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  • neovim

    My neovim config (by desdic)

    Mine isn't much but feel free to use it

  • dotfiles

    Personal dots (by AmmarCodes)

    Here's my config:

  • InfluxDB

    Access the most powerful time series database as a service. Ingest, store, & analyze all types of time series data in a fully-managed, purpose-built database. Keep data forever with low-cost storage and superior data compression.

  • nvimconf

    A little messy but it works. my Config

  • nvim

    My Neovim configuration (by mawkler)

  • .dotfiles

    My vim setup in lua (by amm834)

  • dotfiles

    I am relative satisfied with mine, although I still dont have a working solution for (vendored) project search and custom sources on keypress for completion is also missing (command completion breaks C-l/Tab for file completion):

  • nvim

    neovim config (by DvrDania)

  • SonarLint

    Clean code begins in your IDE with SonarLint. Up your coding game and discover issues early. SonarLint is a free plugin that helps you find & fix bugs and security issues from the moment you start writing code. Install from your favorite IDE marketplace today.

  • dot

    personal configurations (by saccarosium)

    Here's mine

  • .dotfiles

    My dotifles for config in Windows, Linux, and MacOS (by KiLLeRRaT)

  • dotfiles

    my Dotfiles (by Dmitrev)

  • dotfiles

    It is my work in progress dotfiles managed by Chezmoi (by stephane-klein)

  • nvim

    Neovim config (by muditk98)

  • dotfiles

    Here’s mine:

  • nvim-config

    my neovim config (by juiceDeLemon) here Many things are not complete (I accidentally restored my completion folder :(

  • datfiles

    Config files


  • fused.nvim

    A colorscheme fused between different color schemes

    Check out my theme

  • dotfiles

    My dotfiles (by UnrealApex)

    I would say that my config is not the best, but it does contain a few gems I have found throughout my short time vimming:

  • gruvbox-material

    Gruvbox with Material Palette

    Default theme gruvbox-material

  • nyoom.nvim

    A Neovim framework and doom emacs alternative for the stubborn martian hacker. Powered by fennel and the oxocarbon theme [Moved to:] (by shaunsingh)

  • dotfiles

  • dotfiles

  • nvim-config

    My neovim config (by joelazar)

  • dotfiles

    Here’s mine:

  • .config

    pseudometa's dotfiles (by chrisgrieser)

  • configLoader

    shell script to load my settings directly

    There you go:

  • dotfiles

    My personal dotfiles (by matias-lg)

    I need to refactor the folder/init.lua structure, I took it from some youtube vid and haven't bothered to change it. Other than that it's pretty clean I'd say. dotfiles

  • salcode-nvim

    My Neovim configuration.

  • nvim

    My personal lua configs for latest stable and nightly neovim (by Mike325)

    Here's mine, Used mainly on Linux/macOS (although it should work on windows too) for C/C++ and python development nvim

  • dotfiles

    Dotfiles with a GO manager. (by ZakHargz)

  • dotfiles-playbook

    Ansible playbook with my ubuntu-based dotfiles

  • nvim-config

    A genaralized, personalized, and simple configuration. (by Alexis12119)

    Here's mine maybe you can find are some ideas there :)

  • my-dots

  • dots

    My dotfiles on *nix (by navxio)

  • neovim-flake

    Flake for NeoVim Configuration (by hedonhermdev)

  • gear-up.nvim

    Tiny configuration to get started with Neovim

  • .dotfiles

    all my important dotfiles in one place (by Tsuzat)

    My Config

  • dotfiles

    My dotfiles 🛠 (by pheeria)

    Here is mine - the majority of it and its history is related to LSP plugins, which are being deprecated like rabbits and then their successors are deprecated and suddenly you need a package management system just to have LSP ☹️


    my dotfiles

  • my_configs

    Hello! Here are my configs which I'm using :) Feel free to use them!


  • NvStar

    IDE Layer for Neovim, for simplicity lovers.

    Little messy but still working on it.... nvim

  • nvim

    My nvim config (by gboncoffee)

    here it is!

  • dotfiles

  • .dotfiles

    My .Dotfiles (by paulfrische) May god be gracious with my soul

  • dotfiles

    My personal dotfiles and dotfiles installer project (by mikeslattery)

    My current setup has some issues, but you might find my dracula theme settings interesting. I added support for truecolor, darkened the background, and adjusted currentline color.

  • nvim

    My neovim config (by vishalbalaji)

  • vimConfig

    My vim configurations (by idanarye)

  • dotfiles

    unix dot files (by D00mch)

    Here is mine, written in fennel (Lisp). REPL-like experience writing my nvim configs. I am doing Clojure, Java, Kotlin, Dart development with it. I used to use IntellijIdea, but now my nvim may do much more, and it's crazy fast.

  • nvim

    Here is mine

  • anvil

    A highly adaptable Neovim configuration focused on providing a great development experience while being easy to extend and maintain. (by talha-akram)

  • dotfiles

    My vim, zsh, tmux, and macOS dotfiles (by keith)

    Mine is mostly still compatible with vim, but I've been building it up for quite a while

  • nvim

    My neovim config (by boltlessengineer)

  • Neovim-Config

    My personal neovim config; includes: nvim-lsp and support for TS, Scala, Rust, Python with debugging (by Feel-ix-343)

    Here is my config; More info about it is in the readme, but I am using catppuccin with transparent mode, I have LSPs and DAP set up with Mason. It is pretty easy to add other languages. Also, LSP saga.

  • nyx

    ⚙️Nix[OS] Configuration

    Here is a link to my dotfiles managed by nix. My setup is well structured and commented for others. It also has a lot of useful lua libraries and extensions functions that might be useful for others.

  • nvim

    My neovim config (by RegenJacob)

  • nvim-config


  • Singularis

    My System Configuration ⚙️

    Here you go:

  • .files

    Configuration files (by iam-afk)

  • LazyNvim

  • dotfiles

  • dotfiles

    Me confeegs.. me precious confeegs. (by solidiquis)

    My screenshots are out of date, but I'm extremely happy with my configs at the moment. Dotfiles.

  • nvim

    My neovim config (by outragedline)

  • datsnvim

    Mine personal configuration files that turn Neovim text editor into an IDE.

  • dotfiles

  • .dotfiles

    My automatic dev machine setup scripts and configs (by protiumx)

  • AnoNvim

    My personal NeoVim Lua config

  • .dotfiles-dev

    My dotfiles for my Dual Monitor work PC

  • dotfiles

    ☂️ mah minimalism (by getchoo)

  • dotfiles

    Dmitry Demenchuk does dotfiles (by mrded)

  • dotfiles

    Although this includes a little bit more than just neovim, but here it goes:

  • dotfiles

    My dotfiles for Arch Linux. (by italovieira)

    Take a look at mine

  • nvim

    My neovim configuration (by diogob)

  • Juliet

    a dev setup

  • neovim-config

    My Neovim config (Lua-focused) (by majamin)

  • dotfiles

    My config files (by T0ha)

    You are welcome

  • dotvim

    Vim config (by mars90226)

    Here's mine: dotvim

  • nvim

    My neovim configuration, as it is my weapon of choice. Setting it up for nim-lang was a priority, autocompletion and navigation. (by Rosen-Popov)

    Aight, here you go. I have some modifications i have made for me, that might be useful. Some of the photos are outdated, statusline very much so, i use something plain and clean of weird characters. But it works for generic text editing as well. Strongly recommend tmux too

  • nvim-config

    My neovim config (by Senpai-10)

  • config

    My personal configuration. (by 3rd)


  • tree-sitter-syslang

    Tree-sitter grammar for Syslang, my personal document syntax.

  • .dotfiles

    :fireworks: Arch Linux with i3 / nvim / tmux / urxvt / zsh / ... (by Phantas0s)


  • SaaSHub

    SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub helps you find the best software and product alternatives

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