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  • nerdtree

    A tree explorer plugin for vim.

    Project mention: Config file doesn't seem to apply changes, why? | | 2022-05-09

    set number set autoindent set shiftwidth=2 set softtabstop=2 set expandtab set termguicolors set buftype="" call plug#begin() Plug '' Plug '' Plug '', {'branch': 'release'} call plug#end() nnoremap :NERDTreeFocus nnoremap :NERDTree nnoremap :NERDTreeToggle

  • vim-airline

    lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air

    Project mention: Config file doesn't seem to apply changes, why? | | 2022-05-09

    set number set autoindent set shiftwidth=2 set softtabstop=2 set expandtab set termguicolors set buftype="" call plug#begin() Plug '' Plug '' Plug '', {'branch': 'release'} call plug#end() nnoremap :NERDTreeFocus nnoremap :NERDTree nnoremap :NERDTreeToggle

  • Scout APM

    Less time debugging, more time building. Scout APM allows you to find and fix performance issues with no hassle. Now with error monitoring and external services monitoring, Scout is a developer's best friend when it comes to application development.

  • ale

    Check syntax in Vim asynchronously and fix files, with Language Server Protocol (LSP) support

    Project mention: What are your must-have vim/nvim extensions? | | 2022-05-09

    dense-analysis/ale - Linter + LSP

  • syntastic

    Syntax checking hacks for vim

    Project mention: Vim syntastic, how highlight full word (not line) warning or error in code? | | 2021-12-11
  • vimwiki

    Personal Wiki for Vim

    Project mention: What is your approach to quick note taking during development? | | 2022-05-17


  • vim-easymotion

    Vim motions on speed!

    Project mention: What are your must-have vim/nvim extensions? | | 2022-05-09

    easymotion/vim-easymotion to move the cursor without having to think at all

  • lightline.vim

    A light and configurable statusline/tabline plugin for Vim

    Project mention: Why do I need to hit <Escape> twice to leave insert mode? | | 2022-04-28

    syntax on " Enable syntax highlighting set mouse=a " Enable mouse usage (all modes) set number " Enable numbering rows set nofoldenable " Disable folding colorscheme lego call plug#begin('~/.config/nvim/plugins/') Plug '' call plug#end()

  • SonarLint

    Deliver Cleaner and Safer Code - Right in Your IDE of Choice!. SonarLint is a free and open source IDE extension that identifies and catches bugs and vulnerabilities as you code, directly in the IDE. Install from your favorite IDE marketplace today.

  • vim-startify

    :link: The fancy start screen for Vim.

    Project mention: What are your must-have vim/nvim extensions? | | 2022-05-09

    mhinz/vim-startify - Start page

  • nerdcommenter

    Vim plugin for intensely nerdy commenting powers

    Project mention: I'm a Vim noob and I just discovered nerdcommenter, a plugin that can automatically comment and uncomment with the proper character for any given language with a few keybindings. Editing config files just became fun! | | 2022-04-15
  • indentLine

    A vim plugin to display the indention levels with thin vertical lines

    Project mention: What's the name of the plugin that shows inner and outer block markings in this screenshot? | | 2022-01-14
  • neomake

    Asynchronous linting and make framework for Neovim/Vim

    Project mention: Why is the quickfix window not opening even when errors are present? | | 2022-02-06

    Now we see that 'errorformat' is also wrong, because the errors aren't recognised. I guess this format is for another type. This is the hard part. You're in the luck though cause I'm procrastinating mopping the floors. Let's search for errorformat and shellcheck. I found this Let's modify our values:

  • vim-signify

    :heavy_plus_sign: Show a diff using Vim its sign column.

    Project mention: E849: Too many highlight syntax groups | | 2021-11-05

    And it happens fairly regularly. This particular error happens in the plugin, but I would get this same error from different plugins as well.

  • vim-dispatch

    dispatch.vim: Asynchronous build and test dispatcher

    Project mention: Any way to send errors from npm (yarn) local server to neovim? | | 2022-04-24

    Take a look at vim-dispatch:

  • targets.vim

    Vim plugin that provides additional text objects

    Project mention: How to backwards search ci" | | 2022-05-18
  • vimux

    easily interact with tmux from vim

    Project mention: FzfLua 'git status' as a high level staging tool | | 2021-12-19

    Might want to checkout also, but if these commands meet your needs, don’t worry about it and enjoy

  • nerdtree-git-plugin

    A plugin of NERDTree showing git status

    Project mention: a little vim distro using Vim8+ packages | | 2021-09-16

    plugins=( "$HOME/.vim/pack/vendor/start/vim-airline" "" "$HOME/.vim/pack/vendor/start/nerdtree" "" "$HOME/.vim/pack/vendor/start/nerdtree-git-plugin" "" "$HOME/.vim/pack/packages/start/fzf" "" "$HOME/.vim/pack/packages/start/fzf.vim" "" "$HOME/.vim/pack/tpope/start/fugitive" "" "$HOME/.vim/pack/vendor/start/vim-gitgutter" "" ) echo "\n >>> START plugins installation " for i in ${!plugins[@]}; do if (( i % 2 == 0 )) then # echo $i folder="${plugins[$i]}" url="${plugins[$i+1]}" if [ ! -d "$folder" ] ; then git clone "$url" "$folder" else git -C $folder pull fi fi vim -u NONE -c "helptags $folder/doc" -c q done echo " >>> END plugins installation "

  • vim-which-key

    :tulip: Vim plugin that shows keybindings in popup

    Project mention: Is there a way to get g/iab/imap/nmap entries as a dictionary? | | 2022-04-14

    I tried that too, but then ended up using a fantastic plugin to list my keybindings:

  • vim-table-mode

    VIM Table Mode for instant table creation.

    Project mention: Please help me in translating my vimrc to emacs equivalents. | | 2022-04-27

    "basic visual settings set number set linebreak "text type settings set encoding=utf-8 "Remapping keys inoremap jk nnoremap j gj nnoremap k gk "to quickly open NERDTree filebrowser. nnoremap :NERDTree "to open files with external programs from paths written in vim. nnoremap gF :!xdg-open "to make Y behave similar to D and C nnoremap Y y$ "to make a new line after the word without entering insert mode nnoremap e a "insert a new line without entering insert mode nnoremap o ok nnoremap O Oj "search settings set hlsearch set incsearch "clipboard settings set clipboard=unnamedplus "for use of Vim plug plugin manager. call plug#begin() " To change the surroundings a text. Plug '' " A Vim Plugin for Lively Previewing LaTeX PDF Output " Use this command to start the previewer :LLPStartPreview Plug 'xuhdev/vim-latex-live-preview', { 'for': 'tex' } Plug '' "It is a file browser and does basic file ops. Plug 'preservim/nerdtree' "It highlights most movement commands like w,j,f,t,/ etc.Triggered by "leader twice plus the movement key. Plug '' "enables completion with tab instead of control p. Plug '' "To edit csv files in vim and display them nicely. Plug 'chrisbra/csv.vim' "To make org mode like tables in vim with spreadsheet capabilities. Plug '' "To use org mode of emacs in vim, but tables not supported and not maintained. Plug 'jceb/vim-orgmode' "It opens a calendar in vim which is read only, like in emacs. Plug '' call plug#end() "settings required by plugins. "to use markdown in vimwiki instead of learning vimwiki syntax let g:vimwiki_list = [{'path': '~/vimwiki/', \ 'syntax': 'markdown', 'ext': '.md'}] "to make markdown compatible tables in vim-table-mode plugin. let g:table_mode_corner='|' "Self defined commands which can be executed on vim command line.(must start "with caps) "This is shortcut for quickly sourcing vimrc. command Src source ~/.vimrc "shortcut to delete entire file. command Dal norm ggdG "shortcut to copy entire file. command Yal norm ggyG command Erc vsplit ~/.vimrc "to make presentations with pandoc using source markdown and then opening the pdf through external viewer. command Mkppt :!pandoc % -t beamer -o output.pdf ; xdg-open output.pdf "changing the default leader key which is "\" let mapleader = "\" "auto commands to do stuff based on certain events "This inserts # when leader + c key is pressed in a python file. autocmd filetype python nnoremap c I# autocmd filetype python nnoremap C ^x "saving macros or registers. "macro for anki cloze deletion let @b="f:a{{c1::jkA}}jkj0"

  • splitjoin.vim

    Switch between single-line and multiline forms of code

    Project mention: Running Recursive Macros only on Selection? | | 2022-03-04

    For the described use case

  • vista.vim

    :cactus: Viewer & Finder for LSP symbols and tags

    Project mention: neovim-lua - Neovim KISS configuration with Lua | | 2022-03-11

    Yep is Vista.vim

  • asyncrun.vim

    :rocket: Run Async Shell Commands in Vim 8.0 / NeoVim and Output to the Quickfix Window !!

    Project mention: Asyncrun and ANSI codes | | 2022-05-09

    Hey folks, I'm using asyncrun to run async commands on vim, but some of them output ansi colorcodes, I've found powerman's AnsiEsc which is able to conceal and highlight them very well, but that only work for the current buffer, so there's no way to automate it from g:asyncrun_exit and I can't set the -post from asynctasks, has anyone found a way to fix this?

  • rainbow

    Rainbow Parentheses Improved, shorter code, no level limit, smooth and fast, powerful configuration. (by luochen1990)

    Project mention: Rainbow doesn't work with treesitter and I'm not sure why | | 2021-09-21

    Okay it's actually a bit (alot) different and easier and I described it here:

  • vim-pencil

    Rethinking Vim as a tool for writing

    Project mention: Research paper + vim help | | 2022-04-20

    You may like vim-pencil if you use markdown. It adds several small conveniences around word wrap options, among other things. Note also that the author of pencil includes many useful links in the README for conceiving vim as a tool for prose. My workflow is based on pandoc and bibtex. But that part's not vim- specific.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-05-18.

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What are some of the best open-source vim-plugin projects in Vim Script? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 nerdtree 17,125
2 vim-airline 16,391
3 ale 11,712
4 syntastic 11,181
5 vimwiki 7,281
6 vim-easymotion 6,490
7 lightline.vim 6,138
8 vim-startify 4,721
9 nerdcommenter 4,587
10 indentLine 3,834
11 neomake 2,547
12 vim-signify 2,494
13 vim-dispatch 2,401
14 targets.vim 2,221
15 vimux 2,024
16 nerdtree-git-plugin 2,019
17 vim-which-key 1,682
18 vim-table-mode 1,671
19 splitjoin.vim 1,665
20 vista.vim 1,600
21 asyncrun.vim 1,565
22 rainbow 1,554
23 vim-pencil 1,376
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