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  • Arthas

    Alibaba Java Diagnostic Tool Arthas/Alibaba Java诊断利器Arthas

    Project mention: FLaNK Stack Weekly for 20 June 2023 | | 2023-06-20
  • p3c

    Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines pmd implements and IDE plugin

  • InfluxDB

    Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale. Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.

  • Nacos

    an easy-to-use dynamic service discovery, configuration and service management platform for building cloud native applications.

  • Seata

    :fire: Seata is an easy-to-use, high-performance, open source distributed transaction solution.

    Project mention: Easy-to-use, high-performance, open source distributed transaction solution | | 2023-05-08
  • Sentinel

    A powerful flow control component enabling reliability, resilience and monitoring for microservices. (面向云原生微服务的高可用流控防护组件)

  • FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition

    FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition is a no-nonsense implementation of FizzBuzz made by serious businessmen for serious business purposes.

    Project mention: FizzBuzzEnterpriseEdition | | 2024-02-01
  • Graal

    GraalVM compiles Java applications into native executables that start instantly, scale fast, and use fewer compute resources 🚀

    Project mention: FLaNK Stack 05 Feb 2024 | | 2024-02-05

    Learn 300+ open source libraries for free using AI. LearnThisRepo lets you learn 300+ open source repos including Postgres, Langchain, VS Code, and more by chatting with them using AI!

  • zipkin

    Zipkin is a distributed tracing system

    Project mention: The Road to GraphQL At Enterprise Scale | | 2023-11-08

    From the perspective of the realization of GraphQL infrastructure, the interesting direction is "Finding". How to find the problem? How to find the bottleneck of the system? Distributed Tracing System (DTS) will help answer this question. Distributed tracing is a method of observing requests as they propagate through distributed environments. In our scenario, we have dozens of subgraphs, gateway, and transport layer through which the request goes. We have several tools that can be used to detect the whole lifecycle of the request through the system, e.g. Jaeger, Zipkin or solutions that provided DTS as a part of the solution NewRelic.


    🏆 零代码、全功能、强安全 ORM 库 🚀 后端接口和文档零代码,前端(客户端) 定制返回 JSON 的数据和结构。 🏆 A JSON Transmission Protocol and an ORM Library 🚀 provides APIs and Docs without writing any code.

  • mybatis-plus

    An powerful enhanced toolkit of MyBatis for simplify development

  • bytecode-viewer

    A Java 8+ Jar & Android APK Reverse Engineering Suite (Decompiler, Editor, Debugger & More)

  • Tink

    Tink is a multi-language, cross-platform, open source library that provides cryptographic APIs that are secure, easy to use correctly, and hard(er) to misuse.

    Project mention: “Please do not make it public” (Tencent’s Sogou Input Method) | | 2023-08-09

    > I wonder what people say when they find a bug despite you using standard crypto?

    Not using TLS doesn't automatically mean you need to "roll your own crypto". They could have used a well documentend library such as Google Tink[1] instead of doing their own crypto.


  • QuestDB

    An open source time-series database for fast ingest and SQL queries

    Project mention: Normalizing Grafana charts with window functions | | 2024-01-10

    If you're interested in that functionality or have any other feedback, please drop by our open source repository or community Slack and let us know.

  • Quarkus

    Quarkus: Supersonic Subatomic Java.

    Project mention: How Netflix Uses Java | | 2024-02-27

    Meanwhile, if you're building something smaller than Netflix, I'm writing a book just for that (

    It's about mobile apps, but I talk about backend at great length, especially since my background is Java. The book is called "opinionated" because I cover Quarkus (, monolith,, and no K8s.

  • greenDAO

    greenDAO is a light & fast ORM solution for Android that maps objects to SQLite databases.

  • webmagic

    A scalable web crawler framework for Java.

  • temporal

    Temporal service

    Project mention: Rethinking Serverless with Flame | | 2023-12-06

    I don't know if I agree with the argument regarding durability vs elastic execution. If I can get both (with a nice API/DX) via something like Temporal (, what's the drawback here?

  • Trino

    Official repository of Trino, the distributed SQL query engine for big data, formerly known as PrestoSQL (

    Project mention: Game analytic power: how we process more than 1 billion events per day | | 2023-11-24

    We decided not to waste time reinventing the wheel and simply installed Trino on our servers. It’s a full featured SQL query engine that works on your data. Now our analysts can use it to work with data from AppMetr and execute queries at different levels of complexity.

  • awesomo

    Cool open source projects. Choose your project and get involved in Open Source development now.

  • cadence

    Cadence is a distributed, scalable, durable, and highly available orchestration engine to execute asynchronous long-running business logic in a scalable and resilient way.

    Project mention: Ask HN: Who is hiring? (December 2023) | | 2023-12-01

    Uber | Software Engineers | Hybrid (Denmark) |

    Work with an amazing team responsible for the infrastructure software that makes Uber’s data centers around the world reliable and scalable. If you want to solve the toughest engineering challenges alongside some of the smartest people in the industry, Uber Aarhus is the right place for you.

    The team in Aarhus build and operate the stateless and stateful compute platforms used by nearly every other engineer in the company (Up - and Odin - as well as other related infrastructure projects such as Cadence -

  • Flowable (V6)

    A compact and highly efficient workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) platform for developers, system admins and business users.

  • JavaCV

    Java interface to OpenCV, FFmpeg, and more

    Project mention: Ktor Video Livestreaming | /r/ktor | 2023-03-17

    I'm using and trying to set a little server up where I can view the livestream of a camera through the server. I want to try to make a little security camera type project with a raspberry pi. (I know that the library might not work on the pi, but one thing at a time.) If I can get the server working with livestreaming, then I believe I can change any camera library I might end up using.

  • Leaf

    Distributed ID Generate Service (by Meituan-Dianping)

  • WorkOS

    The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS. The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.

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Project Stars
1 Arthas 34,316
2 p3c 29,975
3 Nacos 28,598
4 Seata 24,796
5 Sentinel 21,790
6 FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition 20,219
7 Graal 19,581
8 zipkin 16,617
9 APIJSON 16,406
10 mybatis-plus 15,552
11 bytecode-viewer 14,231
12 Tink 13,430
13 QuestDB 13,265
14 Quarkus 12,886
15 greenDAO 12,604
16 webmagic 11,116
17 temporal 9,286
18 Trino 9,256
19 awesomo 9,165
20 cadence 7,654
21 Flowable (V6) 7,206
22 JavaCV 7,166
23 Leaf 6,238
The modern identity platform for B2B SaaS
The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.