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  • GitHub repo Elasticsearch

    Free and Open, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

    Project mention: AWS announces forks of Elasticsearch and Kibana | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-01-21

    Thank you! I had actually tried to find it after posting my comment and couldn't find it through their website. The day of the announcement Github hadn't been updated yet, and I gave up when I saw this didn't say where to look: https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/blob/master/LICENSE....

  • GitHub repo advanced-java

    😮 Core Interview Questions & Answers For Experienced Java(Backend) Developers | 互联网 Java 工程师进阶知识完全扫盲:涵盖高并发、分布式、高可用、微服务、海量数据处理等领域知识

    Project mention: Top 10 Developer Trends, Mon Oct 12 2020 | dev.to | 2020-10-12

    doocs / advanced-java

  • GitHub repo Grafana

    The open and composable observability and data visualization platform. Visualize metrics, logs, and traces from multiple sources like Prometheus, Loki, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Postgres and many more.

    Project mention: Ask HN: Who is hiring? (March 2021) | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-03-01

    Grafana Labs | Backend Engineers, Frontend Engineers, Engineering Managers, Senior Backend Engineers | Remote Global | Full-Time | Remote | https://grafana.com/

    You know us, we make the dashboard you use to observe your systems. We also do Prometheus, Cortex, Loki, Tempo, a SaaS offering, an Enterprise offering. We're well-funded and have a long list of customers whose brands your family recognise. We're OSS, and CNCF.

    And we are hiring globally in full-time remote roles. Note: The entire company has been remote first forever and our founders are on multiple continents, this is not something we're learning - this is who we are.

    We need engineers at all levels, wherever you are.


    The careers page says EMEA/EST timezones but that is misleading as we are actively hiring in APAC (India especially), all of the Americas (inc Central and South America). Senior engineers especially welcome in those areas (to help us grow teams).

  • GitHub repo kibana

    Your window into the Elastic Stack

    Project mention: Kibana 7.x: remove black search bar at the top? | reddit.com/r/elasticsearch | 2021-03-01
  • GitHub repo springboot-learning-example

    spring boot 实践学习案例,是 spring boot 初学者及核心技术巩固的最佳实践。另外写博客,用 OpenWrite。

    Project mention: What are some advance topics in backend development with Java? | reddit.com/r/java | 2021-01-04
  • GitHub repo docker-elk

    The Elastic stack (ELK) powered by Docker and Compose.

    Project mention: Anyone using Security Onion with a Fortinet ecosystem? | reddit.com/r/fortinet | 2021-01-30
  • GitHub repo TWINT

    An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool written in Python that doesn't use Twitter's API, allowing you to scrape a user's followers, following, Tweets and more while evading most API limitations.

    Project mention: Program/Script to download all Tweets/Media from Twitter User's Timeline? | reddit.com/r/DataHoarder | 2021-02-24
  • GitHub repo awesome-aws

    A curated list of awesome Amazon Web Services (AWS) libraries, open source repos, guides, blogs, and other resources. Featuring the Fiery Meter of AWSome.

  • GitHub repo flexsearch

    Next-Generation full text search library for Browser and Node.js

    Project mention: Top 50 Gatsby plugins you're going to love 🔥👨‍💻 | dev.to | 2021-01-14

    In case you want to search your GraphQL layer using a search engine like FlexSearch, you might want to have a look at this plugin!

  • GitHub repo elastic

    Elasticsearch client for Go.

    Project mention: What's a Library Client what you really like about their API approach? | reddit.com/r/golang | 2021-02-03

    https://github.com/olivere/elastic is definitely the best choice. Though, it added around 4 MB additional to the build size.

  • GitHub repo NewsBlur

    NewsBlur is a personal news reader that brings people together to talk about the world. A new sound of an old instrument.

    Project mention: Privacy friendly and feature rich Rss reader app ? | reddit.com/r/privacytoolsIO | 2021-02-07

    I like Newsblur. It's open source and doesn't call home on the iOS app. No tracking, just very good imo.

  • GitHub repo Searchkick

    Intelligent search made easy with Rails and Elasticsearch

    Project mention: My Ruby on Rails stack for side projects in 2021 | dev.to | 2021-03-01

    Ruby and Rails versions : Ruby 3 and Ruby on Rails 6 Architecture : Use "the Rails way" Background jobs : Sidekiq Database : PostgreSQL Asset Management : Webpacker CSS : Tailwind Javascript : Alpine.js, Stimulus, and Vue Pagination : Pagy Testing : RSpec or Minitest with VCR Periodic jobs : Clockwork Code formatting : Prettier for Javascript. Rubocop for Ruby Exception management : Rollbar or Honeybadger Sending email : Postmark Slugs : friendly_id Full Text Search : pg_search or searchkick Deployment : Heroku or Dokku Self-hosted tools : Thumbor, Huginn, OpenFaaS and Grafana Editor tools : Solargraph, Rails fast nav, Prettier, ruby-rubocop Monitoring : InfluxDB, Grafana and influxdb-rails Templating engine : ERB Admin tool : activeadmin

  • GitHub repo dev-setup

    macOS development environment setup: Easy-to-understand instructions with automated setup scripts for developer tools like Vim, Sublime Text, Bash, iTerm, Python data analysis, Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, AWS, Heroku, JavaScript web development, Android development, common data stores, and dev-based OS X defaults.

    Project mention: Request Im A Programmer That Moves To A New Pc | reddit.com/r/TechnologyProTips | 2020-12-31
  • GitHub repo ElasticSearch PHP

    Official PHP low-level client for Elasticsearch.

  • GitHub repo searchkit

    GraphQL API & React UI components for Elasticsearch. The easiest way to build a great search experience

  • GitHub repo janusgraph

    JanusGraph: an open-source, distributed graph database

    Project mention: Installing Apache HBase for JanusGraph | dev.to | 2021-01-31

    At the time of writing this article, JanusGraph's latest release page on GitHub says that JanusGraph is compatible with HBase 2.1.5. So I will get this version's download link from the Apache HBase archive, and I will use the wget shell command to download it to my "/opt" directory. Then I will use the tar command to extract the contents of the downloaded archive.

  • GitHub repo sigma

    Generic Signature Format for SIEM Systems

    Project mention: Splunk course for use cases development | reddit.com/r/Splunk | 2021-02-25
  • GitHub repo zombodb

    Making Postgres and Elasticsearch work together like it's 2021

    Project mention: What is the future of databases? | reddit.com/r/programming | 2021-01-25
  • GitHub repo elasticsearch-dsl-py

    High level Python client for Elasticsearch

    Project mention: Building ES analyzers: Any recommend GUIs or workflows? | reddit.com/r/elasticsearch | 2021-02-06
  • GitHub repo Peek

    Take a peek into your Rails applications. (by peek)

  • GitHub repo Toshi

    A full-text search engine in rust

    Project mention: ClickHouse as an alternative to Elasticsearch for log storage and analysis | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-03-02
  • GitHub repo Elasticsearch .NET

    Elasticsearch.Net & NEST

  • GitHub repo Elasticsearch Rails

    Elasticsearch integrations for ActiveModel/Record and Ruby on Rails

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What are some of the best open-source ElasticSearch projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Elasticsearch 53,948
2 advanced-java 52,501
3 Grafana 40,132
4 kibana 15,728
5 springboot-learning-example 14,017
6 docker-elk 10,866
7 TWINT 9,418
8 awesome-aws 8,983
9 flexsearch 6,895
10 elastic 5,726
11 NewsBlur 5,684
12 Searchkick 5,508
13 dev-setup 5,329
14 ElasticSearch PHP 4,448
15 searchkit 4,094
16 janusgraph 3,858
17 sigma 3,338
18 zombodb 3,247
19 elasticsearch-dsl-py 3,157
20 Peek 3,143
21 Toshi 3,079
22 Elasticsearch .NET 2,970
23 Elasticsearch Rails 2,816