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Top 23 Polkadot Open-Source Projects

  • substrate

    Substrate: The platform for blockchain innovators

    Project mention: Bill Laboon AMA - 8 Jul 13.00 - 14.00 UTC | reddit.com/r/Polkadot | 2022-07-08

    Of course, like most things in Polkadot, this can be adjusted via governance, and thus a vote of the DOT holders. So if this were seen as a major problem by DOT holders, they can create a new runtime with a modified inflationary model (by changing the parameters here) and vote on it to replace the current one.

  • polkadot

    Polkadot Node Implementation

    Project mention: Governance v2 on Kusama | reddit.com/r/Kusama | 2022-10-04
  • talent.io

    Download talent.io’s Tech Salary Report. Median salaries, most in-demand technologies, state of the remote work... all you need to know your worth on the market by tech recruitment platform talent.io

  • apps

    Basic Polkadot/Substrate UI for interacting with a Polkadot and Substrate node. This is the main user-facing application, allowing access to all features available on Substrate chains.

    Project mention: Polkadot Digest 22 June 2022 | reddit.com/r/Polkadot | 2022-06-21

    If you are attempting to verify the SHA512 hash of the Electron version of Polkadot-JS, note that the package manager base64-encodes the hash. See this issue for how to convert: https://github.com/polkadot-js/apps/issues/4713

  • api

    Promise and RxJS APIs around Polkadot and Substrate based chains via RPC calls. It is dynamically generated based on what the Substrate runtime provides in terms of metadata. Full documentation & examples available (by polkadot-js)

    Project mention: J for Polkadot JS [Polkadot A to Z] | reddit.com/r/Polkadot | 2021-12-08

    Polkadot.js API (github.com/polkadot-js/api) This is the JavaScript API, a reusable library to allow programs to interface with the functionality of Polkadot.

  • extension

    Simple browser extension for managing Polkadot and Substrate network accounts in a browser. Allows the signing of extrinsics using these accounts. Also provides a simple interface for compliant extensions for dapps.

    Project mention: anyone built a wallet extension? | reddit.com/r/ethdev | 2022-09-28

    The metamask version is quite complicated. You might find it easier to understand the polkadot version of the same thing: https://github.com/polkadot-js/extension/blob/master/packages/extension/src/content.ts

  • moonbeam

    An Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot

    Project mention: Discover our native token: SEDC | reddit.com/r/Livetree | 2022-07-08

    SEDC, is supported by the Moonbeam, Polkadot, and Celo technology.

  • Acala

    Acala - cross-chain DeFi hub and stablecoin based on Substrate for Polkadot and Kusama.

    Project mention: Crypto Exchange KuCoin Highlights Flaws in DeFi Platform Acala's Post-Exploit Proposal | reddit.com/r/u_ice--244 | 2022-09-06

    Seychelles-based crypto exchange KuCoin has highlighted flaws in decentralized finance (DeFi) network Acala’s community proposal to recover billions of dollars worth of aUSD erroneously issued during a mid-August exploit, according to a Tuesday post published on KuCoin’s blog.

  • Scout APM

    Truly a developer’s best friend. Scout APM is great for developers who want to find and fix performance issues in their applications. With Scout, we'll take care of the bugs so you can focus on building great things 🚀.

  • Astar

    The dApp hub for blockchains of the future

    Project mention: Astar Network has a workshop to walk through creating a Smart Contracs with ink! | reddit.com/r/learnprogramming | 2022-09-05

    Astar Network is a blockchain that has the following goals:

  • awesome-substrate

    A curated list of awesome projects and resources related to the Substrate blockchain development framework.

    Project mention: Polkadot Digest 22 Oct 2021 | reddit.com/r/Polkadot | 2021-10-22

    Want to know about awesome projects on and about Substrate? https://github.com/substrate-developer-hub/awesome-substrate

  • parity-signer

    Air-gapped crypto wallet.

    Project mention: Suggestions are appreciated. | reddit.com/r/dot | 2022-04-25

    I wouldn't say it's a black box system. If you want, you can read the code here, compile it yourself and load it on to your phone - https://github.com/paritytech/parity-signer

  • gossamer

    🕸️ Gossamer: A Go implementation of the Polkadot Host

    Project mention: Bill Laboon AMA - 19 Aug 13.00 - 14.00 UTC | reddit.com/r/Polkadot | 2022-08-19

    There are a few other implementations of the Polkadot Host available. ChainSafe is currently developing a Go version of the Polkadot Host, Gossamer, and Soramitsu is creating a C++ version, Kagome.

  • airgap-wallet

    The AirGap Wallet is installed on an everyday smartphone. This app has only access to public information.

    Project mention: Non custodial wallet | reddit.com/r/Bitcoin | 2022-02-20
  • tools

    Various cli tools for Polkadot and Substrate chains, including basic node monitoring, making API queries via a cli app and other command-line tools (by polkadot-js)

  • polkadot-wiki

    The source of truth for Polkadot.

    Project mention: Governance | reddit.com/r/Polkadot | 2022-06-30

    I've made an issue to add it to that Wiki page ( https://github.com/w3f/polkadot-wiki/issues/3453 ) - thanks for bringing this lapse to our attention.

  • common

    Utilities and base libraries for use across polkadot-js for Polkadot and Substrate. Includes base libraries, crypto helpers and cross-environment helpers. Full documentation & examples available. (by polkadot-js)

  • darwinia

    Universal cross-chain message network. | We are hiring, [email protected]

    Project mention: Darwinia is pleased to announce our partnership with OAK Network! | reddit.com/r/DarwiniaCommunity | 2022-04-04

    Follow Us: Github | Website | Medium | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | Subsocial

  • robonomics

    Robonomics node implementation

  • substrate-ledger-ed25519

    Extract Substrate and Polkadot compatible ed25519 keys from Ledger mnemonic phrases

    Project mention: Add ledger seed phrase generate different wallet on polkadotJS | reddit.com/r/AcalaNetwork | 2022-02-20

    Ive been digging and i have found some slightly beyond me but not insane code over on github (https://github.com/jacogr/substrate-ledger-ed25519 ) . It pretty new so apparently there are people working on this problem. I also saw a post on another kusama/polkadot site one of the big rmrk guys brought this up as a problem that needs to be addressed for users. there was a whole thread about it. I know that doesnt solve anything now, but atleast people are on it. In the past week i have seen alot of people making this same mistake. ive definitely lost some hair over it.

  • bifrost

    A parachain focused on building bridges of chains based on PoS consensus.

    Project mention: Bifrost NEW OFFICIAL WEBSITE is launching! Check out Bifrost Finance StakeFi ecosystem | reddit.com/r/crypto_currency | 2022-04-02
  • bip_utils

    Generation of mnemonics, seeds, private/public keys and addresses for different types of cryptocurrencies

    Project mention: I'm trying to find which is my real bip39 seed in a list of thousands. | reddit.com/r/CryptoTechnology | 2022-08-26

    I'm doing this with python using the bip_utils module.

  • substrate-archive

    Blockchain Indexing Engine

  • interbtc

    interBTC: Trustless Bitcoin Anywhere

    Project mention: Kintsugi Dapp Release & Transfer UI | reddit.com/r/u_davegrey_ua | 2022-02-01

    We are releasing the first version of the Kintsugi Dapp (Kintsugi version of https://bridge.interlay.io/)

  • SonarQube

    Static code analysis for 29 languages.. Your projects are multi-language. So is SonarQube analysis. Find Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, and Code Smells so you can release quality code every time. Get started analyzing your projects today for free.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-10-04.

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What are some of the best open-source Polkadot projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 substrate 7,460
2 polkadot 6,292
3 apps 1,558
4 api 1,001
5 extension 834
6 moonbeam 746
7 Acala 673
8 Astar 576
9 awesome-substrate 564
10 parity-signer 458
11 gossamer 357
12 nft-gallery 312
13 airgap-wallet 307
14 tools 249
15 polkadot-wiki 249
16 common 227
17 darwinia 217
18 robonomics 203
19 substrate-ledger-ed25519 191
20 bifrost 183
21 bip_utils 182
22 substrate-archive 182
23 interbtc 174
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