there were some differences in v2 / v3 (which many people still use):

    Of course, if you want a less steep learning curve for actually running Swarm, depending on your personal preferences (GUI vs CLI), you might want to have a look at Portainer, which is a lovely and simple dashboard:

    From there, it should mostly be a matter of running multiple replicas of each of your services and doing rolling updates, while having a stable load balancer in front of everyhing:

    Also, you'll probably want health checks because Swarm can then route traffic to containers only after they have truly started:

  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo JHipster

    JHipster is a development platform to quickly generate, develop, & deploy modern web applications & microservice architectures.

    Project mention: YAML: It's Time to Move On | | 2021-11-14

    Thanks for the link, but not necessarily.

    How WSDL and the code generation around it worked, was that you'd have a specification of the web API (much like OpenAPI attempts to do), which you could feed into any number of code generators, to get output code which has no coupling to the actual generator at runtime, whereas Pyotr is geared more towards validation and goes into the opposite direction:

    The best analogy that i can think of is how you can also do schema first application development - you do your SQL migrations (ideally in an automated way as well) and then just run a command locally to generate all of the data access classes and/or models for your database tables within your application. That way, you save your time for 80% of the boring and repetitive stuff while minimizing the risks of human error and inconsistencies, while nothing preventing you from altering the generated code if you have specific needs (outside of needing to make it non overrideable, for example, a child class of a generated class). Of course, there's no reason why this can't be applied to server code either - write the spec first and generate stubs for endpoints that you'll just fill out.

    Similarly there shouldn't be a need for a special client to generate stubs for OpenAPI, the closest that Python in particular has for now is this

    However, for some reason, model driven development never really took off, outside of niche frameworks, like JHipster:

    Furthermore, for whatever reason formal specs for REST APIs also never really got popular and aren't regarded as the standard, which to me seems silly: every bit of client code that you write will need a specific version to work against, which should be formalized.

  • GitHub repo Appwrite

    Appwrite is a secure end-to-end backend server for Web, Mobile, and Flutter developers that is packaged as a set of Docker containers for easy deployment 🚀

    Project mention: Appwrite's Hacktoberfest '21 Journey | | 2021-11-26

    OpenStreetMap previews

  • GitHub repo Reaction Commerce

    Mailchimp Open Commerce is an API-first, headless commerce platform built using Node.js, React, GraphQL. Deployed via Docker and Kubernetes.

    Project mention: Best Node Js E Commerce Frameworks | | 2021-03-08 always looked promising to me.

  • GitHub repo SpaceX-API

    :rocket: Open Source REST API for SpaceX launch, rocket, core, capsule, starlink, launchpad, and landing pad data.

    Project mention: A good way to start exploring APIs (for beginners) | | 2021-10-19

    I like this unofficial SpaceX API. I am using it in examples for API-related tutorials and to train less experience technical personnel. Works like a charm so far :)

  • GitHub repo SocketCluster

    Highly scalable realtime framework

    Project mention: SocketCluster. The most underrated framework. Part 1: Intoduction | | 2021-03-30

    SocketCluster is a framework which allows you to use the WebSocket protocol the transmit between its backend API and client library. The client can be used both on a backend (E.g. a Raspberry pi) or frontend application.

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo SingleFile

    Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome/MS Edge and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of an entire web page in a single HTML file

    Project mention: Ask HN: What browser extensions are a must-have for HNers in 2021? | | 2021-11-22
  • GitHub repo dockerode

    Docker + Node = Dockerode (Node.js module for Docker's Remote API)

    Project mention: Dockerode Cluster with null port binding | | 2021-06-22

    Hey folks, I am facing this issue:

  • GitHub repo maildev

    :mailbox: SMTP Server + Web Interface for viewing and testing emails during development.

    Project mention: Django Mail Debug with MailDev w/ Docker for four Steps. | | 2021-02-17

    In my case, I used docker-compose to do this, but please read accordingly. Of course, you can also use Docker commands to run it, and even if you don't have Docker environment, you can install and use it with npm command. For more information, please look at official document here .

  • GitHub repo dockly

    Immersive terminal interface for managing docker containers and services

    Project mention: I created an htop-like terminal dashboard for viewing and managing docker containers, written in Node | | 2021-06-29

    ✅ It's open source (

  • GitHub repo docker-jitsi-meet

    Jitsi Meet on Docker

    Project mention: Friendly reminders | | 2021-09-27

    download the latest release from (at time of writing stable-6173: release)

  • GitHub repo play-with-docker

    You know it, you use it, now it's time to improve it. PWD!.

    Project mention: SSH Access on | | 2021-03-02

    Hello friends, I'm currently learning K8 and playing it around at This is an awesome tool! Does anyone know a way to SSH into my instances? I know in, SSH is possible. I tried to enable SSH on the instance itself but my connection is being dropped when I SSH from my local machine. Tried to dig google but negative. Thx

  • GitHub repo crypto-trading-bot

    Cryptocurrency trading bot in javascript for Bitfinex, Bitmex, Binance, FTX, Bybit ... (public edition)

    Project mention: It has come to my attention 29% of all ADA isn't staked. Stake now people! | | 2021-05-30

    Exactly! 71% of Ada is staked. The more ada leaves the exchanges the more stable ada becomes. The exchanges use trade bots to sell ada and compensate losses of BTC and ETH.

  • GitHub repo slim

    Build and run tiny vms from Dockerfiles. Small and sleek. (by ottomatica)

    Project mention: Can we build Micro VMs with Dockerfile? : Answer is Yes !!! | | 2021-07-06

    View on GitHub

  • GitHub repo JD_tencent_scf


    Project mention: Top 10 trending github repos of the week🚽. | | 2021-11-05
  • GitHub repo Enterprise

    🦄 The Enterprise™ programming language

    Project mention: joaomilho/Enterprise | | 2021-07-02
  • GitHub repo Planka

    The realtime kanban board for workgroups built with React and Redux.

    Project mention: I made a quick video about Planka. An awesome alternative to Trello for project management. | | 2021-09-26
  • GitHub repo ytdl-webserver

    📻 Webserver for downloading youtube videos. Ready for docker.

    Project mention: Opinions on self-hosted Youtube Downloaders | | 2021-10-26

    YouTube Downloader

  • GitHub repo TileServer GL

    Vector and raster maps with GL styles. Server side rendering by Mapbox GL Native. Map tile server for Mapbox GL JS, Android, iOS, Leaflet, OpenLayers, GIS via WMTS, etc.

    Project mention: XYZ Vector tile server | | 2021-10-06
  • GitHub repo S3 Server

    Zenko CloudServer, an open-source Node.js implementation of the Amazon S3 protocol on the front-end and backend storage capabilities to multiple clouds, including Azure and Google.

    Project mention: looking for file upload script/software | | 2021-10-24

    For the project, you can deploy free solutions like Minio, Scality Server to create and provide S3 compatible object storage for your clients, to which they can upload their data using any S3 client. You let the create personal folders known as buckets and upload data there.

  • GitHub repo composerize

    🏃→🎼 docker run asdlksjfksdf > docker-composerize up

    Project mention: I'm really trying to wrap my head around docker | | 2021-11-21

    It's really just a docker-run wrapper yes. I find it much easier to edit / keep track of my settings, but it's a personal preference probably. For my multi-container scenarios that daisy-chain it's much much easier (for me anyway). And not all containers have docker-compose.yaml examples, so you'd want to know about "".

  • GitHub repo hashi-ui

    A modern user interface for @hashicorp Consul & Nomad

    Project mention: Harbormaster: The anti-Kubernetes for your personal server | | 2021-08-19

    Nomad also scales really well. In my experience swarm had a lot of issues with going above 10 machines in a cluster. Stuck containers, containers that are there but swarm can't see them and more. But still i loved using swarm with my 5 node arm cluster, it is a good place to start when you hit the limit of a single node.

    > The only serious downsides is having to use the HCL DSL ( ) and their web UI being read only in the last versions that i checked.

    1. IIRC you can run jobs directly from UI now, but IMO this is kinda useless. Running a job is simple as 'nomad run jobspec.nomad'. You can also run a great alternative UI ( ).

    2. IMO HCL > YAML for job definitions. I've used both extensively and HCL always felt much more human friendly. The way K8s uses YAML looks to me like stretching it to it's limits and barely readable at times with templates.

    One thing that makes nomad a go-to for me is that it is able to run workloads pretty much anywhere. Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Illumos and ofc Mac.

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What are some of the best open-source Docker projects in JavaScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 awesome-cheatsheets 25,722
2 Portainer 20,252
3 JHipster 19,067
4 Appwrite 14,294
5 Reaction Commerce 11,559
6 SpaceX-API 8,932
7 SocketCluster 5,862
8 SingleFile 4,329
9 dockerode 3,396
10 maildev 3,077
11 dockly 3,024
12 docker-jitsi-meet 2,340
13 play-with-docker 2,084
14 crypto-trading-bot 2,005
15 slim 1,896
16 JD_tencent_scf 1,547
17 Enterprise 1,484
18 Planka 1,392
19 ytdl-webserver 1,356
20 TileServer GL 1,354
21 S3 Server 1,278
22 composerize 1,268
23 hashi-ui 1,178
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