Code for a trackball I'm building from scratch (by monroewilliams)


Basic trackball repo stats
about 1 month ago


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  • Gaming Keypad
    If you want some microswitch-based low-travel buttons that will fit in the 14mm keyswitch holes, I designed some parameterized ones for my scratch-built trackball project that you could try out. The assembly guide has some good pictures of them near the end, and there are .stl files for them in the repo as well. Link
  • DIY Trackball project, now with pictures!
  • Ever wonder what an optical trackball sensor actually sees?
    I actually got the code for the dual-sensor part working back in 2015. It's just taken me this long to get the mechanicals, buttons, etc. worked out to turn it from a science experiment into a usable trackball. (The history is in the github repo. ;) )