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  • Android Studio building APK for Google Play Store Error
    reddit.com/r/rit | 2021-05-02
    I am starting a clinical trial for my MS thesis here at KGCOE as an electrical engineer. I have an Android app that I wrote in Android Studio and I need to upload it to the Google Play Store in order to distribute it to the doctors involved in the trial. I have a folder of dependencies that I use for the application with code from this github: GitHub - jkelly467/kossh: Kotlin SSH Client library. Whenever I try do build the APK I am getting an error telling me that the access is denied to the 'kossh' folder, which is in the 'app' folder. Is there anything that I can do to fix this? I have tried looking around and mostly found people modifying the gradlew file but that has not worked for me yet. Any help at all will be very much appreciated. I have very little experience building applications and this is just a simple one for my research. Thanks.