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Top 23 XML Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo SheetJS js-xlsx

    :green_book: SheetJS Community Edition -- Spreadsheet Data Toolkit

    Project mention: Export to Excel | reddit.com/r/webdev | 2021-04-27
  • GitHub repo Kodi Home Theater Software

    Kodi is an award-winning free and open source home theater/media center software and entertainment hub for digital media. With its beautiful interface and powerful skinning engine, it's available for Android, BSD, Linux, macOS, iOS and Windows.

    Project mention: Watching from within the UK | reddit.com/r/skinwalkerranch | 2021-05-06


  • GitHub repo structured-text-tools

    A list of command line tools for manipulating structured text data

    Project mention: Consultare un databate XML, JSON, CVS o RDF | reddit.com/r/ItalyInformatica | 2021-03-31

    Per una vasta lista commentata vedi https://github.com/dbohdan/structured-text-tools

  • GitHub repo Nokogiri

    Nokogiri (鋸) makes it easy and painless to work with XML and HTML from Ruby.

    Project mention: Best of (Ruby) Gems Series - What's Next? What's Hot? | reddit.com/r/ruby | 2021-03-12

    About the C-extensions, I'd be curious on what it takes to build extensions using C, and a study around how nokogiri solved the yearlong issue of install-then-compile by shipping arch-based precompiled binaries, and how this should become more of a standard in the ruby community for gems requiring extensions.

  • GitHub repo REST Assured

    Java DSL for easy testing of REST services

    Project mention: Contract-First Development Using RestAssured and OpenAPI | dev.to | 2021-04-09

    In this post, we will demonstrate how can OpenAPI be used in a RestAssured-based integration test to ensure that the API conforms to its specification.

  • GitHub repo POCO

    The POCO C++ Libraries are powerful cross-platform C++ libraries for building network- and internet-based applications that run on desktop, server, mobile, IoT, and embedded systems.

    Project mention: Higher level threading in C++ | dev.to | 2021-04-29

    This is why I generally prefer Threadpools, or a producer-consumer pattern. Both these patterns require a queue that contains the jobs or units of work. Worker threads will continually try to read items from such a queue and process the item. There are some libraries that offer threadsafe queue's and/or threadpools, such as poco, QT or boost, but it's actually fairly simple to implement your own, using only the STL. So let's implement one now!

  • GitHub repo Refit

    The automatic type-safe REST library for .NET Core, Xamarin and .NET. Heavily inspired by Square's Retrofit library, Refit turns your REST API into a live interface.

    Project mention: How to make Dapr client works well with Refit and RestEase | dev.to | 2021-03-08

    We can use Refit or RestEase to make it better to read and use just like above.

  • GitHub repo ServiceStack

    Thoughtfully architected, obscenely fast, thoroughly enjoyable web services for all

  • GitHub repo WireMock

    A tool for mocking HTTP services

  • GitHub repo xml2js

    XML to JavaScript object converter.

    Project mention: Trying to convert this xml to JSON, what am I doing wrong? | reddit.com/r/learnjavascript | 2021-01-19

    Here it says there's a parseString.

  • GitHub repo TinyXML

    TinyXML2 is a simple, small, efficient, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrated into other programs.

  • GitHub repo tbox

    🎁 A glib-like multi-platform c library

    Project mention: Anyone used xmake? | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-02-28

    Here's the github page for tbox, which xmake and xrepo rely on: https://github.com/tboox/tbox

  • GitHub repo ShapeOfView

    Give a custom shape to any android view, Material Design 2 ready

    Project mention: How do you skew both the text and shape of a textview in Kotlin? | reddit.com/r/androiddev | 2021-03-29

    Check out this library, which has a number of custom shapes for views, but no skewed shape yet. You could just take one of the custom shapes and modify it to your needs.

  • GitHub repo minify

    Go minifiers for web formats (by tdewolff)

  • GitHub repo posthtml

    PostHTML is a tool to transform HTML/XML with JS plugins

    Project mention: Is there a utility to convert tailwind classes back to a CSS string? | reddit.com/r/tailwindcss | 2021-04-23

    This uses PostHTML to convert the tailwind classes into inline styles, but it could maybe be adapted to generate CSS files instead, but seriously, this largely defeats the purpose for using tailwind.

  • GitHub repo Ono

    A sensible way to deal with XML & HTML for iOS & macOS

  • GitHub repo PugiXML

    Light-weight, simple and fast XML parser for C++ with XPath support

  • GitHub repo Thymeleaf

    Thymeleaf is a modern server-side Java template engine for both web and standalone environments.

    Project mention: Reliable WebSockets-based pub/sub with Spring Boot | dev.to | 2021-04-09

    In order to dynamically generate the page when first serving it from the server to contain the existing todo items, we'll be using Thymeleaf. Add Thymeleaf to your dependencies in your pom.xml file:

  • GitHub repo svgo

    Go Language Library for SVG generation (by ajstarks)

  • GitHub repo Binding.scala

    Reactive data-binding for Scala

  • GitHub repo dino

    Modern XMPP ("Jabber") Chat Client using GTK+/Vala

    Project mention: Desktop clients with AV calls interoperability with Conversations, Linux/Windows/macOS? | reddit.com/r/xmpp | 2021-05-02

    The calls branch at the Dino repository is making steady progress. It might soon become the first (Linux) Desktop client to be compatible with Conversations.

  • GitHub repo WebApiClient

    An open source project based on the HttpClient. You only need to define the c# interface and modify the related features to invoke the client library of the remote http interface asynchronously.

  • GitHub repo yq

    Command-line YAML, XML, TOML processor - jq wrapper for YAML/XML/TOML documents (by kislyuk)

    Project mention: XML processor similar to jq | reddit.com/r/commandline | 2021-05-02

    I'm looking for something similar to jq but for processing XML & other similar formats. I know about yq, but I'd prefer something for XML that isn't a wrapper or changes the output to be JSON.

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What are some of the best open-source XML projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 SheetJS js-xlsx 25,407
2 Kodi Home Theater Software 12,395
3 structured-text-tools 5,699
4 Nokogiri 5,625
5 REST Assured 5,311
6 POCO 5,166
7 Refit 4,948
8 ServiceStack 4,896
9 WireMock 4,406
10 xml2js 4,252
11 TinyXML 3,600
12 tbox 3,589
13 ShapeOfView 2,835
14 minify 2,656
15 posthtml 2,615
16 Ono 2,589
17 PugiXML 2,570
18 Thymeleaf 2,131
19 svgo 1,656
20 Binding.scala 1,536
21 dino 1,496
22 WebApiClient 1,468
23 yq 1,465