A game tracker for Path of Exile. Track literally everything that drops in your maps, and more! (by briansd9)


Basic exile-diary repo stats
7 days ago


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  • welp... there goes 19ex...
  • Its kinda sad that standard is a graveyard of bricked characters...
    You might be interested in my app Exile Diary, which I made because I felt exactly this way... it keeps a record of every single map you run, your most valuable drops, boss kills, gear history, and various other statistics.
  • Ran 10 Fractured Tower Maps - Here are the results
  • is there any way to check my stash for anything valuable?
    Exile Diary has been my go-to for a long time for net worth (not including rares) across a lot of stash tabs.
  • A Tool Which Tracks Someones Build As They Make It
    Looks like you're interested in gear diffs - you might find this code useful, there are some properties that should be removed before comparing items