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  • SqlSugar

    .Net aot ORM Fastest ORM Simple Easy Sqlite orm Oracle ORM Mysql Orm postgresql ORm SqlServer oRm 达梦 ORM 人大金仓 ORM 神通ORM C# ORM , C# ORM .NET ORM NET5 ORM .NET6 ORM ClickHouse orm QuestDb ,TDengine ORM,OceanBase orm,GaussDB orm ,Tidb orm Object/Relational Mapping

  • FreeSql

    🦄 .NET aot orm, C# orm, VB.NET orm, Mysql orm, Postgresql orm, SqlServer orm, Oracle orm, Sqlite orm, Firebird orm, 达梦 orm, 人大金仓 orm, 神通 orm, 翰高 orm, 南大通用 orm, 虚谷 orm, 国产 orm, Clickhouse orm, QuestDB orm, MsAccess orm. (by dotnetcore)

  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

  • EFCore.BulkExtensions

    Entity Framework EF Core efcore Bulk Batch Extensions with BulkCopy in .Net for Insert Update Delete Read (CRUD), Truncate and SaveChanges operations on SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

    Project mention: Best way to do mass inserts with Entity Framework | /r/dotnet | 2023-06-08

    EF Core Bulk Extensions has helped me out many a day.

  • Npgsql

    Npgsql is the .NET data provider for PostgreSQL.

    Project mention: With .NET 8 Native AOT will we get small single binary for applications like Go/Rust? | /r/dotnet | 2023-06-04

    In theory this improves over time. .NET 8 will be the first "real" release of NativeAOT. I would expect the big ms libs to start playing nice after .net 8 comes out. Some big non-ms libs are already doing this, like npgsql. That is their issue for size reduction, many work items already done.

  • SqlKata Query Builder

    SQL query builder, written in c#, helps you build complex queries easily, supports SqlServer, MySql, PostgreSql, Oracle, Sqlite and Firebird

    Project mention: EF Core or Dapper | /r/dotnet | 2023-03-10

    SqlKata is your friend.

  • LINQ to DB

    Linq to database provider.

    Project mention: Upserting complex data models from an API into EF Core entities | /r/dotnet | 2023-06-02
  • coolstore-microservices

    A full-stack .NET microservices build on Dapr and Tye

  • LearnThisRepo.com

    Learn 300+ open source libraries for free using AI. LearnThisRepo lets you learn 300+ open source repos including Postgres, Langchain, VS Code, and more by chatting with them using AI!

  • efcore.pg

    Entity Framework Core provider for PostgreSQL

    Project mention: Relational is more than SQL | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-16

    LINQ in EntityFramework (EF) supports querying JSON columns as objects [1].

    unnest support is on the roadmap for EF core for PG [2], but already supported for Couchbase [3].

    [1] https://learn.microsoft.com/en-ca/ef/core/what-is-new/ef-cor...

    [2] https://github.com/npgsql/efcore.pg/issues/1525

    [3] https://github.com/couchbaselabs/Linq2Couchbase/blob/master/...

  • FilterLists

    :shield: The independent, comprehensive directory of filter and host lists for advertisements, trackers, malware, and annoyances.

    Project mention: Where do you all get your DNS block lists from? Is there a public forum that has a list of them? | /r/pihole | 2023-11-16

    They are all here, sortable by syntaxe or software: https://filterlists.com/

  • EntityFramework.Exceptions

    Handle database errors easily when working with Entity Framework Core. Supports SQLServer, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle and MySql.

    Project mention: What your hidden nuget gems ? | /r/dotnet | 2023-03-10
  • SmartSql

    SmartSql = MyBatis in C# + .NET Core+ Cache(Memory | Redis) + R/W Splitting + PropertyChangedTrack +Dynamic Repository + InvokeSync + Diagnostics

  • WorkflowEngine

    WorkflowEngine.NET - component that adds workflow in your application. It can be fully integrated into your application, or be in the form of a specific service (such as a web service).

    Project mention: .NET Modern Task Scheduler | /r/dotnet | 2023-03-19

    The best open source project for this is Elsa Workflows and it’s pretty active. If you don’t mind paid then WorkflowEngine.

  • Evolve

    Database migration tool for .NET and .NET Core projects. Inspired by Flyway.

  • sqlnotebook

    Casual data exploration in SQL

    Project mention: Show HN: My Go SQLite driver did poorly on a benchmark, so I fixed it | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-12-14

    The meat of the P/Invoke code is in here: https://github.com/electroly/sqlnotebook/tree/master/src/Sql...

    The parent directory includes code that uses it. I'm most proud of this SQLite virtual table module that proxies queries to remote ADO.NET connections, allowing you to write joins directly between local SQLite tables and remote SQL Server tables. https://github.com/electroly/sqlnotebook/blob/master/src/Sql...

    I've also got a generic virtual table module that lets me easily write table-valued functions in C#: https://github.com/electroly/sqlnotebook/blob/master/src/Sql...

    The goal is to provide various "supercharged" features to base SQLite by taking advantage of all the extension points I can. I wish some went further; in particular the virtual table API doesn't "push down" enough of the original query to allow the module to avoid doing O(N+1) queries in some cases.

  • SQLStreamStore

    Stream Store library targeting RDBMS based implementations for .NET

  • yuniql

    Free and open source schema versioning and database migration made natively with .NET/6. NEW THIS MAY 2022! v1.3.15 released!

  • LINQPad.QueryPlanVisualizer

    SQL Server and PostgreSQL query execution plan visualizer for LINQPad

  • Venflow

    A brand new, fast and lightweight ORM, build for PostgreSQL.

  • Egroo

    Cross-platform chat app created with MAUI (Hybrid), Blazor WASM and ASP.NET (SignalR)

  • csharp-datatables-parser

    C# Serverside parser for the popuplar jQuery datatables plugin.

  • postgrest-csharp

    A C# Client library for Postgrest

    Project mention: Creating a Dapr pluggable component for Supabase | dev.to | 2023-04-25

    Supabase is a popular, open-source, Firebase alternative that offers Postgres databases, authentication, Edge functions, real-time messaging and file storage. The Supabase community has released a C#/.NET library that developers can use to integrate their .NET apps with the Supabase platform. For managing Postgres databases, the library uses the postgrest-csharp library that allows developers to use strongly typed models and LINQ queries.

  • Joker

    An example of microservices container based application which implemented different approaches within each microservice (DDD, CQRS, Simple CRUD) (by MesutAtasoy)

  • tic-tac-toe-csharp-playground

    Another fun project just to update what I know about C# :video_game:

  • WorkOS

    The modern API for authentication & user identity. The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

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What are some of the best open-source Postgresql projects in C#? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 SqlSugar 4,815
2 FreeSql 3,908
3 EFCore.BulkExtensions 3,378
4 Npgsql 3,094
5 SqlKata Query Builder 2,948
6 LINQ to DB 2,826
7 coolstore-microservices 2,390
8 efcore.pg 1,422
9 FilterLists 1,218
10 EntityFramework.Exceptions 1,089
11 SmartSql 1,033
12 WorkflowEngine 847
13 Evolve 816
14 sqlnotebook 586
15 SQLStreamStore 470
16 yuniql 405
17 LINQPad.QueryPlanVisualizer 388
18 Venflow 169
19 Egroo 139
20 csharp-datatables-parser 127
21 postgrest-csharp 100
22 Joker 63
23 tic-tac-toe-csharp-playground 37
The modern API for authentication & user identity.
The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.