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  • PgHero

    A performance dashboard for Postgres

    Project mention: Is there something like, for checking how long rails queries and functions take to execute? | | 2022-04-03 (open source equivalent to pganalyze)

  • Blazer

    Business intelligence made simple

    Project mention: Italian watchdog bans use of Google Analytics | | 2022-06-23

    I use Ahoy too, but I don't have very good visibility into the data. I should spend more time building queries and creating charts. I should probably set up blazer as well:


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  • strong_migrations

    Catch unsafe migrations in development

    Project mention: Adding first and last name to existing app running on Heroku | | 2022-09-12
  • Scenic

    Versioned database views for Rails

    Project mention: Utilizando views SQL no Ruby on Rails | | 2022-03-28
  • Database Cleaner

    Strategies for cleaning databases in Ruby. Can be used to ensure a clean state for testing.

  • Large Hadron Migrator

    Online MySQL schema migrations

    Project mention: GitHub downtime root cause analysis | | 2021-12-03

    No you didn't. They're doing what is often referred as "online schema change" using (but the concept is the same than percona's pt-online-schema-change, or

  • Lol DBA

    lol_dba is a small package of rake tasks that scan your application models and displays a list of columns that probably should be indexed. Also, it can generate .sql migration scripts.

  • Scout APM

    Truly a developer’s best friend. Scout APM is great for developers who want to find and fix performance issues in their applications. With Scout, we'll take care of the bugs so you can focus on building great things 🚀.

  • Rails DB

    Rails Database Viewer and SQL Query Runner

  • Seed dump

    Rails 4/5 task to dump your data to db/seeds.rb

  • Foreigner

    Adds foreign key helpers to migrations and correctly dumps foreign keys to schema.rb

  • Squasher

    Squasher - squash your old migrations in a single command

  • active_record_doctor

    Identify database issues before they hit production.

    Project mention: Troubleshooting a RoR Application in Production | | 2022-05-24

    Start with finding mixing indexes:

  • Seed Fu

    Advanced seed data handling for Rails, combining the best practices of several methods together.

  • Seedbank

    Seedbank gives your seed data a little structure. Create seeds for each environment, share seeds between environments and specify dependencies to load your seeds in order. All nicely integrated with simple rake tasks.

  • BatchLoader

    :zap: Powerful tool for avoiding N+1 DB or HTTP queries

    Project mention: N+1 problem will never be an issue with N1Loader gem | | 2022-01-22

    Interesting, I've just been researching Dataloader implementations for Ruby and have between trying to decide between GraphQL::Dataloader, graphql-batch and BatchLoader. I'll give this a look as well. Can you also make API calls inside the loaders?

  • refinery

    Powerful SQL migration toolkit for Rust. (by rust-db)

    Project mention: New to PostgreSQL - Best way to use it? | | 2022-01-25

    What I personally use here is Refinery, but it's within the Rust ecosystem. It lets you write your migrations in pure SQL - which is what I prefer - but still requires about 5 lines of boilerplate Rust code.

  • Polo

    Polo travels through your database and creates sample snapshots so you can work with real world data in development.

  • Upsert

    Upsert on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3. Transparently creates functions (UDF) for MySQL and PostgreSQL; on SQLite3, uses INSERT OR IGNORE.

  • DatabaseConsistency

    The tool to find inconsistency between models schema and database constraints.

    Project mention: Enhanced ActiveRecord preloading | | 2022-05-19

    Described issues may be found with DatabaseConsistency.

  • DatabaseValidations

    Database validations for ActiveRecord

    Project mention: Ecto's uniqueness constraint vs. Rails' uniqueness validation | | 2022-05-21

    Love this post, great exploration of the nuances of uniqueness validations.

    I came here to mention that there is also the gem which allows you to handle uniqueness validations in Rails in a similar manner to Ecto.

  • online_migrations

    Catch unsafe PostgreSQL migrations in development and run them easier in production (code helpers for table/column renaming, changing column type, adding columns with default, background migrations, etc).

    Project mention: Zero-downtime schema migrations for Ruby on Rails | | 2022-05-25

    For other people looking into zero-downtime migrations: you may also consider easier to use ruby-based tool for this

  • Shiba

    Catch bad SQL queries before they cause problems in production

  • QueryTrack

    Find time-consuming database queries for ActiveRecord-based Rails Apps

  • SonarQube

    Static code analysis for 29 languages.. Your projects are multi-language. So is SonarQube analysis. Find Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, and Code Smells so you can release quality code every time. Get started analyzing your projects today for free.

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What are some of the best open-source Database Tool projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 PgHero 6,620
2 Blazer 3,362
3 strong_migrations 3,190
4 Scenic 3,025
5 Database Cleaner 2,811
6 Large Hadron Migrator 1,759
7 Lol DBA 1,468
8 Rails DB 1,422
9 Seed dump 1,378
10 Foreigner 1,340
11 Squasher 1,314
12 active_record_doctor 1,213
13 Seed Fu 1,195
14 Seedbank 1,107
15 BatchLoader 934
16 refinery 863
17 Polo 718
18 Upsert 656
19 DatabaseConsistency 605
20 DatabaseValidations 394
21 online_migrations 359
22 Shiba 290
23 QueryTrack 279
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