An app to allow Jailbroken iPhones to send texts & attachments from their browser (by iandwelker)


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  • Airmessage using old iPhone instead of Mac
    IMO SMServer beats all of these by a longshot. The dev is responsive, it's free, and it's open-source
    Not at the moment. Once the source code is released I imagine it would be possible to find out how the AirMessage server talks to its clients and create an iOS app for jailbroken phones that behaves just like a regular AirMessage server. I imagine you could modify something like SMServer to talk to AirMessage clients, but I don't have any experience developing iOS apps, so I unfortunately won't be able to build it.
    SMServer currently runs on jailbroken iOS 13 and 14, and bluebubbles is looking to make an iOS server as well
  • [Update] SMServer 0.7.0 - Added ability to send tapbacks, delete texts, run behind a reverse proxy, and much more! | 2021-01-09
    Do you think you’d be able to file a bug report in the github repo, and include a crash log if you can get one? That would be really appreciated and help me significantly in figuring out what’s causing this. | 2021-01-09
    Fixed countless other issues (view the changelog on github for the full details) | 2021-01-09
    So theoretically, you should be able to leave your screen locked and everything should work fine (new texts should show up in the web interface, battery percentage should update, etc), however it appears that some people are running into issues, such as this person on the github repo. I've also started running into the same issue, so I'm working hard on this to make sure it's resolved. | 2021-01-09
    That’s really interesting, I don’t think I’ve yet run into anyone else who’s had that problem. Would you be able to file an issue on the GitHub repo so that I can look further into it? | 2021-01-09
    this issue is probably the best place to follow this, but I think I may have cracked the issue; try disabling the “Restart server on network change” option in the settings and see if that fixes it


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iandwelker/smserver is an open source project licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0 only which is an OSI approved license.