What tools / utilities have you written that you use regularly?

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  • focus

    A fully featured productivity timer for the command line, based on the Pomodoro Technique. Supports Linux, Windows, and macOS. (by ayoisaiah)

    I use a productivity timer I wrote all the time. It's called Focus.

  • dotfiles

    My configuration files (by mamg22)

    From my dotfiles ~/bin, I have a few that I use more than once every day:

  • Scout APM

    Less time debugging, more time building. Scout APM allows you to find and fix performance issues with no hassle. Now with error monitoring and external services monitoring, Scout is a developer's best friend when it comes to application development.

  • note-keeper

    :notebook: A tiny bash tool for taking and organizing notes.

    Notekeeper - I wrote a simple tool for taking notes really quickly on the command line.

  • command_help

    :information_source: Extract help text from builtin commands and man pages

    https://github.com/learnbyexample/command_help to extract help text from builtin commands and man pages, ex:

  • EgyBestCLI

    A Command-Line Interface Wrapper For EgyBest

    A tool to watch/download pirated TV Shows and Movies (with Arabic subtitles)… it can be useful for you if you can ignore the subtitles or if you know Arabic

  • Melodine

    a simple interactive command line tool written in python for playing music with sweet features

    it's all in python, i made it because I was fed up from spotify ads and this idea had been cooking in my mind for a while. the project lives at https://github.com/addyett/Melodine

  • kks

    Handy Kakoune companion.

    Wrote a remote control CLI for the Kakoune text editor that I use every day: https://github.com/kkga/kks

  • SonarLint

    Deliver Cleaner and Safer Code - Right in Your IDE of Choice!. SonarLint is a free and open source IDE extension that identifies and catches bugs and vulnerabilities as you code, directly in the IDE. Install from your favorite IDE marketplace today.

  • file-arranger

    Simple & capable Directory arranger/cleaner

  • xpe

    Finally, a commandline xpath tool for linux that is easy to use.

    xpe - a commandline xpath parser. I made this after trying to use xpaths for web automation in bash, and not finding anything that worked.

  • ffupdate

    A shellscript to automatically install and update firefox on linux.

    ffupdate is a script which will update firefox, either vanilla, beta, nightly, or devedition. I made this because debian does not provide the latest firefox, and downloading and installing firefox by hand, while better than compiling from source, is tedious. This script automates the whole process of installing and updating firefox, and it can also install and update thunderbird. I have since learned that lots of other people wrote scripts to accomplish the same thing, so my scripts get lost in the shuffle in github.

  • mpd_what

    An mpd album art and info getter

    mpd_what is a python script I developed to show the album art, artist, album, and song for music I am listening to with mpd, including (some) internet radio. I made this because I didn't want to have to download and install all the different radio apps for my phone just to maybe see the coverart and info of what they're playing. This script works to enhance one of my other utilities, which is:

  • mpdstreamplay

    A little html5+javascript+css which allows you to play your mpd stream on your phone, anywhere.

    mpdstreamplay. mpdstreamplay is just some javascript + html which displays the coverart, artist, album, and song title for the music you're listening to on mpd, and it will stream the music. I made this because the stream function on MPDroid stopped working one day, and I wanted to be able to play my mpd music on my phone, and also see what I was playing.

  • mpd_scripts

    some scripts for mpd, the music player daemon.

    I also use my mpd scripts a lot, mostly the mpcvol one, for quickly changing the volume of my music.

  • mpd_musicalarm

    A simple shellscript which serves as a music alarm. It uses mpd and mpc.

    and I use mpd_musicalarm every weekday. It fades music in using a logarithmic curve, so that it gets louder gently, without causing my heart to race. I've since learned that iphones have this feature built in.

  • tawk

    Like awk, but using tcl as the scripting language.

    tawk, an awk-like program that uses tcl for the script language and has a CSV parser mode for non-trivial data where just splitting on comma isn't enough to properly handle it.

  • dark-toggle

    A small POSIX compliant shell script that toggles between the dark and light variants of a GTK theme.

    You can find it here: https://github.com/rifazn/dark-toggle

  • notes

    notes on the tools in my Unix/Linux toolbox, dotfiles, etc (by sitaramc)

    Most of my tools are in bash or perl, most of them less than 100 lines of code, (most of them are less than 200 even with comments). https://github.com/sitaramc/notes has all of them (terrible name for a repo full of tools I know; sorry!)

  • slimv_box

    slimv in a container

    i do all my common lisp development in slimv_box.

  • passphrase2pgp

    Generate a PGP key from a passphrase

    passphrase2pgp: for storing my PGP and SSH keys in my brain. Neither ever reside in permanent storage.

  • hastyhex

    A blazing fast hex dumper

    hastyhex: a fast, color hex dump.

  • enchive

    Encrypted personal archives

    enchive: encrypted personal archive/backup.

  • dotfiles

    My personal dotfiles (by skeeto)

    qpkg: personal package manager, for managing custom-built packages in ~/.local.

  • vids

    🔍 🔘 ⏯️ 🔁 - search for videos to play from youtube.com and other platforms...

    no this is my own script vids,

  • git-tidy

    Tidy up stale git branches.

    We squash merge at my work, so I use git-tidy basically every day. It’s the only thing I’ve written in my 10+ years as a dev that I have ever regularly used.

  • td-cli

    A todo command line todo manager ✔️

    td-cli : a command line todo manager that groups your todos "automatically" based on git repository. Use it everyday to keep me organised: https://github.com/darrikonn/td-cli

  • cheat

    cheat-cli for personally managed cheetsheet 🤞 (by darrikonn)

    cheat : command line tool to personally manage your cheatsheet. I don't use it frequently but every now and then I check on some cheats to refresh my memory: https://github.com/darrikonn/cheat

  • alfred-nym

    Synonyms and Antonyms Alfred workflow :v:

    alfred-nym : an Alfred workflow to search antonyms and synonyms. I use it probably everyday to help me with good variable naming. Thought I wouldn't use it that much: https://github.com/darrikonn/alfred-nym

  • gtranslate

    Google translate on command line

    I write my own cli version of google translate using their chrome extension API that i use daily. gtranslate

  • brewtools

    Link to my repo

  • passphrasegen

    Randomly generate a sequence of words for password use

    an XKCD 936 password generator and some scripts/aliases/functions around it to provide options for common usage (certain password strength requirements for $DAYJOB, less stringent requirements when I need to make up an answer to website security questions—why of course my first pet was named "weep dangle very pith")

  • wordsearch

    A word-search solution finder

    a surprising bit of usage from my wordsearch solver, given a dictionary and puzzle

  • dedupe

    Deduplicate files within a given list of directories by keeping one copy and making the rest hard-links. (by Gumnos)

    a file-deduplication utility that hard-links duplicate files to save space (our family photo gallery gets pics put in multiple albums for various audiences, so I can cut down on a lot of duplication with this)

  • ledger

    Double-entry accounting system with a command-line reporting interface

    a handful of helper tools around ledger to make it easier to re-issue previous payments (e.g. "pay kroger 31.25" or "checking" to get the info on my checking account ledger, etc)

  • xdotool

    fake keyboard/mouse input, window management, and more

    a dumb utility that scripts xdotool. I position the mouse in location A, launch my script with dmenu, enter a number N, move my mouse to location B, and hit Enter. It then clicks on location A, moves to location B and clicks there, and does it N times. It saves me hours of tedious clicking across several applications.

  • smenu

    smenu started as a lightweight and flexible terminal menu generator, but quickly evolved into a powerful and versatile CLI selection tool for interactive or scripting use.

    I regularly use my smenu (https://github.com/p-gen/smenu) tool in my interactive scripts.

  • ProtonUpdater

    Script to make it easier to update Proton GE to the latest version

    I've also written a script that installs/updates ProtonGE for you in the past, which was my first real attempt at learning bashscripting and even got semi popular. I've had several plans to implement in a newer version (and even implemented a few) but I never got around to it. Lately I've been thinking about picking it up again tho.

  • tera

    Interactive Bash script terminal music radio player. Play your favorite radio station, CRUD your favorite lists, and explore new radio stations from your terminal. (by shinokada)

    Every day I use a terminal radio called Tera to listen to music.

  • gitstart

    Gitstart automates creating a GitHub repo. The script will create .gitignore, a license.txt, a README.md file and commit with a message. It will create a remote repo and push all the files.

    Gitstart to create a Git repo.

  • manop

    Manop is a simple Bash script that displays a command description and options from the Man page or help on macOS/Linux.

    Manop to check man pages and options.

  • cleanit

    Cleanit cleanup your ~/Downloads and ~/.Trash directory, and set the cleanup schedule on your MacOS. (by shinokada)

    Cleanit can set a cron job to clean up Downloads and Trash directories for older than 20 days.

  • dotfiles

    My dot files for various unix programs (by chrisbouchard)

    connect — a simple ZSH wrapper around autossh and tmux for a persistent connection to a server. I use a laptop, so it's nice to have it automatically reconnect after sleeping or changing Wi-Fi.

  • nbrowser

    🔗 🌐 : an easy way to open links in browsers, mimic the "Open URL with..." dialog on Android

    you can find it here

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