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caddyserver/caddy is an open source project licensed under Apache License 2.0 which is an OSI approved license.

Caddy Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to Caddy

  • GitHub repo cosmopolitan

    fast portable static native textmode containers

  • GitHub repo caddy-docker-proxy

    Caddy as a reverse proxy for Docker

  • GitHub repo traefik

    The Cloud Native Application Proxy

  • GitHub repo neqo

  • GitHub repo Docker Compose

    Define and run multi-container applications with Docker

  • GitHub repo phpMyAdmin

    A web interface for MySQL and MariaDB

  • GitHub repo mrustc

    Alternative rust compiler (re-implementation)

  • GitHub repo selfhosted-apps-docker

    Guide by Example

  • GitHub repo polyshell

    A Bash/Batch/PowerShell polyglot!

  • GitHub repo awesome-selfhosted

    A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers

  • GitHub repo Portainer

    Making Docker and Kubernetes management easy.

  • GitHub repo Jellyfin

    The Free Software Media System

  • GitHub repo filemanager

    📂 Web File Browser

  • GitHub repo Sandstorm

    Sandstorm is a self-hostable web productivity suite. It's implemented as a security-hardened web app package manager.

  • GitHub repo quic-go

    A QUIC implementation in pure go

  • GitHub repo rustls

    A modern TLS library in Rust

  • GitHub repo Yacht

    A web interface for managing docker containers with an emphasis on templating to provide 1 click deployments. Think of it like a decentralized app store for servers that anyone can make packages for.

  • GitHub repo dhall

    Maintainable configuration files

  • GitHub repo Technitium DNS Server

    Technitium DNS Server

  • GitHub repo Traefik-v2-examples

    Traefik v2 guide by examples

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Posts where Caddy has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-16.
  • Writing a reverse proxy in Go | 2021-04-18
    You should try
  • QUIC and HTTP/3 Support Now in Firefox Nightly and Beta | 2021-04-16
  • Lisp and the Web: Creating Web Apps Through Lisp and GCE | 2021-04-16
    You could cut out a chunk of configuration by using Caddy web server ( instead of Nginx. Configuration is very simple, and SSL works out of the box!
  • nginx | hope this helps someone else | 2021-04-14
    Whoops, you're right, wrong link from habit 😅 the main project site is, and the community forums are Edited the link above.
  • I have DigitalOcean droplet. Apache is serving my front-end on port 80 and Node.js is serving my back-end on port 3000. My domain name points to the front-end and I installed SSL certificate using cerbot BUT now I'm getting errors when making GET request because my back-end is unsecure. | 2021-04-14
    Make your life easier and use Listen to the creator talk on the this podcast
  • Go HTTPS Servers with TLS | 2021-04-12
  • RAIRAI's Super Famicom(Japanese-SNES) Release All List... found a backup of this site on a dvd-r from November of 2000. Still feels relevant today ;) | 2021-04-10
    This is awesome! You could use caddy to allow for HTTPS on your site.
  • How do I share a regular folder between multiple nodes? | 2021-04-10
    I am hosting a simple static file server using Caddy. I was previously using docker-compose because I only had one machine, so I could just mount the folder as a volume alongside the docker-managed volumes for caddy.
  • Best way to learn Traefik? | 2021-04-06
    If Treafik is to complicated, how about Caddy instead? Couldn't get easier in my opinion
  • Selfhosted Manager
    Caddy or nginx-proxy-manager should fit the dead-simple reverse proxy setup. Caddy has plugin functionality, so if you want the labeling functionality, you can totally get that. A Caddyfile can be as simple as this:
  • Traefik vs Ngnix Proxy Manager
    I personally use traefik. used nginx (not nginx proxy manager) before and switched because I found it easier (just a few labels in the docker-compose file). There's also caddy which a lot of people like
  • Aren't we all http.
    Caddy does HTTPS with zero configuration
    I highly suggest caddy as it takes care of the certificate and encryption for you, either as a server directly or as a proxy.
  • What webserver do you recommend for laravel 8 | 2021-03-27
  • Use application name as subdomain or generic name to prevent bots or scanners?
    There is a new abort directive which is similar to nginx's 444 in Caddy beta ref