pandoc VS vimwiki

Compare pandoc vs vimwiki and see what are their differences.

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pandoc vimwiki
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Posts with mentions or reviews of pandoc. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-04-15.
  • Beautifying Org Mode in Emacs (2018)
    6 projects | | 15 Apr 2024
    My main authoring tool is then Emacs Markdown Mode ( For data entry, it comes with some bells and whistles similar to org-mode, like C-c C-l for inserting links etc.

    I seldom export my notes for external usage, but if it is the case, I use lowdown ( which also comes with some nice output targets (among the more unusual are Groff and Terminal). Of cource pandoc ( does a very good job here, too.

  • Show HN: I made a tool to clean and convert any webpage to Markdown
    17 projects | | 14 Apr 2024
    This is one of those things that the ever-amazing pandoc ( does very well, on top of supporting virtually every other document format.
  • LaTeX makes me so angry at word
    1 project | | 26 Mar 2024
    Folks feel the same way about Markdown versus LaTeX: why use something significantly more complicated where a looser, human-readable grammar works better?

    For any other situations, I use, or, generate a Word doc scriptomatically.

  • 📓 Versionner et builder l'eBook de son Entretien Annuel d'Evaluation sur Git(Hub)
    7 projects | | 26 Mar 2024
    pandoc toolchain pour builder une version confortable/imprimable en phase de travail (ePub, pdf, docx, html)
  • Launch HN: Onedoc (YC W24) – A better way to create PDFs
    11 projects | | 11 Mar 2024
    Congrats on the launch, I guess, but there are so many free options that I can't think of a situation where paying $0.25 per document would be justified...? Just to name a few:

    Back in the days, I used to use XSL-FO [0] and it was okay. It was not very precise but it rarely if ever broke, and was perfectly integrated with an XML/XSLT solution. Yeah, this was a long time ago.

    Last month I used html-to-pdfmake [1] and it's also not very precise and more fragile, but very efficient and fast.

    Yet another approach would be to pro grammatically generate .rtf files (for example) and use Pandoc [2] to produce PDFs (I have not tried this in production but don't see why it wouldn't work).




  • Ask HN: Looking for lightweight personal blogging platform
    35 projects | | 6 Feb 2024
    Others have mentioned static site generators. I like Hakyll [1] because it can tightly integrate with Pandoc [2] and allows you to develop custom solutions if your needs ever grow.



  • Show HN: CLI for generating beautiful PDF for offline reading
    4 projects | | 5 Feb 2024
    Have you compared it with a conversion by pandoc (
  • Pandoc
    17 projects | | 28 Jan 2024
    I have used it to kickstart a blogging project that I wish to come back to soon. The Lua inter-op for custom readers, writers and filters is great but I wish there was more editor integration and even perhaps an official IDE/editor with built-in debugging features (probably something already do-able with Emacs but I haven't checked). The only blocker for my project is no support for "ChunkedDoc" for Lua filters [1] which forces me to write more code and a complicated Makefile.


  • I don't always use LaTeX, but when I do, I compile to HTML (2013)
    13 projects | | 25 Jan 2024
  • What Happened to Pandoc-Discuss?
    1 project | | 19 Jan 2024


Posts with mentions or reviews of vimwiki. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-03-26.
  • Neorg – organize your life in Neovim
    9 projects | | 26 Mar 2024
    No, Neorg does not use the same markup as Org-mode. They use their own specification that is specifically designed to be different from Org-mode spec.

    Furthermore, each item you have listed as a benefit to Org-mode is in fact capable of being done in Markdown via plugins for neovim, and probably other markdown editors, like Loqseq, Roamresearch, or Obisidian, much in the same way you speak of plugins that interface with .org docs.

    So, my suggestion is that before dismissing a comment regarding a plugin that is unfamiliar to you, is to read its spec, and then try to understand why people would be perhaps dismissive of that tool, especially when it chooses to conflict with existing, more popular choices.

  • Vimwiki – A Personal Wiki for Vim
    1 project | | 3 Jan 2024
  • Wrap long lines in markdown tables
    3 projects | /r/vim | 8 Dec 2023
    you might want to look at how vimwiki does markdown tables
  • Note taking in Neovim?
    2 projects | /r/neovim | 2 Sep 2023
    I've been thinking of setting up a note taking enviroment in neovim. I've been searching around, and plugins as vimwiki, and nabla.nvim are great choices for me. I'm using Notion right now because of the great commands that brings that make the note taking pretty enjoyable. But the dividers, or putting background to text are features that I don't wanna lose, if possible.
  • Ask HN: Did anyone write a book in Nano?
    3 projects | | 1 Aug 2023
    I wrote a manuscript in vim a couple Novembers ago, for NaNoWrimo. I used a couple plugins, primarily Goyo [1] to add some margins, but otherwise, yeah, plain vim.

    I don't think it was really any more productive than my current workflow in Obsidian. Vim keybindings are more useful for editing than for writing (and for editing code in particular, where the changes you're making are much more structured). Also, while the extra features afforded by Obsidian don't really make a difference during the writing process, I find they're really useful for outlines and other preliminary work, which is something of a point against a vim-only workflow unless you want to use vimwiki [2] or something.

    Granted, Obsidian is still a markdown-based tool, so there's still some level of minimalism going on there, but by that point we're really discussing markup vs word processors, which is its own conversation—and to my mind, a much more important one. I much prefer working in markup than in a rich text editor, because plain text is easy to edit and process through the terminal, and because it lets me separate style choices from content.

    I find that the markdown live preview that editors like Obsidian and Typora provide (and which vim doesn't) is a really nice compromise between a slick composing experience and the technical affordances of markup. Between that and Obsidian's hypertext features, I think I'll stick with Obsidian for the foreseeable future.



  • Art Historians, how do you take notes
    1 project | /r/ArtHistory | 30 Jun 2023
    I use vimwiki.
  • Learning Emacs: Where to Start?
    1 project | /r/emacs | 27 Jun 2023
    Hey folks, I have been using Neovim for the past 2 years, don't have any complaints, however, I really want to give Emacs an honest try but not really sure where to start. I want to do basic text editing, programming and something similar to vimwiki (
  • Notetaking when solving issues and learning stuff
    8 projects | /r/archlinux | 9 Jun 2023
    How about learning vim and using vimwiki ?
  • Reconstructing Obsidian Features in Vim and Bash
    10 projects | | 6 Jun 2023
    What, we're talking about wikis and vim, and not mentioning vimwiki?

    I tried a whole bunch of personal wikis over the years (I see Zim has been mentioned, that's one of the ones I remember trying) and this is the only one that stuck.

  • What are some ways you used Python to make YOUR life easier?
    5 projects | /r/learnpython | 4 May 2023
    I have created full on programs to systematically created screenshots with the game emulators with RetroArch. Also an automation tool to use a preexisting program named chdman that converts files into a needed format (also unpacking from archives). A little Python script to create a recents list of files for Vimwiki. I also created a program to access 🌈 emojis 🌈. I wrote my own GE Proton downloader and manager. Hell even the window manager I am using on Linux is written and configured in Python, Qtile. I wrote one or two plugins for it and the entire configuration is written in Python, meaning I can use functions, modules and every logic of Python to enhance it. It's Awesome.

What are some alternatives?

When comparing pandoc and vimwiki you can also consider the following projects:

pandoc-highlighting-extensions - Extensions to Pandoc syntax highlighting

neorg - Modernity meets insane extensibility. The future of organizing your life in Neovim.

obsidian-html - :file_cabinet: A simple tool to convert an Obsidian vault into a static directory of HTML files.

vim-orgmode - Text outlining and task management for Vim based on Emacs' Org-Mode

obsidian-export - Rust library and CLI to export an Obsidian vault to regular Markdown

wiki.vim - A wiki plugin for Vim

Obsidian-MD-To-PDF - A command line python script to convert Obsidian md files to a pdf

obsidian-releases - Community plugins list, theme list, and releases of Obsidian.

kramdown - kramdown is a fast, pure Ruby Markdown superset converter, using a strict syntax definition and supporting several common extensions.

neuron.nvim - Make neovim the best note taking application

wavedrom - :ocean: Digital timing diagram rendering engine

zim-desktop-wiki - Main repository of the zim desktop wiki project