Make allow installing profile Anything regardless of targetDeviceType! (by XsF1re)


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  • [Question] How are you folks protecting your iDevice from OTA's, now that BetaProfile's Block-OTA profile is not available? | 2021-06-13
  • [Discussion] Remember to Install MCPatch from XsF1re to install tvOS profile, prevent auto-update in non-jailbreak mode. | 2021-02-28
    Do you have a repo or compile from the github?
  • [News] tvOS 14 beta profile | 2021-02-02
    Not 100% sure I'd trust that. A more reliable way would be to google iOS beta profiles -- the first one that comes up is a legit site -- and install the tvOS 14 beta profile from there. (The only catch is that you have to install mcpatch by xsf1re first-- again, a legit developer -- before you can install the profile, but you can uninstall mcpatch after.


Basic MCPatch repo stats
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