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  • AdGuardHome

    Network-wide ads & trackers blocking DNS server

  • Project mention: AdFlush | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-05-29

    Try AdGuardHome. https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome

    I basically have all my devices use it when I am on my network, and when I am off my network, my Wireguard connection (or Tailscale depending...) uses my home DNS server.

  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

    InfluxDB logo
  • sourcegraph

    Code AI platform with Code Search & Cody

  • Project mention: Local and offline AI code assistant for VS Code with Ollama and Sourcegraph | dev.to | 2024-06-07

    I recently learned that Sourcegraph's AI coding assistant Cody can be used offline by connecting it to a local running Ollama server.

  • awesomo

    Cool open source projects. Choose your project and get involved in Open Source development now.

  • komiser

    Open-source cloud-environment inspector. Supporting AWS, GCP, Azure, and more! Your cloud resources will have nowhere to hide!

  • Project mention: Komiser – Your cloud resources will have nowhere to hide | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-10-17
  • Ory Oathkeeper

    A cloud native Identity & Access Proxy / API (IAP) and Access Control Decision API that authenticates, authorizes, and mutates incoming HTTP(s) requests. Inspired by the BeyondCorp / Zero Trust white paper. Written in Go.

  • storj

    Ongoing Storj v3 development. Decentralized cloud object storage that is affordable, easy to use, private, and secure.

  • Project mention: Do you donate your CPU time, storage, or bandwidth from your homelab to any altruistic purpose? | /r/homelab | 2023-10-16

    I did storj.io but was not profitable and the support was worthless. Did join NTP Pool (as I have a stratum 2 GPS NTP) but the power supply died and I haven't been able to get time to fix it.

  • Wave Terminal

    An Open-Source, AI-Native, Terminal Built for Seamless Workflows.

  • Project mention: Show HN: ffmpeg-english "capture from /dev/video0 every 1 second to jpg files" | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-05-19
  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

    SaaSHub logo
  • incubator-devlake

    Apache DevLake is an open-source dev data platform to ingest, analyze, and visualize the fragmented data from DevOps tools, extracting insights for engineering excellence, developer experience, and community growth.

  • Fleet

    Open-source platform for IT, security, and infrastructure teams. (Linux, macOS, Chrome, Windows, cloud, data center) (by fleetdm)

  • Project mention: Osquery: An sqlite3 virtual table exposing operating system data to SQL | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-02-25

    Yo! We're working on the fix. You can track progress here: https://github.com/fleetdm/fleet/issues/17165

  • dnsproxy

    Simple DNS proxy with DoH, DoT, DoQ and DNSCrypt support

  • Project mention: AdGuard Simple DNS Proxy with DoH, DoT, DoQ and DNSCrypt Support | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-04-02
  • kubeblocks

    KubeBlocks is an open-source control plane that runs and manages databases, message queues and other data infrastructure on K8s.

  • Project mention: An open source RDS alternative on K8s | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-05-15
  • fasten-onprem

    Fasten is an open-source, self-hosted, personal/family electronic medical record aggregator, designed to integrate with 100,000's of insurances/hospitals/clinics

  • Project mention: Launch HN: Metriport (YC S22) – Open-source API for healthcare data exchange | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-05-23

    > In the US, this is part of the EHR push, each EHR is supposed to accept any outside application

    To be explicit for readers here, outside applications can connect to some EHR systems using SMART on FHIR, but not all (this is what Apple Health supports in their PHR) - and this is separate from HIEs. For reasons OP mentioned, this is impractical for treatment at scale, but is currently the best way to get your health records in your pocket, or to insurance companies, for example.

    Fasten is a great OSS project that facilitates this flow for individuals, and I'd suggest you check them out: https://github.com/fastenhealth/fasten-onprem

    > getting a hook into the vendor operated HIEs

    This is a only part of the equation - for example, one of the biggest networks we connect with is Carequality, and this is more of a framework that's not operated by any vendors. Rather, vendors connect to a shared directory and speak the same language for medical data exchange.

    > The evil part of the operation is that now Metriport has proxy access to the data and eventually will get hacked

    This just speaks even more volumes to our open source approach - we're not hiding behind obscurity for security.

    > and bought by private equity that will sell the data to TransEquirian Insurance Score agencies.

    Only if someone wants spend a long time in prison! We can not legally do anything with the data we have proxy access to, except deliver it to the healthcare organizations we work with that are involved with treating the patient - nor would we want to. There are acquisition events with healthcare organizations all the time, and the HIPAA rules protecting the data do not change.

    Hopefully you can agree that, especially with us being the only vendor in the space that's open source, there is no evil at play.

  • chanify

    Chanify is a safe and simple notification tools. This repository is command line tools for Chanify.

  • process-compose

    Process Compose is a simple and flexible scheduler and orchestrator to manage non-containerized applications.

  • Project mention: Process Compose: flexible scheduler to manage non-containerized apps | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-04-27
  • rig

    The DevEx & Application-layer for your Internal Developer Platform ⛵ (by rigdev)

  • Project mention: Harnessing the power of GitOps with Rig | dev.to | 2024-02-19

    Currently, we support creating resources from the Rig platform, which are then synced to Git. We do not currently support creating resources in Git that are then adopted by the Rig platform. If you would like to see this feature implemented, please voice your opinion on the GitHub issue: https://github.com/rigdev/rig/issues/607.

  • tigris

    Tigris is an Open Source Serverless NoSQL Database and Search Platform.

  • Project mention: Show HN: Serverless Postgres | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-05-29

    This is a MVP for Serverless Postgres.

    1/ It uses Fly.io[0], which can automatically pause your database after all connections are released (and start it again when new connections join).

    2/ It uses Oriole[1], a Postgres extension with experimental support for S3 / Decoupled Storage[2].

    3/ It uses Tigris[3], Globally Distributed S3-Compatible Object Storage. Oriole will automatically backup the data to Tigris using background workers.

    I wouldn't recommend using this in production, but I think it's in a good spot to provoke some discussion and ideas. You can get it running on your own machine with the steps provided - connecting to a remote Tigris bucket (can also be an AWS S3 bucket).

    [0] https://fly.io

    [1] https://www.orioledb.com/

    [2] Oriole Experiemental s3: https://www.orioledb.com/docs/usage/decoupled-storage

    [3] Tigris: https://www.tigrisdata.com/

  • grafana-operator

    An operator for Grafana that installs and manages Grafana instances, Dashboards and Datasources through Kubernetes/OpenShift CRs

  • Project mention: How to detect whether cluster is openshift? | /r/kubernetes | 2023-07-12

    Have a look at https://github.com/grafana-operator/grafana-operator/blob/master/controllers/autodetect/main.go :)

  • AdGuardDNS

    Public DNS resolver that protects you from ad trackers

  • Project mention: Ask HN: Which tools are the best for internet safety for kids? | news.ycombinator.com | 2024-04-01

    I've tried hosted Pi-Hole and AdGuard Home. They are good as long as I'm around to fix stuffs. Then I tested something which can be global (home) and also for individual devices -- Control-D, NextDNS, and Adguard DNS. All of them works pretty well. If I really have to choose, then it would be in the order of NextDNS > Control-D > AdGuard DNS. Affiliated with none, and have decided to subscribe to all three to further test them for this year.




  • sturdy

    🐥 Sturdy is an open-source, real-time, version control platform for startups (https://getsturdy.com)

  • faker

    :rocket: Ultimate fake data generator for Go with zero dependencies (by jaswdr)

  • mirrorbits

    Mirrorbits is a geographical download redirector written in Go for distributing files efficiently across a set of mirrors.

  • iwf

    iWF is an API orchestration platform offering an orchestration coding framework and service for building resilient, fault-tolerant, scalable long-running processes

  • Project mention: Show HN: Python SDK for iWF – API orchestration engine | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-14
  • sdk-go

    Temporal Go SDK (by temporalio)

  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

    SaaSHub logo
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What are some of the best open-source open-source projects in Go? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 AdGuardHome 23,300
2 sourcegraph 9,819
3 awesomo 9,275
4 komiser 3,877
5 Ory Oathkeeper 3,187
6 storj 2,881
7 Wave Terminal 2,633
8 incubator-devlake 2,476
9 Fleet 2,263
10 dnsproxy 2,252
11 kubeblocks 1,703
12 fasten-onprem 1,400
13 chanify 1,227
14 process-compose 1,037
15 rig 1,005
16 tigris 890
17 grafana-operator 809
18 AdGuardDNS 741
19 sturdy 535
20 faker 523
21 mirrorbits 494
22 iwf 475
23 sdk-go 470

Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale
Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.