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  • So I tried to access my save from a different computer through steam cloud saves, my whole factory was right there but none of my stuff was, So I went to the last place I left only to find this, wtf? haha
    This is a known bug. There is a program that can edit saves and kill dummy players
  • Can't rebuild space elevator
  • Need URGEN HELP! Muting off flying monster at Grasslands
    Perhaps the game editor let's you remove it I also have seen so perhaps that helps. I have not tested either, so no idea how it works.
  • Question
    This here it is to edit your saves. e.g. add, remove or move things.
  • Passive Mode for Update 4
    They are working on the mods, in the mean time I use the Save Editor to remove enemies. I like it more, because it ONLY removes the enemies. That means it leaves the green poison areas alone and you will still have to work around it
  • Any new way to remove the hostiles?
    I have used succesfully in both Early Access and Experimental to remove hostiles.
  • Mods
    I have good hopes. e.g. the save editor already works with the new game engine. And when one works, it means it is possible. There are apparently also some other changes to the mod manager that are being implemented. No idea what they are.
  • Buffer overflow when try to connect multiplayer on my save game, "big base" #140083 no one can play with me because "output buffer overflow" what is that mean and how i fix it? maybe its because some mod do this on multiplayer?
    You're on the satisfactory-calculator. You should go to and download the save editor I was talking about
  • Anyone know what these are?
  • PSA: If you want to play update 4 without monsters/enemies ("peaceful mode"), you can use this save game editor to do this.
    First grab the most recent release from: Goz3rr/SatisfactorySaveEditor (
  • Incompatibility of mods in experimental with update 4
    There is a save editor in the Mod repositories that can remove all "hostiles".
  • Play time / Hours
    Satisfactory save editor is an application that parses and lets you see and edit the data in save file.
  • Save dumper tool
    Notes: Sadly this tool isn't that good as it's still a little technical to set up, you have to set it up and run it yourself and you have to restore the saves your self but something is better then nothing. Also please note if you where using a tool like this tool auto makes a backup of your save before editing it and places it in your save games folder. So my tool will also backup these backups too, and putting a zip inside another zip isn't a grate idea so if your save zips are on the large side, this might be why.
  • “Outgoing reliable buffer overflow” on modded savegame
    Multiplayer error "Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow" or Singleplayer and Multiplayer Lag opening the Hub: Use this program to De-Duplicate Schematics (after making a backup of your save file): (Cheats Menu > Deduplicate Schematics)
  • Is there a way to see what mods are used in a save?
    I don't think the satisfactory-calculator shows the building paths, I was talking about Goz3rr save editor


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