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  • ShellCheck

    ShellCheck, a static analysis tool for shell scripts

    Project mention: cp: no such file or directory | reddit.com/r/bash | 2023-02-05
  • pandoc

    Universal markup converter

    Project mention: Do shells have a command equivalent of the "|" pipe symbol? I need something like that in org tables. | reddit.com/r/emacs | 2023-02-07

    It is. It is designed by the author of pandoc, John MacFarlane. He wanted a markup format that can be parsed unambiguously.

  • SonarQube

    Static code analysis for 29 languages.. Your projects are multi-language. So is SonarQube analysis. Find Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, and Code Smells so you can release quality code every time. Get started analyzing your projects today for free.

  • postgrest

    REST API for any Postgres database

    Project mention: Advice on ORMs with REST/GraphQL & Hasura/PostGraphile implementation | reddit.com/r/PostgreSQL | 2023-02-01
  • hadolint

    Dockerfile linter, validate inline bash, written in Haskell

    Project mention: Checkmake: Experimental Linter/Analyzer for Makefiles | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-08-14

    Some discussion on that here:


    The hadolint project does shell checking for Dockerfiles and it uses shellcheck:


    So the approach is definitely feasible, but you do need a new project and probably it needs to be written in Haskell.

  • purescript

    A strongly-typed language that compiles to JavaScript

    Project mention: 10 years of Scala.js | reddit.com/r/programming | 2023-02-05
  • unison

    A friendly programming language from the future

    Project mention: C++ evolution vs C++ successor languages. Circle's feature pragmas let you select your own "evolver language." | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2023-01-23

    in haskell it looks like this, you specify the language extensions you want at the top of the source files: https://github.com/unisonweb/unison/blob/trunk/unison-core/src/Unison/ABT.hs

  • ihp

    🔥 The fastest way to build type safe web apps. IHP is a new batteries-included web framework optimized for longterm productivity and programmer happiness

    Project mention: IHP Haskell Framework v1.0.1 has been released | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-02-06
  • InfluxDB

    Build time-series-based applications quickly and at scale.. InfluxDB is the Time Series Platform where developers build real-time applications for analytics, IoT and cloud-native services. Easy to start, it is available in the cloud or on-premises.

  • xmonad

    The core of xmonad, a small but functional ICCCM-compliant tiling window manager

    Project mention: Developers How Do You Organize your Windows | reddit.com/r/ultrawidemasterrace | 2022-12-30
  • eta

    The Eta Programming Language, a dialect of Haskell on the JVM

    Project mention: Any downsides to an exogenous type system vs integrated? | reddit.com/r/ProgrammingLanguages | 2022-10-17

    Facebook says that Flow is not a language, but just a type checker. Meanwhile TypeLead says Eta is a language. Both stances are purely arbitrary, and to me they're dialects of ECMAScript and Haskell respectively. In this sense, the difference between exogenous and "integrated" is purely one of terminology, and one on which people do not agree on.

  • wire-server

    🇪🇺 Wire back-end services

    Project mention: Few thoughts to stay secure in an Online World | reddit.com/r/Entrepreneur | 2022-12-19

    Use encrypted messaging apps. Several apps allow you to connect with others securely if you're using a smartphone. These include Signal and WhatsApp (both owned by Facebook), as well as Telegram and Wire (owned by Google). These services use end-to-end encryption, so they don't store any data on their servers or share it with anyone else.

  • koka

    Koka language compiler and interpreter

    Project mention: What features would you want in a new programming language? | reddit.com/r/ProgrammingLanguages | 2023-01-03

    It also offers a great Inversion of Control mechanism where everything is customisable, and, unlike Capability Objects, AESs also offer compatibility with type inference (you can pass functions doing IO to map, and it Just Works(TM)) and first-class control over stack frames (because really a continuation function is just some stack frames, which you can manually move to the heap if you want a closure; which means async is an effect!). It also is composable in ways Monads are not.

  • wiwinwlh

    What I Wish I Knew When Learning Haskell

    Project mention: Wren is a small, fast, class-based concurrent scripting language | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-08-28

    Many libraries try to stick to Haskell 98. Also whenever someone writes a paper about some new techniques, they always seem to take a lot of pleasure in pointing out when their technique works in Haskell 98.

    I like that you can mix and match GHC extensions even in the same project. So one library (or even just one module) might use some crazy and messy extensions, but you can still use it from vanilla Haskell.

    http://dev.stephendiehl.com/hask/#language-extensions has a list of extensions and some judgement on them.

    For example, I really like TupleSections. They are not strictly necessary for anything, they are purely cosmetic / syntactic sugar. But they also don't cause any mess. https://ghc.gitlab.haskell.org/ghc/doc/users_guide/exts/tupl...

    Also: TypedHoles are really neat for developing, and will never show up in your final code. https://ghc.gitlab.haskell.org/ghc/doc/users_guide/exts/type...

  • simplex-chat

    SimpleX - the first messaging platform operating without user identifiers of any kind - 100% private by design! iOS and Android apps are released 📱!

    Project mention: SimpleX Chat – the 1st messenger without user IDs (not even random numbers) – v4.5 released with multiple user profiles and transport isolation! | reddit.com/r/selfhosted | 2023-02-06

    The guide for deploying your server(s) is here: https://github.com/simplex-chat/simplex-chat/blob/stable/docs/SERVER.md

  • hledger

    Robust, fast, intuitive plain text accounting tool with CLI, TUI and web interfaces.

    Project mention: is there a open-source-alternative to GnuCash!? | reddit.com/r/GnuCash | 2023-01-22

    Hledger (https://hledger.org/) is another good PTA option. I've been using it for our family finances for a few years now.

  • haskell-language-server

    Official haskell ide support via language server (LSP). Successor of ghcide & haskell-ide-engine.

    Project mention: Haskell-Language-Server v1.9.0.0 | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-12-26
  • wasp

    A programming language that understands what a web app is.

    Project mention: I made a DEEP WORK discord bot & dashboard | reddit.com/r/FullStack | 2023-02-04

    I built the bot off a typescript discordjs template I found on Replit.com. The Dashboard is built with Wasp (a full-stack React and ExpressJS framework that makes prototyping super quick) and with [recharts](https://www.npmjs.com/package/recharts) (a sexy charts package built on top of D3js). On the backend, I do a lot of work to the data to be able to pass it in different categories to the frontend

  • miso

    :ramen: A tasty Haskell front-end framework

    Project mention: School of Haskell: Basics | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-11-11
  • patat

    Terminal-based presentations using Pandoc

    Project mention: Dhall: A Gateway Drug to Haskell | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-06-07
  • servant

    Main repository for the servant libraries — DSL for describing, serving, querying, mocking, documenting web applications and more!

    Project mention: Question: Servant with NamedRoutes and Swagger | reddit.com/r/haskell | 2022-11-25

    a HasSwagger instance for NamedRoutes was added in May 2022 (in this commit) but there hasn't been a package release since March

  • taskell

    Command-line Kanban board/task manager with support for Trello boards and GitHub projects

    Project mention: Kanban Board for the Command Line | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-09-20
  • aur

    A secure, multilingual package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR.

    Project mention: Dhall: A Gateway Drug to Haskell | news.ycombinator.com | 2022-06-07
  • Cabal

    Official upstream development repository for Cabal and cabal-install

    Project mention: The best way to add a flag to copy documentation to given location? | reddit.com/r/haskell | 2023-02-05

    I created this issue a few months ago: https://github.com/haskell/cabal/issues/8270

  • grenade

    Deep Learning in Haskell

    Project mention: Haskell deep learning tutorials [Blog] | reddit.com/r/haskell | 2023-01-23

    Grenade is fun, but it does not support CUDA, so it will limit you. I would say that this was a great experiment that has influenced the Hasktorch library in different ways (let me know if I am wrong).

  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

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Project Stars
1 ShellCheck 31,292
2 pandoc 27,803
3 postgrest 19,992
4 hadolint 8,088
5 purescript 7,994
6 unison 5,028
7 ihp 3,832
8 xmonad 2,854
9 eta 2,567
10 wire-server 2,503
11 koka 2,478
12 wiwinwlh 2,432
13 simplex-chat 2,367
14 hledger 2,291
15 haskell-language-server 2,284
16 wasp 2,261
17 miso 2,036
18 patat 1,902
19 servant 1,679
20 taskell 1,537
21 aur 1,476
22 Cabal 1,453
23 grenade 1,407
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SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives