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Top 23 Irc Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo hammerspoon

    Staggeringly powerful macOS desktop automation with Lua

    Project mention: What are your favourite macros? Share them here! | reddit.com/r/DygmaLab | 2021-05-22

    Some of these can be achieved purely through Bazecor, for others I'm using Alfred or Hammerspoon, although Keyboard Maestro or a Windows equivalent software such as AutoHotkey would probably work well too.

  • GitHub repo The Lounge

    💬 Modern, responsive, cross-platform, self-hosted web IRC client

    Project mention: Last remaining 1000 user community channel seized by Freenode staff | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-06-14

    I find The Lounge to be fine for me on desktop and mobile.


  • GitHub repo Twisted

    Event-driven networking engine written in Python.

    Project mention: Kleine, dumme Frage - KW 03 | reddit.com/r/de_EDV | 2021-01-19

    Und um es hier zu implementieren fehlen mir einfach die Skills in pyhton. Und der IssueTracker ist leider auch deaktiviert.

  • GitHub repo matterbridge

    bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram, rocketchat, twitch, ssh-chat, zulip, whatsapp, keybase, matrix, microsoft teams, nextcloud, mumble, vk and more with REST API (mattermost not required!)

    Project mention: Start to finish guide for creating a mumble server and hooking it into Bukkit/Spigot/Paper for interconnected chat, with a web interface. | reddit.com/r/admincraft | 2021-06-17


  • GitHub repo Shout

    Deprecated. See fork @ https://github.com/thelounge

  • GitHub repo jitsi

    Jitsi is an audio/video and chat communicator that supports protocols such as SIP, XMPP/Jabber, IRC and many other useful features.

    Project mention: WebRTC over Asp.Net Core - Any examples? | reddit.com/r/csharp | 2021-05-07

    - Jitsi (Java)

  • GitHub repo hexchat

    GTK+ IRC client

    Project mention: Freenode commits suicide, is no longer a serious IRC network | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-06-15
  • GitHub repo irssi

    The client of the future

    Project mention: [Hobby Scuffles] Week of May 23, 2021 | reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama | 2021-05-23
  • GitHub repo Weechat

    The extensible chat client.

    Project mention: Getting started with IRC and Weechat | dev.to | 2021-05-24

    You can skip the compilation step and download the finished weechat from weechat.org. But what fun is that?

  • GitHub repo ZNC

    Official repository for the ZNC IRC bouncer

    Project mention: 2021 Jun 14 Stickied 𝐇𝐄𝐋𝐏𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐊 thread - Boot problems? Display problems? Networking problems? Need ideas? Get help with these and other questions! 𝑳𝑶𝑶𝑲 𝑯𝑬𝑹𝑬 𝑭𝑰𝑹𝑺𝑻 | reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi | 2021-06-18

    NOTE: the extent of my previous usage of a pie is running a ZNC bouncer over SSH for IRC server that I'm a part of and while I have plenty of background with 120+ volt electrical systems, this is my first electronic hardware project

  • GitHub repo Oragono

    A modern IRC server (daemon/ircd) written in Go.

    Project mention: I am resigning along with most other Freenode staff | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-14

    There are irc daemons that have everything integrated such as oragono [1].

    And if you just want an irc server for a couple friends you can just ignore ChanServ/NickServ.. it's not really needed (hell.. ircnet is still going strong and has no services at all!)

    [1] https://github.com/oragono/oragono

  • GitHub repo InspIRCd

    A modular C++ IRC server (ircd).

    Project mention: how can I set up my own private hexchat network? | reddit.com/r/irc | 2021-05-03

    The most popular are UnrealIRCd and InspIRCd and it looks like they will both run on Windows. (I assume you are using Windows)

  • GitHub repo Glowing Bear

    A web client for WeeChat

  • GitHub repo convos

    Convos :busts_in_silhouette: is the simplest way to use IRC in your browser

    Project mention: Truly unified inbox – BlackBerry got it right and nobody has since | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-29
  • GitHub repo IRCAnywhere

    IRCAnywhere web based multi-user IRC bouncer built for teams

  • GitHub repo Quassel IRC

    Quassel IRC: Chat comfortably. Everywhere.

    Project mention: Thoughts on the state of the freenode IRC network - Edward Kmett | reddit.com/r/haskell | 2021-05-19

    I've been a massive user of IRC since the mid 90s... have written lots of bots, scripts etc plus set up plenty of stuff to deal with being able to disconnect your client without missing out on anything (currently use https://quassel-irc.org/ with the daemon on a VPS). I was even l33t enough to "read bitchx.doc" back in the day...

  • GitHub repo Dispatch

    Web-based IRC client in Go. (by khlieng)

    Project mention: Convos: A Persistent Self-Hosted Web Client for IRC | reddit.com/r/selfhosted | 2020-12-21

    Having tried both Convos and dispatch recently, I can safely say they're both world's behind thelounge still. Given enough time, I'm sure they can catch up, especially now that thelounge is on life support at best. But as it stands today, they were both unusable, in comparison, for me.

  • GitHub repo Kiwi IRC

    🥝 Next generation of the Kiwi IRC web client

    Project mention: How to setup web IRC | reddit.com/r/irc | 2021-05-06
  • GitHub repo bitlbee

    An IRC to other chat networks gateway :bee:

  • GitHub repo Eggdrop

    The Eggdrop IRC Bot

    Project mention: Finding Warez/XDCC files in IRC - Quick Primer | reddit.com/r/irc | 2021-04-28
  • GitHub repo autodl-irssi

    A community-driven fork of autodl-irssi

    Project mention: We inherited Dad's seedbox and ran it for years, but we broke it and have no idea how it worked. It used to download automatically from bookmarks on RevolutionTT. | reddit.com/r/seedboxes | 2021-06-02

    IRC: Private trackers (see r/Trackers) have IRC announce channels where their new torrents (and links) get announced at. You can use tools such as autodl-irssi with a torrent client like ruTorrent to automate these downloads.

  • GitHub repo ngircd

    Free, portable and lightweight Internet Relay Chat server

    Project mention: ngIRCd and Ruby RBot working in Termux! | reddit.com/r/termux | 2021-04-26

    Got bored and wanted to muck about with one of my favourite IRC bots (without peeing off my usual haunt' opers). So I compiled ngIRCd and had a bash at running RBot

  • GitHub repo birch

    An IRC client written in bash

    Project mention: birch - An IRC client written in bash | reddit.com/r/commandline | 2021-03-05
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What are some of the best open-source Irc projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 hammerspoon 7,949
2 The Lounge 4,406
3 Twisted 4,274
4 matterbridge 4,006
5 Shout 3,704
6 jitsi 3,382
7 hexchat 2,511
8 irssi 2,361
9 Weechat 2,212
10 ZNC 1,817
11 Oragono 1,233
12 InspIRCd 893
13 Glowing Bear 853
14 convos 817
15 IRCAnywhere 740
16 Quassel IRC 611
17 Dispatch 606
18 Kiwi IRC 554
19 bitlbee 517
20 Eggdrop 336
21 autodl-irssi 323
22 ngircd 302
23 birch 267