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Top 23 programming-language Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo plt

    λΠ Programming Language Theory

    Project mention: What Books Should Everyone Read? | | 2021-10-21
  • GitHub repo Rubinius

    The Rubinius Language Platform

  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo Odin

    Odin Programming Language

    Project mention: If the Go inventors had to design a non-garbage-collected language, what would it look like? | | 2021-12-03

    If you're interested in a language design that is inspired (partly?) by Go but is more system-level and without GC, I'd encourage you to look at Odin:

  • GitHub repo ModiScript

    Acche din aa gaye

    Project mention: RTX 3070 FE 28th May RPTech Sale Megathread | | 2021-05-27

    Someone please help RP Tech write their website in ModiScript.

  • GitHub repo py4j

    Py4J enables Python programs to dynamically access arbitrary Java objects

    Project mention: Py4J needs new maintainers | | 2021-02-15
  • GitHub repo programming-language-subreddits-and-their-choice-of-words

    How do the different communities talk?

    Project mention: Programming language subreddits and their choice of words | | 2021-05-29
  • GitHub repo codespan

    Beautiful diagnostic reporting for text-based programming languages.

    Project mention: Can i use rust to write my compiler?? | | 2021-08-31

    Nice error messages (for YOUR lang) or

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo awesome-lisp-languages

    A list of Lisp-flavored programming languages

    Project mention: How lisp interpreter/compiler looks like ? | | 2021-05-06

    Nowadays the word "Lisp" is often used to refer to a broader family of languages, instead of to a particular specification (such as Lisp 1.5 or ANSI Common Lisp) or to a particular implementation (such as Chez Scheme or SBCL). Those languages include Common Lisp, Emacs Lisp, Scheme, Racket, Clojure, and hundreds of others.

  • GitHub repo sample-programs

    Sample Programs in Every Programming Language

    Project mention: Support The Sample Programs Repo This Hacktoberfest | | 2021-10-08

    Of course, after several dozen languages, I decided I had enough of surveying the landscape. As a result, I figured it was time to expand the collection to include other types of programs. For example, the first two programs I added were reverse a string and game of life. Together with hello world, the Sample Programs repository was born.

  • GitHub repo One

    One (onelang) is an open-source system programming language that makes it easy to build reliable, efficient and performant software. (release as soon) 1️⃣ 🕐 🩱 (by One-Language)

    Project mention: How to build your virtual workspace | | 2021-09-11

    First things first, we need to build the image. Indeed there is nothing special in this section, because we will only write a Dockerfile for our image. Yet, what make this image special are the pieces of software that will include. Generally, you ought to setup packages required to run your project and your tests, along side with a version control system like git. As far as I am concerned, I included the following packages in my lightweight alpine base image:

  • GitHub repo cogent

    Cogent Project

    Project mention: Are there any ML style languages with no runtime? | | 2021-11-25

    That made me think of this project Cogent. This is almost certainly not what you’re looking for, because it’s aimed at formal verification. But, it does have some interesting properties, like manual memory management through uniqueness types. It doesn’t even support recursion though so, probably not so good as a general purpose PL.

  • GitHub repo ecsharp

    Home of LoycCore, the LES language of Loyc trees, the Enhanced C# parser, the LeMP macro preprocessor, and the LLLPG parser generator.

    Project mention: If you were a billionaire, what prosocial projects would you fund? | | 2021-08-10

    It might be possible to make a couple of these ideas into businesses, but the ideas I've spent the most time on (programming language translation and LES/LeMP/EC#) don't seem to have any path to commercial success, at least not without greatly hurting the value proposition by attempting to charge big bucks for something that I believe should be open source. Plus I've been working on SyncLib, a serialization technology that is superior for most purposes (in much the same way as MobX is superior to Redux - it reduces the amount of code you must write and maintain), and other free libraries.

  • GitHub repo HelloWorlds

    Hello-World program in most programming languages

    Project mention: HelloWorlds | | 2021-05-31
  • GitHub repo koika

    A core language for rule-based hardware design 🦑

    Project mention: There's an ongoing effort to rewrite Principia Mathematica using Coq | | 2021-12-03

    There are ongoing research projects about that, you may want to have a look at Kôika (, Kami (, Lutsig ( and silveroak ( Closer to HLS there is also Vericert ( There may be other research project I am unaware of, feel free to add them in a reply, I am interested in it.

  • GitHub repo Programming-Basics

    This Repository Contains source codes of various programming languages. Please Contribute to make this Useful.

    Project mention: Winning my first Hacktoberfest! | | 2021-10-16

    STICMedicaps qwert-ji Astrodevil AkshayNachappa ieeeiasvit rohithmaddz guptaravi5400 throwaway-root manish-virgat basava1134 hctnm2 JayanthSriram27

  • GitHub repo buildit

    Online demo without installing at - (by BuildIt-lang)

    Project mention: Build→It: a type based library framework for multi-stage imperative programming | | 2021-01-06

    The repository also has other samples which demonstrate code generation besides just loop unrolling. If you look at - and its corresponding output - we have an example where you can write an interpreter for a simple language and BuildIt can turn it into a compiler. While this result is not new, in our opinion we make it considerably easy. Specifically we allow side effects on static variables inside control flow dependent on dynamic expressions. The outcome of this might not be obvious, but this allows you to, for example create nested loops which were not there in the original program but were present in the language input (BrainFuck in this case) that you were trying to interpret.

  • GitHub repo gccontent-benchmark

    Benchmarking different languages for a simple bioinformatics task (Counting the GC fraction of DNA in a FASTA file)

    Project mention: Benchmarking different programming languages for a simple bioinformatics task | | 2021-03-22
  • GitHub repo jet

    A Fast C and Python like Programming Language that puts the Developer first. WIP (by The-NextGen-Project)

    Project mention: Why Good Syntax Highlighting is Important | | 2021-10-17

    Snippet from Jet.

  • GitHub repo atto

    The new BASIC computer that runs in your browser! (by James-Livesey)

    Project mention: Introducing atto: a modern beginner's programming language that runs in the browser | | 2021-07-10

    Star atto on GitHub

  • GitHub repo language-benchmarks

    A simple benchmark system for compiled and interpreted languages. (by trizen)

    Project mention: Little-Lang | | 2021-02-20

    Tcl was historically very slow compared to, for example, Perl. Especially for synthetic benchmarks. However, since it's so easy to interop with C, it didn't seem to matter much in the real world. You just put anything performance sensitive in C and left the bits that didn't matter in tcl. Some benchmarks:

  • GitHub repo luxya

    Programming language with a tree-walking interpreter written in Rust©™.

    Project mention: Rust Windows build - strangely small binary size | | 2021-05-22
  • GitHub repo thisvsthat

    Learn web development by comparing different technologies.

    Project mention: C++ Vs Python Syntax Difference | | 2021-03-12

    weather If you already know cpp and trying to learn python or vice-versa I hope you get the general gist of the Syntax difference between the two languages, If you like this and this method of learning things, I have a repository dedicated to comparing programming languages and concepts, you can check it out on github

  • GitHub repo mewa

    Compiler-compiler for writing compiler frontends with Lua

    Project mention: Mewa: compiler-compiler to write compiler-front-ends for LLVM in Lua. | | 2021-05-27
NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-12-03.

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What are some of the best open-source programming-language projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 plt 4,598
2 Rubinius 3,001
3 Odin 1,786
4 ModiScript 994
5 py4j 897
6 programming-language-subreddits-and-their-choice-of-words 796
7 codespan 616
8 awesome-lisp-languages 413
9 sample-programs 409
10 One 198
11 cogent 145
12 ecsharp 144
13 HelloWorlds 103
14 koika 68
15 Programming-Basics 59
16 buildit 56
17 gccontent-benchmark 42
18 jet 35
19 atto 26
20 language-benchmarks 20
21 luxya 20
22 thisvsthat 19
23 mewa 10
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